Today’s Horoscope: Impact Of Mercury-Sun Conjunction On Your Zodiac!

Today’s Horoscope: On Friday, February 9, Venus transits to Sagittarius, forming a Mercury-Sun conjunction yoga in Capricorn. The transit of the Moon in the Shravana Nakshatra of Capricorn, along with the conjunction of the Moon and Mars, forms Lakshmi yoga. Special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will be bestowed upon natives of Cancer, Capricorn, and Aquarius signs. Let’s explore the detailed Today’s Horoscope from Aries to Pisces for today.


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Today’s Horoscope For Your Zodiac Sign!

Aries: Good News Incoming

Today’s Horoscope promises to be a beneficial day for Aries. Success will grace every sphere of life, enhancing social recognition and prestige. New connections will be established, and women will receive family support. Relationships will thrive, and positive financial news is likely. Those in the food industry might experience significant benefits, and workplace reputation will soar with support from higher authorities.

Today’s Luck: 77% 

Remedy: Consider donating rice to those in need.

Taurus: Auspicious Spending

A pleasant day awaits Taurus natives, filled with peace and tranquility. Nostalgia may bring joy, and marital relations will be harmonious. Romantic relationships may witness unique behaviors. Auspicious spending is indicated, but legal aspects of property transactions should be carefully considered. Businesspersons will witness substantial growth, and financial aspects will favor you.

Today’s Luck: 89% 

Remedy: Offer rice pudding to Goddess Lakshmi.

Gemini: Positive Changes Ahead

Gemini natives may experience positive changes in their nature. Abandoning laziness is crucial to avoid trouble. Quality time with partners is on the cards, and love may blossom. Some budget adjustments might be necessary for new changes. Opportunities for machinery and food-related businesses will be excellent.

Today’s Luck: 82% 

Remedy: Offer water to the Peepal tree and circumambulate it.

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Cancer: Cautious Financial Moves

Today’s Horoscope reveals a fortunate day for Cancer natives, offering opportunities to resolve conflicts. Single individuals can enjoy outings, and spouses will appreciate support. Romantic moments await lovers. Financial transactions need caution to avoid mistakes. Starting a new venture with friends is favorable, and business trips are promising.

Today’s Luck: 77% 

Remedy: Apply a tilak of sandalwood paste and perform Lord Shiva’s abhishekam.

Leo: Path of Advancement

Leo natives will experience a mixed day with numerous romantic opportunities. Tensions in marital life should be handled wisely. Success in assessing the stock market and business progress is likely. Changes in daily chores and professional benefits are indicated.

Today’s Luck: 77% 

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu.

Virgo: Natives Troubled by Old Matters

Virgo natives may find themselves indifferent but confident today, experiencing inner contentment. Health improvements are on the horizon for those who have been unwell. However, an old matter might cause mental distress. It is crucial not to let past issues dominate your thoughts. Seeking support from loved ones can be beneficial. Maintaining a balance between heart and mind today may turn the situation in your favor.

Today’s Luck: 72%  

Remedy: Recite the Shiva Chalisa and offer water to the Peepal tree.

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Libra: Control Expenses and Prioritize Relationships

Libra natives should control their fluctuating minds today. Family members may come and go, requiring your attention. For married individuals, taking time out to maintain love and harmony is essential. Romanticism and sweetness will persist in love life. Business will be busy, with unexpected tasks irritating. Financial matters may be affected, urging wise spending. Discussing financial advice with parents is recommended, and plans for business expansion may begin today.

Today’s Luck: 75%  

Remedy: Recite the Shri Shiv Chalisa.

Scorpio: Caution in Stock Market Speculation

Today’s Horoscope says that Scorpio natives are advised to fully use time and patience. Mental distress may arise due to family members’ words. To maintain compatibility in married life, allocate time to your partner. Busyness will persist, and sudden tasks may annoy you. Be cautious about money-related matters today. Property matters will be favorable, but the stock market may pose risks, so exercise caution.

Today’s Luck: 81%  

Remedy: Feed chickpeas and jaggery to a cow.

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Sagittarius: Sweetness in Love Life

Sagittarius individuals will learn something new today. Being overly sensitive may cause botherations, so a practical approach is advised. Safeguarding important documents is crucial. Your loving behavior will win your partner’s heart, bringing sweetness to your love life. Seeking blessings from Virgos will enhance your prestige. Adhering to rules and having faith in hard work is paramount. Someone’s timely repayment of a borrowed loan will earn trust.

Today’s Luck: 91%  

Remedy: Perform Lord Shiva’s abhishek and donate rice.

Capricorn: Progress and Positive Changes

Today’s Horoscope says it is excellent for Capricorn natives, with positive changes in various aspects of life. Increased alertness towards life goals and efforts towards fulfilling aspirations are highlighted. Stepping forward to help others is favorable. Love life will blossom, bringing hope, energy, and enthusiasm. It is particularly beneficial for those in counseling, law, and management. Working women will receive family support and make progress.

Today’s Luck: 93%  

Remedy: Offer water and sesame seeds to the Peepal tree, and donate food.

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Aquarius: Enjoy Romantic Moments

For Aquarius natives, Today’s Horoscope promises favorable conditions. Enjoy romantic moments, but be cautious of tensions in marital life due to external factors. Exploring new income sources is advisable. Those in the stock market may benefit, but attention to customer feedback is necessary. Professionals can find relief by completing their targets today.

Today’s Luck: 87%  

Remedy: Perform Lord Shiva’s abhishek.

Pisces: Emotional Strength and Financial Considerations

Pisces natives can expect a generally favorable day with emotional strength. The arrival of a new person brings positivity. Joyful married life awaits, and singles may feel attracted to someone. Considerations for increasing income are highlighted. Take caution in business projects to avoid losses due to shortcuts.

Today’s Luck: 90%  

Remedy: Recite the Lakshmi Stotram and offer rice pudding.

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