3 Transits In Scorpio In November, These Zodiac Signs Will Be Blessed!

There is a huge significance given to Planetary Transits in Astrology. Every planet changes its zodiac sign in a fixed duration, which has both negative and positive impacts on all the 12 zodiac signs. It is important to understand that in November 2022, there will be a very auspicious coincidence taking place. There will be three major planets that are about to transit in the same zodiac sign and due to this many signs will get the benefit.

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According to the astrologers, on11th November, Venus will transit in Scorpio and then on 13th November, Mercury will transit in Scorpio and after three days of this transit, on 16th November, Sun will also transit in the same zodiac sign. Many natives will get successful in different fields due to this planetary transit and many natives will be accomplishing their tasks. Let’s throw some light on the topic in discussion and understand which signs will be blessed by this coincidence.

3 Big Planetary Transits In A Same Sign

Venus Transit In Scorpio

This transit is going to take place on 11th November 2022 at 7:52pm.  Venus is a female planet and is the owner planet of Taurus and Libra. Venus represents wealth, joy, attraction, prosperity, beauty and youthfulness. It is also known as the benefactor of love relations, desires, satisfaction, creativity, arts, music, poetry and luxury items.

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio

Mercury is known to be the benefactor of communication, speech, reflexes, etc.  This planet is about to enter Scorpio and is entering the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 13th November 2022. The timing of the Mercury transit will be at 09:06 PM.

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Sun Transit In Scorpio

The Sun transit in Scorpio will take place on 16th November, 2022, Wednesday at 6;58 pm from its debilitated sign Libra. Scorpio is owned by the planet Mars that is a friendly planet with the Sun. This transit can show you both ups and downs depending upon the sun’s placement in the natal chart.

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Sun & Mercury Transit In Scorpio Will Form Budhaditya Yoga

When Sun and Mercury come together in a zodiac sign, this conjunction gives rise to Budhaditya Yoga. As per astrology, Budhaditya Yoga bestows a person with immense luck. Now with the beneficial and auspicious planet, Venus, conjoining them in Scorpio will surely bring good outcomes for the natives. However, out of the 12 signs, 4 will benefit the most. Let’s find out which these signs are.

Mercury & Venus Together Will Form Laxmi Narayan Yoga

When Mercury & Venus come together, Laxmi Narayan forms. As per astrology, this is a very auspicious yoga. In this yoga, Mercury is regarded as Lord Vishnu and Venus is given the place of Maa Laxmi. This combination will make the natives more artistic and romantic.

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Zodiac Signs Which Will Be Blessed By These Transits


According to astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of the 5th and the 2nd house. With this zodiac change, there are high chances for Taurus natives to get profit in their business. You will also get profit at your work job. Due to the venus transit in 7th house there are good chances of the wedding for you.


According to astrology, the sun is the owner planet of the 3rd and the 6th house of Gemini. Those students who are preparing for the competitive exams will get successful. Also, this time will be favorable for those natives who are associated with the government. jobs.

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The Sun is the ruling planet of the 2nd house of Cancer. Due to this transit, your financial status will be strengthened. Moreover, this time will be fruitful for the students. With the help of these two transits, there is a possibility of ending any previous arguments. The venus transit will also be good for the Canceranians as they will grow in their business or field they have opted for. Also they will find out their soulmates.

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In November 2022, due to the transits of the Sun and Mercury, these signs will get the benefit. There will be a high chance of a rise in income and you will also get success in your career. Moreover, there will be an environment of peace and harmony in the family. Also, the natives of Libra will be lucky in terms of finances because of the Venus transit in Scorpio.

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