Today’s Horoscope March 28: Financial Benefits For These Zodiac Signs On Holika

Read this daily horoscope and know how March 28 is going to be for you. Whether you will get favourable results or face challenges on this very day. Along with this, we will tell you the lucky colour as per your zodiac sign. This horoscope is based on Lunar Sign. In this regard, let’s know how it is going to impact the natives of all 12 zodiac signs.   

These predictions are based on your moon sign. For a more personalized prediction, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat


Outdoor sports will attract you and Yoga and enlightenment will be a blessing to you. You have to have an eye on your expenses, otherwise, you are likely to face problems in the future. Your strictness can make your children get upset and you might create differences. You will feel lonely in the absence of your beloved due to the presence of the Moon in your sixth house. You are suggested to stay away from business activity and partnership. You should speak to your family members with your intelligence and if you don’t do the same, there is a possibility of unnecessary quarrel. You may feel disheartened by lies spoken on a trivial matter by your spouse. On Holika Dahan, you should mix red colour in rice and put the same in Holika to achieve your desired goals and get rid of the inauspicious effect of the planets.   

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Lucky Color: Silver and White


You have to perform Yoga or do exercise to make you mentally strong. You should not spend much to please others. The new entrant will bring happiness to your family. You need to share these moments by organizing a party. The interference of any third person will create differences between you and your lover. Starting a journey with a view career will prove to be successful. You can judge people quickly due to the presence of the Moon in your fifth house and therefore, you remain ahead of others. You may feel displeased by lies spoken on a small issue by your spouse. On Holika Dahan, you are advised to put rice in Holika to make your life brighter and happier than before.    

Lucky Color: Silver and White


Powerful people will enhance your enthusiasm. Those who invest in the stock market are likely to meet losses but timely decisions may help you to avoid the same. You should pay heed to the opinion of others. If you give freedom to your children, you may face problems. You must expect anything special in the context of romance. You will get love and support at your workplace. You can spend most of your time in sleep. In the evening, you will realize how much loss of time you have sustained. Your spouse’s actions may lower your prestige. On this auspicious festival of Holika, you are suggested to offer green items such as green pulse to Holika to overcome the problems occurring at your workplace. In addition to this, it will prove to be helpful in getting rid of mental stress. 

Lucky Colour: Red and Maroon


You have to stay calm and peaceful today. You may have to greet an unwanted guest and you are likely to buy those items which you have planned for the next month. You should go to a religious place or meet a saint to get peace of mind. The day is going to be lucky from a love point of view. If you behave professionally, you might get benefits from a career point of view. If you feel that the company of others does not suit you, then avoid it. Your lover or spouse may give a memorable gift. Holika Dahan marks the victory of good over evil. On this very day, If you offer wheat to Holika, you can relieve yourself from problems inflicted by the bad impact of planets.    

Lucky Colour:  Saffron and yellow

These predictions are based on your moon sign. For a more personalized prediction, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat


As you try to control the situation, your anxiety will be over. If you are married, you should take special care of your children as there is a possibility that they are likely to get affected and you might have to spend a lot of money on their health. You have to meet a relative who has been ill for a long time. Your love life is to be full of colours and fragrance. Your opponents will suffer for their misdeeds at your workplace. Your personality is such that you feel perplexed by meeting most of the people and then you try to find time for yourself. Overall, this day is going to be good for you. You may get something from your better half in the morning and thus, the day will be very pleasant for you. Since the day of Holika is considered to be auspicious and therefore, if you offer a coin to Holika, you can get rid of the negative impact of the planets and make your daily life enjoyable. 

Lucky Colour:  Silver and White


Meditation and self-reliance will prove to be favourable for you. Today, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol as you can lose any valuable items in an intoxicated state. Some old friends may make a call and recall old memories but you have to be careful as they may try to affect your sentiments. You have to be careful with understanding and patience in communicating with people at the workplace. Your precious time of evening can be affected by some work being stuck in the workplace. Today, your spouse may be careless about your health. The story of Holika Dahan signifies the triumph of good over evil. You should mix black colour in rice and offer the same to Holika to win over the foes and if you offer a piece of green cloth, you will get rid of the inauspicious effect of the planets.    

Lucky Colour:  Red and Maroon


Patients with blood pressure have to be extremely careful while moving in congested areas. Any of your debtors can deposit money in your account without your knowledge and you will be astonished and feel good. You should let your behaviour disrupt the atmosphere of the house. Your heart to heart connection will emerge with a musical tone. There will be a positive atmosphere at your workplace and if you feel that you are wasting your time by being in the company of some people, then you just avoid it. Today, your married life will go through a specific period. On this day, mix rice and sesame and offer the same in Holika. This will help you get rid of the ill-effects of several planets.   

Lucky Colour:  Silver and White


You should feel happy as good timings are about to come and you will feel more energetic. You will be able to buy essential items due to the enhancement in your financial aspect. Some good news received through message or E-mail or post will enlighten the atmosphere of the house. Do not disclose your romantic feelings to everyone and you should use your intelligence wisely and use the same in your favour. Owing to this, you can complete professional plans and create new ideas. While spending free time, you will feel the necessity of spending more time with your spouse. There is a possibility of bickering with your better half but the problems will seem to be solving at the dining table in the evening. You can offer Gulal of red colour to Holika to overcome many challenges in life. 

Lucky Colour: Brown and Gray


If you take care of the wishes of others that will clash with your wishes. Do not stress your emotions and do what makes you feel happy. If you invest in property, it will prove to be beneficial for you. Your dispute with your spouse can lead you to mental stress. You need not worry unnecessarily. You must know one thing that it is impossible to change many things in life. You will remain lost in love and romance as you will meet your beloved today. You need to take every step wisely today and therefore, you should not share your ideas if you are not confident about success. Suddenly, you may plan to go on leave today and spend time with your family. Your better half may do something which you will not be able to forget in life. On this auspicious festival of Holika, If you intend to get rid of the inauspicious effect of the planets, you should offer yellow rice and 3 handfuls of yellow mustard to Holika.  

Lucky Colour:  Orange and Golden


You should avoid roasted and fried items and exercise regularly. You will seem to be financially strong. Today, you will get many opportunities to mint money due to the movement of planets. You will receive gifts from relatives and friends. Your presence makes the world worth living for your beloved. Any step taken in the domain of career will prove to be favourable but you should take the permission of your parents before doing it, otherwise, they can raise questions afterwards. You may come across a person with whom you had strained relations in the past while taking a walk in a park. The married life had never been so pleasant in the past. If you want to get rid of the bad effects of several planets and Doshas, you are advised to offer jaggery and sesame to Holika.  

Lucky Colour:  Orange and Golden


You have to remain strong and courageous to face the challenges. Your positive perception can help you overcome problems. You will come across several financial plans and make every decision knowing its favourable and unfavourable aspects. You should let your family stress create troubles for you. Bad times make us learn so many things. There are chances of unexpected romantic attraction and you will be heard at your workplace thoroughly. Today, you will find time for yourself by wrapping up your important works but you will not be able to take advantage of this time as per your wish. The day will show the romantic aspect of your spouse. If you are suffering from any disease or facing some problems, you should offer 7 kinds of grains to Holika. 

Lucky Colour: Black and Blue


You should be a part of a social circle to change your mood. You very well understand the importance of money and therefore, the saved money may help to overcome a big problem. The timings are favourable for tying the knot and you may give chocolate and toffee to your beloved. If you don’t give straight replies, your colleagues may be displeased with you. You can enter into controversy with others without any reason and this might make you feel upset and you might waste your precious time. Your partner may express in magical words how important you are to them. If you offer a yellow colour or yellow item to Holika, you can get rid of the ill-effects of the planets stationed in your Kundli and you can also make your life happier and brighter owing to the same.

Lucky Colour: Transparent and Pink


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