Today Birthday Horoscope: 30 April 2021

Today’s Birthday Horoscope offers detailed predictions based on Vedic Astrology. Check out your horoscope by date of birth and find out effective remedies for favourable outcomes.

In the context of astrology, Numerology consists of all the information about us as per our date of birth. Every person has been given a certain number and that number is related to a planet. Every number is ruled by a certain planet and this determines all positive and negative aspects of one’s life. In this regard, we are providing you with a horoscope that will help you know your fate based on your date of birth. So, let us know the future of those who are born on April 30     

Today’s Birthday Horoscope: Know Your Fate

If today is your birthday, i.e. if you are born on April 30, you have been given the number (3+0=3). You remain under the influence of Jupiter (Guru), therefore, you not only respect your elders but also follow their footprints. Also, you have a tendency of attracting others through your words. In this regard, let’s know the future of those who celebrate their birthdays on this very day.   

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Horoscope for April Born People

If you are born in April month, you can be stubborn but you are blessed with the qualities of a good friend and like to work passionately throughout the day. You like to stroll in the natural surroundings and are fond of natural sites. You are attractive and like to crack jokes with others. You are loyal and have romantic leanings and therefore, your lover or spouse feels happy to be a part of your life and there is good understanding in your relationship. You are highly energetic and seem to be mentally active even after working tirelessly and continuously.

You are inclined to artistic ideas and cultural activities. You are good at attracting others through your creativity and art. You are keen to know everything about life and like to be a discoverer. Sometimes, you like to poke into the matters of others, and therefore, you become a cause of trouble. If you make a commitment to someone, you make it possible timely. You are passionate about the beauty of nature.      

What Is Lucky For You Today If Today Is Your Birthday?

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  • Lucky Days –  Thursday, Tuesday, and Sunday
  • Lucky Numbers -1, 3, 2, 9
  • Lucky Colours –  Yellow, Mustard and Gold


You are a wise and mature person. You have a traditional bend towards doing everything and give some of the finest advice to people around you. You have a knack of learning and always keep your eyes and ear open to learn new things with your own experiences and learnings. You have a charm in your face which generally attracts the people surrounding you. 

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Your wisdom truly helps you in making right decisions. You always way things and conclude after careful scrutinising the situations and circumstances. This attitude of yours is truly appreciated by people around you and they look up to you for sage words of wisdom. You have an inclination to spiritual texts and scriptures, this makes you profound in retaining your respective culture and tradition. You have a quality of winning over any debate or argument maintaining your calm.


You get egoistic at times and do not listen to your dear ones even if they are right. You can sleep for extended hours and do nothing productive. At times you get over ambitious and do not consider anyone of real importance, this portrays you as an ignorant being.

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Love Life and Marriage

Your love life is full of ups and downs since your expectations are too high from your partner and you believe in having perfection in everything. Your strong attitude at times creates discomforts to your dear one. Also you need everything around you to be highly organised and disciplines which keeps your lover under immense pressure. This generally creates conflicts and fights between the two of you.

You have a cultural thought pertaining to your marriage, therefore you will look up to your elders for getting the inspiration of an ideal married life. You value your relationships and the bond of marriage. You try to maintain harmony and peace in your married life as much as possible. You are open to the adjustments with your spouse however, compromising on anything is not your cup of tea.

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You may have problems related to the liver, stomach, heart, cholesterol, obesity etc. Besides this, you are likely to suffer from diabetes indigestion, kidneys and pancreas.


You remain under the influence of Jupiter and therefore, the field of education, teaching, and spreading knowledge truly suits you. You can also make good advocates, writers and classical dancers or singers. You are also outstanding as a dictator and commander, thus being a host or orator suits you well. Besides this, you can be a government officer.  

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Celebrities Born Today

  • Rohit Sharma, Cricketer
  • Mary II of England, Queen
  • Marc Andre Ter Stegen, Football Player

Remedies For People Born Today

  • Observe Fasting on Thursdays
  • Offer water to the banana tree and peepal tree on Thursday. 
  • Worship Lord Narayana and recite the Path of Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotra. 

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