Third Sawan Somwar In 3 Pious Yogas– Offer These 5 Things To Attain Immense Luck!

The holy month of Sawan has special importance in Hindu religion and fasting on specific timelines in the month provides auspicious results. It is believed that offering prayers to Lord Shiva, Maa Parvati, and Lord Ganesha on Sawan Somwar will fulfill the wishes of devotees. The third Monday or Somwar of Sawan falls on 24 July 2023. On the day, 3 pious yogas are formed namely Ravi Yoga, Shiva Yoga, and Siddha Yoga. It is also a favorable time for Rudrabhishek to get desired outcomes in life. The special AstroSage blog contains details related to pious yoga timelines in the third Sawan month and also relatable information for the day.

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The Sawan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the devotees observe fast on every Monday of the month for fruitful outcomes. On the day, Shivvas is with beloved Gan Nandi and thus supports Rudrabhishek. People observing fast on this day will ensure the fulfillment of desires for your life partner. The fasting needs to be observed for 16 Mondays to fulfill the wish of getting a suitable partner.

Let us move ahead to check the timing of Third Sawan Somwar and then other crucial details related to it!

Date and Time of Pious Yogas in Third Sawan Somwar 2023

25 July 2023 till 01.41 pm: It is the third Monday of Sawan and the Sasthi date of Shukla Paksha of Shravan Adhik Maas.

05.38 pm to 10.12 pm: The Ravi Yoga is formed within the timeline.

From early morning to 02.52 pm: The Shiva Yoga lasts within the period.

02.52 pm to the whole night: The Siddha yoga is also available within the timeline.

Also, on the day Hasta Nakshatra is formed till 10.12 pm and after it, there is the formation of Chitra Nakshatra. The Shubh Muhurat of the Monday fast is from 12.00 pm to 12.55 pm. Following the right procedures for fasting will result in optimal outcomes in life.

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Date & Time of Rudrabhishek Muhurat

For Rudrabhishek on 24th July, Shivvas is very critical and it starts from the morning session. On the day Shivvas is in Nadi. It will be present till 01.42 pm and the time is suitable to perform the Rudrabhishek.

After it, Shivvas will be on the food and not suitable for the Rudrabhishek ritual.  

5 Things to Offer On The Day For Auspicious Results

The fortunes of individuals shine as the devotees do the Rudrabhishek with 5 different things on Sawan Monday. Its results shine the fortunes of devotees and fulfill their unfinished desires in life.

Sugarcane Juice: It results in the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.

Ghee: It enhances the overall wealth of individuals and also provides monetary gains.

Honey: The chances of success in life increase with it and also the prestige of the professional improves in the work area.

Milk: Achieve the desired level of happiness and peace in life with the completion of successful activities.

Curd: It fits your new construction work and will be the idle time to buy a new vehicle.

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Things To Do in the Third Sawan Somwar

  • Wake up early in the morning, i.e. the Brahma Muhurat and wear clean/new clothes after a bath.
  • Place a Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati idol and light up a lamp in front of the idol.
  • Offer things like white & red flowers, white sweets, pan leaves, five fruits, and Supari at the worship.
  • The devotees also must offer clothes, Janeu, and Shringaar to Lord Shiva and Parvati Ma.
  • Also, recite Shiva Chalisa and also perform Lord Shiva aarti.
  •  Visit the temple on the day of Sawan Somwar.


What are the best results of fasting in Sawan Somwar?

Ans. The fasting on the Sawan Somwar will result in prosperity in the lives of devotees and also make the relationship happy.

What is the right way to break the Sawan Somwar Fast?

Ans. The fast should be broken in the evening and also offer aarti to Lord Shiva.

What is special about Sawan Somwar 2023?

Ans. In 2023, the Sawan lasts for 58 days and the length of the Sawan month is rare.

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