Today Birthday Horoscope: 23 April 2021

Today’s Birthday Horoscope offers detailed predictions based on Vedic Astrology. Check out your horoscope by date of birth and find out effective remedies for favourable outcomes.

In the context of astrology, Numerology consists of all the information about us as per our date of birth. Every person has been given a certain number and that number is related to a planet. Every number is ruled by a certain planet and this determines all positive and negative aspects of one’s life. In this regard, we are providing you with a horoscope that will help you know your fate based on your date of birth. So, let us know the future of those who are born on April 23.      

Today’s Birthday Horoscope: Know Your Fate

If today is your birthday, i.e. if you are born on April 23, you have been given the number (2+3=5). You remain under the influence of Mercury (Budh), therefore, you not only have a knack of learning but also logical and analytical in your approach. Also, you have a tendency of influencing people with your extraordinary articulation and humorous ways of defending. In this regard, let’s know the future of those who celebrate their birthdays on this very day.   

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Horoscope for April Born People

If you are born in April month, you can be stubborn but you are blessed with the qualities of a good friend and like to work passionately throughout the day. You like to stroll in the natural surroundings and are fond of natural sites. You are attractive and like to crack jokes with others. You are loyal and have romantic leanings and therefore, your lover or spouse feels happy to be a part of your life and there is good understanding in your relationship. You are highly energetic and seem to be mentally active even after working tirelessly and continuously.

You are inclined to artistic ideas and cultural activities. You are good at attracting others through your creativity and art. You are keen to know everything about life and like to be a discoverer. Sometimes, you like to poke into the matters of others, and therefore, you become a cause of trouble. If you make a commitment to someone, you make it possible timely. You are passionate about the beauty of nature.      

What Is Lucky For You Today If Today Is Your Birthday?

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  • Lucky Days –  Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Lucky Numbers –1, 5, 6 and 8
  • Lucky Colours –  Green, Emerald, Turquoise


You are intellectual and inquisitive. You have a liberal thought process and are good at drawing comparisons. You have a charm in your speech and are good at making decisions. You believe in having a practical approach towards everything you perceive. There is humour and soft criticism in your speech. You like to gain more and more knowledge, which makes you jack of all trades. You are amiable and like making new friends or going on fun trips with your friends.

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You are a good observer and make your decisions only after weighing all the points. You believe that there is a logic behind everything and will not accept anything abruptly in the air. You are good at socialising and believe in partying hard. You have an inclination towards learning new things and are quick at grasping or understanding new subjects. You have a tendency to convince people with your reasoning skills.


You endeavour to achieve your goals. At times, your mischievousness hurts people surrounding you. You think too much which lay stress on your nervous system.

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Love Life and Marriage

Your love life is full of flings and crushes. You are a bit flirtatious and fall quickly in love. However, your mind rules more than your heart therefore, you fall in love with the person after calculating your needs and desires. You are a chatterbox at times and too hard on criticising things or people around you. This attitude of yours at times creates disturbances in your love life since your dear ones may get hurt badly. Besides this, you truly enjoy being in a relationship and will find ways to spend good time with your partner.  

You value companionship therefore it is foremost important for you that you marry a person you are friendly with or thinks on the similar grounds. You appreciate intellectual conversations and believe in having a fun loving relationship with your spouse. You like having practical discussions with your better half and will go to any extent to keep them uplifted and cheerful. You believe in equality, therefore you will plan to do things together with your spouse as your motto is to be partners in crime. However, you get bored quickly therefore, you may tend to look out of your married life. 

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You may have problems related to the nervous system, speech, vertigos, etc. Besides this, you are likely to suffer from seasonal flues, skin allergies, ear problems or hearing issues.  


You remain under the influence of Mercury and therefore, the field of teaching, media, marketing, etc. is considered to be highly approving. You can also be a good actor or orator. Besides this, you can be a good astrologer and chartered accountant.  

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Celebrities Born Today

Remedies For People Born Today

  • Respect your teachers and maternal aunts. 
  • Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and offer Dhurva. 
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and recite the Path of Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotra, especially, on Wednesdays.

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