Kharmas Begins From 14 March, All You Need to Know!

Although the month of March is known for festivals and fasts, the period of Kharmas also takes place in the same month. This duration is considered to be extremely significant in the pretext of Hinduism. During this month, all the auspicious activities are not allowed to take place. 

In addition to this, this month plays a significant role from a religious and spiritual point of view. As per intellectuals, it is believed that one gets rid of problems and pains if he/she worships during this month. As per religious beliefs, the tradition of performing any auspicious work such as marriage, home entrance etc. has not been followed during this time.     

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When Is Kharmas Taking Place this Year?

Kharmas is going to commence from March 14. 2021 i.e. Sunday. On this very day, the Sun will transit in Pisces from Aquarius. This period will end on April 14, 2021 with the transit of the Sun in Aries from Pisces.   

The period of Kharmas takes place twice in a year. The first takes place when the Sun enters the Sagittarius zodiac sign and while the second falls when the Sun transits in the Pisces zodiac sign.  

Meaning of Kharmas

As per astrology, the duration of Kharmas takes place when the Sun enters Sagittarius and Pisces. The reason behind this period is that the brightness of Jupiter lessens due to the Sun and therefore, any auspicious activity is not carried out during this period. It is noted that the presence of Jupiter is extremely important for auspicious work. 

Besides marriage, Mundan, home entrance etc., people also avoid starting any new work during the period of Kharmas. 

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Things to be Performed during Kharmas

  • The tradition of venerating Lord Sun and Lord Vishnu has been followed during Kharmas. It is believed that one is blessed with peace and prosperity by the worship and the grace of Maa Lakshmi always stays with them. 
  • Besides this, this month is considered to be highly auspicious for donation, chanting etc. It is believed that one who performs donation with a pious heart, they are blessed with the fulfillment of all desires of their life.  
  • In addition to this, serving Brahmins, cows, saints etc. holds high significance on this very day. 
  • Visiting a pilgrimage site holds high significance during Kharmas. Besides this, performing Shri Ram Puja, Katha Vachan, Vishnu and Shiva Puja and holding the Path of Bhagwat Geeta holds high significance.
  • Also, one can recite the Mantra, observe fast and worship Ishta Devta to please him. 

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Legend/Katha Concerning Kharmas

The Sanskrit word Khar means donkey (Gadha). As per the prevailing belief concerning Kharmas, it is said that once, Surya Dev was revolving around the universe on the chariot of seven horses and he was not allowed to stop anywhere. It was said that if he had stopped, then all the activities would have stopped on the same day. After some time, the horses attached to the chariot got thirsty and tired due to lack of rest. 

Seeing this, Surya Dev got tensed and steered the chariot to the banks of the river so that the horses could quench their thirst and get some rest. 

All of a sudden, Lord Sun came to know that if he stopped his chariot then all the activities on the earth would come to a halt and troubles would take place. Then Surya Dev saw two donkeys (Khars) at the banks of the pond. He left all the horses for consuming water and taking rest and attached the two donkeys with his chariot so that he would not stop. Although the donkey slowed down the chariot, the rotation of one month got completed somehow and the horses took rest meantime. Now, he attached the horses with his chariot and the same continued throughout the year and a solar month i.e. Kharmas falls once in every solar year.

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