Tuesday Special: These Tuesday Remedies Will Make You Wealthy! Know How!

Astrology scriptures claim that the planet Mars is rather cruel and malefic, while on the other hand, Tuesday is said to be the day of Lord Hanuman, and special remedies done to get his blessings on this day are said to be definitely successful. Who doesn’t want to be rich, and earn more money in life? But the truth remains – not everyone is successful despite their hard work. No matter how hard they try, many people are still unable to earn as much as they want. In today’s time, money is a principal element for living your life, and its lack can makes us live in scarcity. Such people are unable to enjoy all the amenities that the wealthy can. In this blog today, we will discuss the remedies to be done on Tuesdays which will help you become rich. So let’s dive in and discover what this Special Tuesday Remedy is, that can bring a windfall of money for you and make you rich.

Chant Hanumat Prayog Mantra and Invoke Lord Hanuman

Doing This Remedy on Tuesday will Bring In Money and Wealth

Tuesday is the day of Anjani Putra Lord Hanuman. On this day, if you do the remedy at any time – morning, evening, night; you will definitely get the desired results. Lord Hanuman is said to be the one who takes away all sorrows, and if you pray for something faithfully and with a true heart, he provides it all. This remedy that we will be discussing today will offer fruitful results at any time on a Tuesday. As per Hindu scriptures, a native can achieve special benefits if he/she follows specific remedies of the yantras associated with the God or Goddess they are trying to appease. In the same vein, doing the remedies for the yantras associated with Lord Hanuman on Tuesday brings in money and one is able to get rid of problems.

The Infallible Remedy for Tuesday

Performing this notable remedy on a Tuesday will help get you special grace and blessings from Lord Hanuman.

  • On a Tuesday, after taking a bath, go to your place of worship (temple established at home). Here, spread a red cloth in the West direction and institute the Hanuman Yantra, which should be made of silver or copper.
  • Light a diya (lamp) of ghee right in front of the established Yantra.
  • Now, sit on a red mat (aasan) and chant “oṃ haṃ hanumate rudrātmakāya huṃ phaṭa” (ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट) five thousand times.
  • While chanting the above mantra, give offerings (aahuti) of cow’s ghee in a havan kund.
  • After the completion of the havan (offering prayers to God in front of fire), circulate the yantra over the havan kund 21 times, put it in your place of worship, and then put it in your pocket.
  • In the end, apply the ashes (bhasma) of the havan on your forehead and throat.
  • After this ritual, the substantiation of the Hanuman Yantra is complete.

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Always keep the Hanuman Yantra with you once it is energized, as not only will this get rid of all problems that enter your life but will also bring in the blessings of money and wealth. After completing this special remedy of Tuesday, you won’t have to face any issues all your life.

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