Vastu Tips: These Plants & Trees Bring Luck-Prosperity To Your House!

Vastu Shastra: Every house feels incomplete without a few flowering plants. Plants not only bring oxygen and shed to nature, they bring positive energy into our homes as well. Many people nowadays use plants as housewarming gifts for good luck and happy vibes for your new home. 

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Plants have the power to prosperity and good health in our lives. Certain plants have specific qualities that are advised to be a must have by several Vastu experts. As per the Feng Shui, there are some “lucky plants” that bring health, wealth, luck, happiness, and smoother relationships in your households. 

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With this information, a question arises. What plant are these? Which plants have what powers? Do not worry! This blog by AstroSage will have all your answers in one place. From what plants and flowers to have in your house to what powers they have and how they affect you? Not waiting any further, let us start the list of the indoor plants and outdoor flowers to have in your house!

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Welcome Happiness To Your Home By Planting These Trees-Plants!

  1. Chinese Money Plant

As the name suggests, the Chinese Money Plant brings wealth and prosperity to its owner. Its leaves are as round as a coin stacked up one on top of the other. This plant brings smoother friendships and good luck to the house it stays in.  

It is an indoor plant but it loves to soak in sunlight. You need to take care not to overwater this plant. In case its leaves turn yellow, pluck its leaves delicately and let the soil get a bit dry before watering it next.

  1. Bamboo Plant

Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, Bamboo plant is considered a very lucky indoor plant to have in your house. It brings good health and fortune to its owner. It acts as an air purifier and removes pollutants.

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This plant should be kept in a bundle. For good luck- stack six bamboo sticks and for wealth and good health- 21 bamboo sticks. It is best to keep the bamboo plant in the eastern corner of the room or on your working desk. 

  1. Tulsi

Every house in India has to have a tulsi plant. Tulsi has a great significance in Hinduism, as well as Vastu Shastra. The sacred plant is said to enhance the positivity in the atmosphere, create a pure aura, and invite good vibes into the house it resides in.

Apart from its spiritual emphasis, Tulsi has many ayurvedic qualities as well. Its leaves can be used as a cure for many diseases like sore throat, cold, fever, etc. Along with this, the Tulsi plant keeps mosquitoes away as well.

  1. Peace Lily

The beautiful white flowers of Peace Lily can be a beautiful decor. As a bonus, it purifies the air as well. As the name suggests, Peace Lily brings peace and harmony to the household and ward off the negative energy. It also helps in bringing luck and good for emotional and mental health.

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  1. Jasmine

Raat Ki Raani or Jasmine flower attracts people towards it with its smell. Usually white and star shaped flowers bring love and luck to its owner. It creates an atmosphere that reduces stress and anxiety and brings peace to the household.

  1. Aloe Vera

An Aloe Vera plant brings good luck and prosperity in the house. Not just spiritually, aloe vera has many ayurvedic qualities as well. Its gel can be used as disinfectant, moisturizer, conditioner, and maintains blood sugar levels. Keeping it in the North or East direction of the house brings good luck and good health. 

Plants decorates and enhances the beauty of a house. Now that you know which plants have which plants have what power, which one are you getting for your house?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Which plant is best as per Vastu?

Plants like Aloe Vera, Bamboo, etc. are good as per Vastu.

Q2: Where should plants be placed as per Vastu?

East and North are regarded as auspicious directions for gardening according to Vastu.

Q3: Which Vastu plant is for wealth?

Money plant is one of the plants good for wealth.

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