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Among our emotions, love is considered to be the highest and most versatile of them. It is that divine emotion that subtly connects all of us to one another. In our life we come across and make certain types of bonds with other people  and the integral feeling which binds us together is called love. This supreme emotion transcends all of our relationships. 

It is a beautiful feeling that brings strong emotions and a deep level of attraction. Love is a wide term in which many states of emotions travel or linger. It comes in the form of kindness, affection, compassion, pleasure, and more. Some of the cloudy emotions which are on the opposite side of love are hurt, fear, anger, flaw, or jealousy. Everyone goes through these ranges of emotions at some point in their life and appropriately learns from them. So through this blog, AstroSage will uncover all those zodiac signs that are getting their true love; the astrological significance of the planet of love, Venus, and what remedies you can do to get true love in your life, by which you can make your journey more prosperous and exciting! 

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Importance Of Love Planet Venus In Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is known to usher prosperity, marital happiness, joy, beauty, art, romance, companionship, and material pleasure. The second planet in our solar system, Venus, named after the Roman Goddess of peace and love, Aphrodite, lasts for 23 days in a zodiac sign and its three known Nakshatras are Poorvashada, Purva Phalguni, and Bharani. If the planet of love is dominant in somebody’s horoscope, then that person is considered to be lucky in her/his love life or relationships, in gaining talents in arts, and possessing beauty. 

Such natives receive immense materialistic pleasures, and enjoy talents of varied interests and their marital life/love life is always on the rise. If the planet of happiness and prosperity is weakened in someone’s horoscope, then those natives suffer from problems in their familial and love relationships. They cannot fully experience love and often remain disturbed in their private life. So without waiting any further, let’s take a look at those lucky in love zodiac signs!

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Astrological Remedies To Gain True Love 

Those natives who have been relentlessly trying to find true love in their life but somehow haven’t come across can try these subtle yet effective astrological remedies. AstroSage brings some of them into the light for you!

  • In Hindu philosophy, the God of love is Lord Kamdev, and in order to get his blessings you should recite this Mantra: oṃ kāmadevāya vidymahe, rati priyāyai dhīmahi, tanno anaṃga pracodayāt. By reciting the mantra of Ragavrinta (another name of Lord Kamdev) you are bound to receive intense energies of love.
  • It is always beneficial to take a consultation from a learned astrologer and then move forward in your love life or other concerning areas as they will provide you with the proper information regarding the movements of the planets. 
  • Fasting has a great significance and importance in Sanatan Dharma. In astrology and its related studies it is clearly stated that those people who want their desired partner should observe Solah Somvar Vrat (Vrats on 16 Mondays). 
  • Lord Krishna also symbolizes love and prosperity, so, to attain his blessings one should offer flute and Betel leaf to the temple. One can also meditate and do his/her worship in front of a Radha-Krishna picture. The pictures signify their endless love for one another and with their divine blessings you might get that as well. 
  •  As we read above that how a strong Venus can bring love and happiness to your life and in order to do just that you can recite this Mantra: oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ. Girls can also wear white clothes and green bangles on Thursdays during the monsoon season (Month of Shravan) as these two colors are associated with Venus. 

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