Tripushkar Yoga Brings Goodness Home For These 4 Zodiacs Today!

Today, April 30 is Tuesday, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Also, it is the Saptami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Vaishakh month, and on this day, we are going to witness an auspicious combination of yogas such as Sadhya Yoga, Tripushkar yoga, Ravi yoga and Uttarashada Nakshatra is also taking place. All of these significant phenomena have increased the importance of the day. 

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And since these many promising phenomena are happening today, some zodiacs are surely going to benefit from them as well. The hard work of these natives will be a success now and they will get good results now, in both, their personal and professional lives. If you are curious to check if you are one of them or not, then you must follow this blog till the end as we have listed down the 4 zodiacs getting blessed today in this blog. Not just that, we have also mentioned a remedy or two that will help you strengthen the position of Mars in your birth chart, which in a way will also enhance the blessings of Lord Hanuman on the zodiacs. However, before knowing the 4 zodiacs, we would like you to know about Tripushkar yoga so that you can get a glimpse of the auspiciousness today! 

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What Is Tripushkar Yoga? 

The fortunate combination of a Tithi [Dwitya, Saptami, Dwadashi], with the special day such as Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday and any Nakshatras; Krittika, Punarvasu, Purva Phalguni, Uttarashadha, Purva Bhadrapada forms Tripushkar yoga. In other words, if any combination of these Tithis, days and the Nakshatra falls together, then the Tripushkar Yoga forms. This yoga is considered to be one of the most promising yoga and anything auspicious done in this period benefits the natives in several ways possible. There are strong chances of buying property, gold, and vehicles in this period as purchasing these things can be considered highly auspicious for any native.  And, this yoga has formed today to bless 4 zodiacs that we are going to discuss further.

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Tripushkar Yoga Shining Bright On These 4 Zodiacs 


Today is going to be an auspicious day for Taurus natives and they can hear some good news. New ideas may strike your head which will take you on the right path. The income sources of the natives will increase which will enhance your income and your bank balance. This will improve your financial condition as well. You will make advancement and progress in your career and will also get the support of your colleagues in your job. The business natives will make good profit in their business and will also give tough competition to their opponents. Apart from this, if we talk about your family life, you will get the support of your siblings, and your relationship with them will strengthen. All the family members will support each other and the love in the family will grow. 

Remedy: Wear red clothes to get good results and offer jaggery with Chana to Lord Hanuman. 

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Tripushkar yoga will benefit the Cancer natives today. The natives will have clear thoughts about all the tasks today and will strive to achieve all their goals. Today is the day of various possibilities that will inspire you to move forward toward your goals. Along with success, the natives will even be able to make good money and hard work will give you good results as well. The employed natives may also get an appraisal today, which will bring happiness home. Also, if there was a legal matter running against you, then you will now get relief from the same. With the support of your friends, you may complete your unaccomplished work. Now, at last, talking about your married life, the natives and their partners will be each other’s strength and will make strong decisions for the future of their children. 

Remedy: To increase luck, keep a vessel of water in front of Hanumanji and recite Hanuman Bahuk for 21 days. Consume the water every day after the lesson and keep another water on the next day.

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The Leo natives will also get extremely fortunate results today. Due to the blessings of Lord Hanuman and Tripushkar yoga. The natives who will work with zeal and enthusiasm will also succeed in their lives. The natives who are running their business may sign a new deal today and will also earn good profit in their business. The employed natives can also get an amazing job offer with an increased salary from some other company, which will bring satisfaction to them for their career. If there was a long-running dispute between the family members then it can be resolved today by expressing the unexplained feelings. Later, the atmosphere of the family will be filled with enthusiasm and happiness. 

Remedy: To get rid of enemies and obstacles, fast on Tuesday and recite Bajrang Baan in the Hanuman temple at the same place for 21 days. 

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Today is one of the most auspicious days in the lives of Libra natives. The problems running in their lives will now be resolved and your health will also be at its best. You will become the leader in your field and will be able to move ahead leaving your competitors behind. The natives will find new ways to earn money, which will make them happy and their respect will increase in this period. You can get good profits in the share market and will be very happy with these investments as well. Apart from this, if you love someone then you may get a chance to meet them today and express your feelings to them. Also, everything will be good in your marital life and you may even purchase a property with your spouse. 

Remedy: To get relief from troubles, clean 11 peepal leaves and write Shri Ram on them with sandalwood and then offer them to Hanumanji.

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