Day-Wise Remedies To Avoid Nightmares

A person has been dreaming since the day they gained consciousness. People can’t recall most of their dreams after waking up. They remember only the ones that are either unpleasant or intriguing. No matter what the dream may be, good or bad, there is always a meaning behind it. It isn’t always necessary that a dream that you think is pleasant holds a positive meaning and vice-versa. 

As such, the real question is, what do we do after having a nightmare that says that something bad is about to happen in the future? In this blog by AstroSage, we will answer this question for you. We will focus on the remedies that can help you get rid of nightmares.

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Perform these remedies after having a bad dream

To reduce the ill-effect of a bad dream, one can donate certain things on particular days of the week, apart from performing remedies. For example, if you have had a nightmare on Monday night, you can donate items related to Monday the next day, i.e., on Tuesday.

Without further ado, let’s find out the remedies to reduce the malefic effects of bad dreams.

Nightmare on Monday

Monday is dedicated to the Moon and Lord Shiva. In this regard, if you have had a bad dream on Monday night, donate white things like rice, coconut, sugar, etc., the following day. The Moon & Lord Shiva are fond of white colour. To reduce the impact of nightmares, you can also offer white flowers to Lord Shiva.

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Nightmare on Tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to Mangal Dev and Lord Hanuman, the destroyer of all troubles. In such a situation, if you have had a bad dream on Tuesday night, you must donate red coloured items the next day like, red clothes, toys, etc. You can also donate green gram dal. Apart from this, one can offer red flowers to Lord Hanuman to please him. You can also reap benefits by reciting Bajrang Ban or Hanuman Chalisa.

Nightmare on Wednesday

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesh and Lord Buddha. In such a scenario, a person who has had a bad dream on Wednesday night must donate green items the next day, like green clothes, green gram, etc. Feeding green fodder to a cow will also give you positive results. Apart from this, one can offer Durva to Lord Ganesh to get rid of all the problems.

Nightmare on Thursday

Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati. If you have had a nightmare on Thursday, you must donate yellow items the following day, including yellow clothes, yellow toys, yellow food items, along with study material like books, pens, etc. Donating turmeric and chickpeas is also considered auspicious. Besides this, you must offer yellow flowers and yellow sweets to Lord Vishnu to reduce the impact of bad dreams.

Nightmare on Friday

Friday is dedicated to Venus and Maa Lakshmi. In this regard, the impact of a bad dream seen on Friday night can be reduced by donating white items the next day, like, sugar, rice, white sweets, etc. Besides this, you can offer coconut to any form of Devi Bhagvati in the temple to get rid of the negative impact of a dream.

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Nightmare on Saturday

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Donating black items the next day after having a bad dream on a Saturday night can reduce its impact. This can include black clothes, black food items, mustard oil, etc. You can also offer all these items to Shani Dev.

Nightmare on Sunday

Sunday is dedicated to the Sun. If you have a nightmare on Sunday night, you must donate wheat, jaggery, copper, etc., the next morning. Apart from this, you can also donate red flowers to Lord Sun. This will please Lord Sun and reduce the impact of a bad dream.

Additional Remedies

The next morning after having a bad dream, one must remember Ishta Dev and pray to him for their safety. If you have a basil plant in your house, go in front of it, meditate on Lord Vishnu, and tell him all your problems as Lord Vishnu is known to bestow his blessings on devotees. Apart from this, you may also flow the items that are to be donated on a particular day in a sacred river. This will also reduce the ill impact of bad dreams.

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