Know The Impact Of Total Lunar Eclipse Taking Place On 8 November 2022!

The event of a lunar eclipse happens frequently in front of us, however, our mind is always curious about it and there is an eagerness to watch it. This year there were supposed to be a total of 2 lunar eclipses in 2022, in which the first lunar eclipse took place on 16th May 2022, and now the second lunar eclipse is going to happen on 8th  November 2022. This will be the last lunar eclipse of this year and after that, the next lunar eclipse will happen on 5th May 2023. Every lunar eclipse affects our life in some way or the other as it affects the lunar element present in our body. Most of our body is made up of water elements and it is ruled by the Moon, so when an eclipse occurs on the Moon, it is also natural to have its effect on our body. According to Vedic astrology, the eclipse on the moon affects our life the most and it can have different effects in different areas of our life. If you have any question in your mind, for which you have not got the answer yet, then you can ask questions by connecting with our expert astrologers. 

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Last Lunar Eclipse Of The Year On 8th November

The Lunar Eclipse 2022 happening on 8th November will fall on Tuesday. This is a total lunar eclipse, also known as Khagras lunar eclipse and in some areas it will also be visible as Khandgras. This is a big lunar eclipse, so its effects will also have a huge impact.

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Where Can You See The Lunar Eclipse Of 8th Nov, 2022

According to the Hindu calendar, this Khagras lunar eclipse is going to happen in Aries and Rohini Nakshatra on the full moon date of Kartik month. Mars is the lord of Aries and this eclipse will take place on Tuesday itself, so it will have a special effect on the natives of Aries. Bharani nakshatra in which this eclipse will take place, the lord of this nakshatra is Venus, so those natives and females who are influenced by  Venus will have the possibility to get its special effects on them. People or countries whose names are from the letter L of the English alphabet can also have a special effect of this lunar eclipse.

This total lunar eclipse will be visible in most parts of Asia, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Indian Ocean, North America, South America, North Eastern Europe. If we talk about our country, then in India, the total eclipse will be visible only in the eastern parts, while in the remaining parts, partial lunar eclipse or Khandgras will be visible only in the form of lunar eclipse. This eclipse will not be visible in regions of Africa and South Western Europe.

Lunar Eclipse: Timings

This second lunar eclipse of the year 2022 is a total lunar eclipse. According to Indian time, if we tell you the time for New Delhi then the eclipse will begin with the moonrise, it will start from 5:32 pm to 6:18 pm. Thus, the duration of the eclipse in Delhi will be around 45 minutes 48 seconds. The Sutak period will start about 9 hours before the lunar eclipse. In New Delhi, its Sutak will start at 9:21 am and will end at 6:18 am when the eclipse ends.

On this day, due to the special effect of light on the moon, the moon will appear red in color, which is also called blood moon. This will be because when the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon and the Sun’s light hits the Earth’s atmosphere and falls on the Moon, it will appear brighter and when it moves closer to the Earth, its color will appear much brighter. and it will appear dark red. This effect is called a blood moon.

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Why Is This Lunar Eclipse Special?

Generally, the phenomenon of lunar eclipse is an astronomical event, which is given special importance in astronomy and it is also considered as a very important event in Sanatan Dharma. When the Earth, Moon and Sun all come in the same line, before the Sun’s light reaches the Moon, the Earth comes in the middle of it and most of its light is covered and the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, due to which the Moon appears black in color because the light does not reach it completely.

This phenomenon is called a lunar eclipse. Sometimes it happens completely, sometimes partially and sometimes only visible as an upward shadow. This time the lunar eclipse on 8th November, 2022 will be a total lunar eclipse because the shadow of the earth will completely cover the light of the moon and for some time the moon will appear to be possessed and will appear red in color. It will be a total i.e, Khagras lunar eclipse but in some parts only partial lunar eclipse i.e. Khandgras will be visible as a lunar eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 & Sutak Period

Before any eclipse occurs, we should know about the Sutak period. In fact, the Sutak period is a special time before any eclipse, which is not considered good for any auspicious work. It is believed that a particular time before the eclipse such as 3:00 for a lunar eclipse and 4:00 before the solar eclipse is not good for any auspicious work, so 3:00 before the lunar eclipse i.e. 9 hours before the Sutak period begins.

The Sutak period is considered only from where the lunar eclipse 2022 can be seen, so wherever the lunar eclipse is visible, there will be a Sutak period and with the end of the eclipse, the Sutak period will end. Where the eclipse will not be visible, the Sutak period will also not be valid. The lunar eclipse occurs only on the full moon day and the full moon day is special because this day is also dedicated to the moon.

On this day, the moon is completely visible, so chanting during the eclipse period on this day and bathing in the holy rivers is considered very auspicious.

Impact Of Lunar Eclipse On The Zodiac Signs (Blood Moon) Of 8th Nov, 2022 On The Zodiac Signs

Apart from the Horoscope of Lunar Eclipse, when we talk about the impacts of lunar eclipse, then the moon will be affected during the eclipse period and this eclipse will happen in Taurus and will happen in Rohini Nakshatra. This means that natives of the Taurus sign will especially get the effect of this eclipse and natives of other zodiac signs will also get auspicious results according to the position of the moon. Let us understand what will be the effect of lunar eclipse for your zodiac sign: 

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Aries: This eclipse will happen in Aries, so you have to pay more attention. Health will likely be weak. Physical and mental problems can bother you. Stay extra cautious while driving, otherwise there may be chances of accidents. There may be some tension in married life.


The natives of Taurus zodiac sign will be required to stay careful in money related work because there may be chances of sudden loss of money. There will be chances of loss in work related to share market or lottery etc. And this time you will be having an unexpected increase in your expenses, which may bother you. You may also have to go to the hospital for health-related problems.


The natives of Gemini zodiac sign will get the opportunity even in the disastrous situation. This lunar eclipse can prove to be very beneficial for you. There will be good chances of success in your efforts and your plans will become successful. There will be strong chances of money gains. Your wishes will be fulfilled, which will give you satisfaction.


Cancer sign natives will enjoy excellent amenities. There will be chances of good success in your career. Possibilities of increase in job and salary hike can be there, along with a possibility of bringing a new vehicle in the family. There may be a situation to buy any movable or immovable property during this period. 


The natives of Leo zodiac sign may feel less fortunate or unlucky and the ongoing task can stop in the middle. You will have to face some trouble due to obstacles in your work, but you will get success by going to God’s shelter to get virtuous benefits. Father’s health may decline and relations with him may deteriorate. 


You will suddenly start making money gains. The money will start coming to you unexpectedly. If there is any kind of financial investment, then during this time you will get good returns and your financial condition will start getting better. Some kind of inheritance can be received.

Libra: There will be a reduction in stress in married life and problems related to life partner will reduce. It will be necessary to take some care of your health, but there will be chances of good success in business. If you do partnership business then you can get even better benefits. 

Scorpio: If you are born in Scorpio, then this time will be very beneficial. You can get rid of debt and the situation of getting money which was there for a very long time but that money is not being received, you can also get that money during this period and can make your financial condition strong.

Sagittarius: You will get the benefit of your intelligence, but putting too much mind in some places will prove to be harmful. The efforts you were making to get money, only partial success will be possible in that. There may be some concern about the child. During this time there will be ups and downs in love affairs and students may face some challenges in education.


There will be chances of getting mixed results for the natives of Capricorn. There may be some concerns related to the health problems of the mother. There will be chances of buying a property in the house. If there is already hand in any property, then stop putting your hand in it for now as there may be a hindrance in getting the old property. You may also feel a little worried about the house.


Courage and might will increase. You will be able to carry forward the business by taking risks. There will be chances of good financial benefits. With the support of siblings and the help of friends, there will be success in business. You will be able to perform well in your career and this period will also provide financial benefits.


There will be chances of tension in family life. There will be some uncertainty regarding money. Money loss situations can happen, so invest money anywhere wisely. You should avoid investing money without consulting anyone. Do not take any big decisions at this time, otherwise it can prove to be harmful. Raising and lowering of voice  can affect relationships.

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