Today Birthday Horoscope: 16 May 2021

Today’s Birthday Horoscope offers detailed predictions based on Vedic Astrology. Check out your horoscope by date of birth and find out effective remedies for favourable outcomes.

In the context of astrology, Numerology consists of all the information about us as per our date of birth. Every person has been given a certain number and that number is related to a planet. Every number is ruled by a certain planet and this determines all positive and negative aspects of one’s life. In this regard, we are providing you with a horoscope that will help you know your fate based on your date of birth. So, let us know the future of those who are born on May 16         

Today’s Birthday Horoscope: Know Your Fate

If today is your birthday, i.e. if you are born on May 16, you have been given the number (1+6=7). You remain under the influence of Ketu, therefore, you are not only a deep thinker but you also have the capability to do things out of the box. Also, you have a tendency of doing things without thinking about their repercussions. In this regard, let’s know the future of those who celebrate their birthdays on this very day. 

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Horoscope for May Born People

If you are born in the month of May, you are quite adaptive and can absorb yourself in any circumstance or situation. This makes you good with the people around you as they are comfortable having conversations with you. You have a positive attitude towards everything and do not lose your calm easily. Your basic nature is being cheerful, therefore you try to maintain the same even in the odd circumstances. At times you are short-tempered and burst out in anger. This makes you a clean-hearted person as you do not keep any false intention towards anybody and immediately react to people or situations.

You are stubborn and will do whatever you have decided without looking into the repercussions of things. You are a bit of an attention seeker, therefore, you like to do things to please people around you and gain their interests. You have big dreams and sometimes you daydream as well. You are honest and trustworthy. Also pretty fair in your actions as you do not like to take favours from anyone, even if you do then you try to return them at the earliest. You are practical and modern in your approach and make decisions from your mind more than your heart.

What Is Lucky For You Today If Today Is Your Birthday?

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  • Lucky Days – Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Lucky Numbers – 6,7 and 8
  • Lucky Colours – Brown, Black, and Charcoal


You have a deep thought and most of the time are busy planning things in your mind. You like doing everything your way and do not believe in following the league. You have an inclination towards spirituality and knowing existence. You believe in reflecting within yourself to seek answers to any problem. This attribute of yours makes you good at mediation. You render helping hands to those who are in need.

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You have good strength and bright memory. You tend to remember everything with the minute details. You have a special quality of diving deep into the crux of things and finding out the ground reality. You like making your own set of rules instead of following anybody.


You do not spare people easily and believe in taking revenge if you are hurt by someone. You do not open up with anyone easy which makes you appear a tough person. You think too much therefore, you do not respond quickly to any situation. Also, you are unable to make decisions promptly. You lack the contentment of life and always keep running behind achieving something or the other. 

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Love Life and Marriage

You are a reserved person and do not trust anyone easily. Also, you are not flexible to take guidance from people around you therefore your love life is a bit complicated. Most of the time you take relationships as pressure and you do not like being bonded into anything, so you do not enter into a relationship easily. Furthermore, if you do get into a relationship then your approach of not talking and clarifying things generally brings distance between you and your lover. 

Your married life is better than your love life. You understand your responsibilities towards your spouse and try to keep them happy. You also try to make the best of adjustments with your partner. However, the possibility of your partner stepping out of marriage is bright as they find it difficult to understand you completely.

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You remain under the influence of Ketu and therefore, you are likely to have problems such as swelling in the intestines, stiffness at the back and neck, indigestion or food allergies, stomach pain, boils, mental stress, etc. Besides this, whatever disease you suffer from is generally not diagnosed easily and you tend to suffer initially.  


You will be successful in the field of marketing, research activities, psychology, teaching, advocacy, astrology, medical, travelling, etc. Besides this, you can be a good organiser or event planner. You can also make your career as a translator as you can have a good command of a number of foreign languages.

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Celebrities Born Today

Remedies For People Born Today

  • Donate jaggery and yellow lentils to needy children on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  • Feed seven grains to birds everyday. 
  • Apply a Saffron tilak on your forehead everyday. 

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