Thyroid Disorder: Are The Planets Responsible? Discover Now!

The thyroid gland is located in our neck, and responsible for secreting thyroid hormones that are primarily responsible for how our body utilises energy. Therefore, these hormones affect nearly every organ in our body – even the way our heart beats. When this gland starts making too much or too little hormone, then we start feeling tired, restless, or face sudden weight loss or weight gain. While this disease is not life-threatening in most cases, but in thyroid cancer and cases where surgery is required, the situation can be rather dicey. The main causes of thyroid diseases stem from iron deficiency, genetic problems, cancerous tumors, or autoimmune diseases (when your immune system starts attacking your own body). However, sometimes, the placements of constellations (nakshatra) and planets in one’s birth chart can be the cause of this disorder as well. With this blog today, we will discuss the astrological reasons for thyroid disorders and their possible remedies as per our Hindu scriptures.

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Astrological Reasons For Thyroid

Thyroid disorders can be, more often than not, easily diagnosed and treated. However, we cannot predict, medically, whether a person can suffer from this disease someday or not. Astrology, on the other hand, can help us prefigure the possibilities of this scenario, as per the positions, placements, and conjunctions of certain planets. Let us discuss these yogas in our birth charts and figure out whether this disorder is in your future:

  • Conjunction of Sun and Jupiter

A person can suffer from thyroid, someday in his/her life, if the Sun and Jupiter are in conjunction in your kundli, and either Saturn, Rahu, or Mars have malefic effects on this conjunction, in addition to there being no positive planetary aspect on the union. The presence of such yoga in your kundli can put you in the path of this disorder.

  • The First and Second Houses

As per one’s birth chart, in case the malefic planets have a high influence on ascendant, i.e., the first house and second house, then such placements can result in the native, probably suffering from thyroid disorders in their lifetime.

  • Lords of First and Second Houses

When the Lords of the first and second houses, in a person’s kundli, are posited in the unlucky trio houses, i.e., the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses, then such a situation gives rise to possibilities of the native getting inflicted with thyroid related disorders.

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Astrological Remedies For Thyroid

Vedic Astrology – one of the six auxiliary disciplines connected with the study of Vedas, gives us the option of not only predicting any problems that are about to enter our lives, but also provides us with ways of avoiding as well as fighting said problems, while suggesting ways of healthier living to us. Given below are the astrological remedies of preventing and/or combating thyroid:

  • Strengthen the Lord of Your First House

Our first house or ascendant house is the house of ‘self’ and represents our upper body. Therefore, as the thyroid gland is located in our throat, to prevent having to suffer from disorders related to it, one must recognize the Lord of their first house and strengthen it.

  • Pacify the Lord of Your Second House

In our birth charts, the second house signifies our spoken ability and is associated with the throat. Hence, if a native has a yoga of thyroid in his/her kundli, then such a person should do remedies to pacify the Lord of their second house to prevent such a situation from arising at all.

  • Make Sun Favorable in Your Birth Chart

The Sun is the provider of life and energy as per Hindu astrology, and considered very important while analysing one’s birth chart. If a person has the possibility of suffering from thyroid due to the placement of planets in his/her kundli, then they should try to make the planet favorable. Chanting the Aditya Hridaya Stotra can be beneficial for such individuals. An alternative or addition to this can be – wake up at the crack of dawn and view the rising sun.

  • Exercise Regularly

It is suggested that a person should wake up early and exercise regularly to remain fit and healthy. In order to prevent thyroid-related disorders, one must take care of their health and exercise to keep themselves fit and in shape.

We Hope That This Thyroid Reasons And Remedies Blog Will Help You And Wish You Luck For Your Future!

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