Things To Be Offered to Shivling During Sawan For A Hurdle-Free Life

The Sawan month begins after the Ashadha Purnima every year. This month holds high significance in Sanatan Dharma as it is the first month of Chaturmas and is heart and soul of Lord Shiva. Performing religious activities, donations during this period are very fruitful. 

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The Sawan month has already commenced from July 25, 2021 and will last till August 22, 2021. In this regard, we will enlighten you about various things that are offered to the Shivling for fulfilling all your wishes.

Items Offered to Shivling During Sawan

  • If you are childless and despite your best efforts, you are unable to conceive a child, you must offer wheat grains to the Shivling during the Sawan month. By doing so, Lord Shiva will bestow his blessings upon you, and you will be blessed with a good child.
  • All the natives facing a financial crisis, under a lot of debt, unable to accumulate money, or unable to revive stuck money must offer raw rice grains to the Shivling in Sawan. All your troubles will wither away with the blessings of Lord Shiva.
  • Lord Shiva is fond of Rudrabhishek. In this context, one can attain mental peace by anointing the Shivling with Gangajal during Sawan. By doing so, the devotees get emancipated from the cycle of life and death.

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  • The natives who are constantly worried about their child’s studies, whose children do not perform well or are average in studies or are unable to concentrate on their studies, must mix Mishri with cow milk and offer it to the Shivling during the auspicious month of Sawan. With Lord Shiva’s blessings, your child will start performing well in their studies.
  • If a person offers barley to Lord Shiva after performing Jalabhishek, they get rid of all the miseries and challenges in their life. The family atmosphere of such natives improves, and they earn a good reputation in society.
  • The natives suffering from mental stress, depression, or insomnia, must offer perfume to the Shivling. It will eradicate all their mental problems.
  • If a person is suffering from fever, they must touch the Gangajal with their hands and perform Abhishek of Lord Shiva with it during the Sawan month. It will help a person get relieved of fever.
  • People who want to get rid of their sins or want to attain a place in heaven must offer sesame seeds to the Shivling during Sawan.

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