Tower Tarot Card Meaning: A Tarot Guide To The Tower Card

Tower Tarot Card is the sixteenth card of Major Arcana and represents the rise and fall of an empire. It is one of the darkest cards of the deck consisting of 78 cards. Know Tower Card meaning and how to read Tower Tarot Card. also, find what does it represent and significance in different spreads.

The Tower Card in a deck of various Tarot Cards picturises a tragic event of a dark cloudy night. A tall ancient tower in grey is hit hard by the lightning and it is havoc all over. The people falling upside down from the tower and shouting for help. There is a dome, in the shape of a crown at the top of the tower, which is about to fall on the ground. The literal meaning of the card shows the fall of an empire, which had sky-high popularity. It is now turning into ashes where everything just started falling apart in no time.

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What Does The Tower Tarot Card Represent? 

Wondering the right meaning of the Tower Tarot? The deeper meaning of the card lies in the fact that it denotes liberation and transition in life. It shows the breaking of misbeliefs which were serving high in the materialistic world. It is the eye-opener for the successful beings that nothing on the earth will exist for long, whatever is meant to grow will one day turn into ashes. 

All five elements of existence will merge back into nature itself when the time is right. The soul’s true aspiration is to merge above the body and this is what is represented by the Tower Card. No matter how high you reach on top of your worldly pleasures and desires, one day you will be back to the ground. One should focus on the bigger aims of achieving the divinity to understand the immortal and mortal substances. This embarks a movement from physicality to the realms of spirituality. It’s about breaking the old patterns of life which served good at one time but now needs a shuffle. 

Tower Tarot meaning decodes that it is more about a new beginning and starting afresh after the catastrophe, which was destined to happen. It is a dramatic change which a soul yearns for since ages. Eventually, the thirst of immortality is quenched with this transition.

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Tower Tarot Reading For Personality Spread

In the personality spread, it resonates to a person who is a deep thinker. They will have high aspirations in life, however, will not disclose their aims or discuss their strategies with anyone. They are good at observing people around them and never share themselves inside out. Always good at keeping secrets will not trust people easily. At times they have a mystic personality and will be too much inclined towards attaining enlightenment in the later stages of their life. 

Also, profound in the business and dealings makes them shrewd entrepreneurs. They are good at reading about deep subjects and will have a thirst to attain more knowledge about the same. Having a slim build when it comes to physical presence, with straight hair and a quest in their eyes. They are good at doing something out of the box, which makes them extraordinarily talented. Also, they are quite bold and will not hesitate to take big risks, be it in their personal life or professional life.

Tower Card in Love Spread 

As per the meaning of the Tower Tarot Card in the relationship spread, turning off this card shows the turmoil in a bond. It puts pressure on the fact that one is in a toxic relationship, which has to meet its end. It also shows the strength and power in the relationship since a huge tower is falling down. It interprets the fact that the connection between the two was overwhelming and it was a deep relation, but due to the unavoidable factors it had to break apart and come to end. 

It also shows that this was already designed to happen despite the fact that no one is to be blamed for this change. However, a sudden tragedy will bring a new perspective and better hopes in the near future. For singles, it shows the loner side of them, which is killing them inside and they are in despair. However, it sets a new hope of an upcoming bright future and rising of dawn, which could be with a relationship of self-love.

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Tower Card Meaning in Career Spread

This shows that one has reached great heights in their profession and gained a peak in their respective career. However, despite all the efforts they are not able to retain their position. It shows about touching the sky and then having a tragic event to bring them down overnight. It also resonates to bankruptcy or major losses in a perfect running business. 

In certain cases, it also shows the conflict between the partners leading to dissolving of a firm.  At times it also depicts that the work ambience is too negative, which is drawing all the energy out of the individual and they need a quick change in order to survive. It also brings in loads of job insecurity and dissatisfaction from the work. Some life-threatening jobs are also indicated by this card, which is like military, firefighters or mining workers.

Tower Card & Health Spread

This shows a poor life force energy or immune system. The person will be vulnerable to diseases and recovery will be slow. Individuals will be prone to some blood-related diseases or injury. The diagnoses may not be very quick. The health is at an alarming stage and needs medical aid. Also, it suggests maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating less spicy food and following some exercise routine, especially yoga or brisk walking.

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