8 Things You Should Definitely Avoid Buying On Saturday

Saturday is considered the day of Shani. According to the Mythological stories, Lord Shani is the son of Lord Sun. With the blessings of Brahma Ji, his influence is far greater than that of his father. The Sun stays for 1 month, Moon 2 months 2 days, Mars 1 month 15 days, Mercury 1 month, Venus 1 month, Jupiter 13 months in every human’s zodiac. But Shani stays in any zodiac from two and a half years to seven and a half years. If the beliefs are to be believed, Saturn starts showing its effect from 3 months before its arrival of any horoscope. The effect of Shani on the life of every human being depends upon their planetary position. Therefore, as far as possible, one should stay away from the retrograde aspect of Lord Shani.

On hearing the name of Shani, common beliefs like suffering, loss, inauspiciousness come to the fore. Whereas the reality is that Shani Dev has been called the Justice in the scriptures. If a person does wrong things against the policy, then Shani Dev mercilessly punishes him. Shani is related to karma. Without his grace, no person can earn a livelihood. Shani provides materialistic comforts and success to the person in his life. If Shani is pleased with a person, then all his work will be done properly and he gets success in life.

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Who Can Appease Lord Shani?

  • Shani Dev is happy with those who used to speak the truth and lead a disciplined life.
  • Those who help the weak people are dear to Shani.
  • Those who serve the elderly also please Shani.
  • Those who plant fruitful and long-lived trees and plants.
  • Shani is also pleased with those who worship Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

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Never Buy These Things On Saturday

  • Iron – According to scriptures, once King Vikramaditya gave an iron throne to Lord Shani, due to which Lord Shani got angry and cast his gaze on him. Since then it is believed that buying iron on Saturday is inauspicious, on the contrary, donating it pleases Shani and gives auspicious results to the native.
  • Leather – On this day, things made of leather-like belts, purses, etc. should not be bought. Doing so hinders success.
  • Oil – On this day, any type of oil should not be brought into the house. Bringing oil in the house on Saturday can bring trouble or disease in the house, whereas on this day, offering oil on Shani makes him happy.
  • Coal – It is forbidden to bring coal into the house on this day. Coal is black in color so it is believed that taking it at home means that you are bringing the form of Shani to your home. In addition, it is a type of fuel. Fuel should not be brought into the house, it creates tension.
  • Broom – One should not buy a broom on this day. A broom brought on Saturday harms the wealth of the house.
  • Black Sesame Seeds – Buying black sesame seeds is considered taboo on this day. The donation of black sesame is very important in the Dasha of Shani, but the bringing of black sesame seeds on Saturday is considered equal to the arrival of Shani.
  • Salt – Buying salt on this day should also be avoided. Salt bought on Saturday can bring disease into the house.
  • Ink – On this day ink should not be bought at all. It can bring disrepute or stigma to a person.

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Remedies To Reduce The Effect Of Shani

  • The people get special benefits if they recite Hanuman Chalisa with full devotion on Saturday.
  • On Saturday, black sesame mixed with flour and sugar should be given to the ants.
  • If Shani’s grace is not available, then a ring made of black horseshoe or boat nail should be worn on the middle finger on Saturday after sunset.
  • After taking a bath on Saturday, light a lamp of ghee in front of Shani Dev, after that offer blue flowers. The mantra containing ten names of Shani should be chanted 5 times with a rosary of Rudraksha.

कोणस्थ पिंगलो बभ्रु: कृष्णो रौद्रोन्तको यम:। सौरि: शनैश्चरो मंद: पिप्पलादेन संस्तुत:।। 

koṇastha piṃgalo babhru: kṛṣṇo raudrontako yama:। sauri: śanaiścaro maṃda: pippalādena saṃstuta:।। 

  • If the mantra cannot be chanted, then the ten names of Shani – Konastha, Pingal, Babhru, Krishna, Raudrantaka, Yama, Sauri, Shanaishchar, Manda, and Pipplad should be chanted.
  • It is also beneficial to recite Shani’s mantra “Om Shan Shanaischaraya Namah” or Shani Beej Mantra “Om Pram Prim Praun Saha Shanishcharaya Namah” 108 times with Rudraksha rosary.
  • Donation of black things like black sesame, cloth, blanket, iron, and urad lentils gives fruitful benefits.
  • After bathing on Saturday, seeing your face in mustard oil and then donating it removes obstacles.

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