Offer These Things To Mahadev During Sawan For Prosperity & Affluence

The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva, which is why this month is dedicated to him. It is believed that the people who serve Bholenath with full devotion in this month get auspicious results. It is very simple to please this almighty power. Lord Shiva can be pleased by performing Rudrabhishek this month. After offering water, Bel Patra, Shami leaves, Kusha, Doob, Bhang, Dhatura, and Shriphal are offered by the devotees to Lord Bholenath as bhog.

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Mythological Significance of The Month Of Sawan

There are many popular religious stories related to this month. According to one of the legends, when Devi Sati committed self-immolation after feeling insulted with Lord Shiva’s disrespect at the Yagya organized by her father Daksha. Witnessing this, Lord Shiva got so hurt that he went into Samadhi and left everything behind. Mata Sati was born as the daughter of Himalaya in her next incarnation. Himalaya Raj named his daughter Parvati. According to mythology, Goddess Parvati did severe penance in the month of Sawan, like fasting to attain Lord Shiva as her husband. Lord Shiva was very pleased with Mata Parvati’s severe penance and accepted Devi Parvati as his wife and married her.

According to another story mentioned in the Puranas, the churning of the ocean between the Devas and the Asuras also took place this month. Lord Shiva drank the poison that came out of the churning and protected the universe by holding it in his throat. Due to the poison, Shiva’s throat turned blue and he was called Neelkanth. In order to cool down Lord Shiva with the heat caused by drinking poison, all the gods offered him water and since then the practice of Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva started.

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Sacred Offerings To Lord Shiva For Prosperity & Happiness

These stories tell the sanctity of the month of Sawan and the importance of this holy month in Sanatan Dharma. According to the beliefs, if a person worships Lord Shiva in this month with full rituals, then he gets freedom from all kinds of sorrows, worries, and troubles. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to tell you what benefits the people get by offering below mentioned things to Lord Shiva.

  • On Monday of Sawan, if you perform Jalabhishek of Shivling with the water extracted from any pilgrimage or Ganga river, then such people attain salvation.
  • By continuously offering water to Shivling, happiness and peace remain in the family, and diseases are removed.
  • If a person feels physically weak, tired, and ill, then he/she should offer pure ghee made from cow’s milk on Shivling, as by doing so, mental and physical strength increases.
  • Offering curd on Shivling endows the people with all kinds of wealth and prosperity and happiness remains in the family.
  • Offering Kusha water or fragrant perfume etc. to Lord Shiva cures all diseases and defects.
  • If sugarcane juice is offered to Lord Shiva on Monday, then Maa Lakshmi showers one with immense compassion and worldly pleasures.
  • Offering milk-sugar mixed water on Shivling offers good intelligence, children’s mind becomes sharp and they reach the height of success.
  • By offering Shami leaves on Shivling, one gets freedom from the ill effects of the planet Saturn. But only those people should follow this tip who has Saturn in a debilitated state in his/her kundli and suffering from its bad effects.
  • By offering Wheat to Lord Shiva, a suitable and obedient son is obtained and the lineage increases. There is sweetness in the relations between the members of the household.
  • Offering Barley to Bholenath on Monday removes troubles and by offering sesame seeds, sins are destroyed. By doing this, the people not only get mental happiness but success at the social level.
  • Offering Akshat to Shivling fills the natives with wealth. Such people do not lack anything and live happily.

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