These Planets In Horoscope Delays Conception, Unlock Parenthood With These Remedies

One of the greatest feelings in the world, so the saying goes, is becoming a mother. Any couple’s greatest joy is becoming parents, however occasionally situations require one to deal with delays or challenges in becoming a parent.

Astrology states that certain planets and yoga in the horoscope can make it difficult for someone to become pregnant. In addition, through analyzing the horoscopes of the husband and wife, it is possible to determine when they will experience the joy of becoming parents and the reasons behind any delays in this regard.

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We’re going to tell you which planets make it harder or take longer to get pregnant today through this blog. Also, read which astrological remedies might bring you the joy of parenthood.

Role Of Saturn Planet

Saturn is associated with obstacles, constraints, and delays. The fifth house of the horoscope in astrology is symbolic of children. Saturn’s placement in the fifth house denotes a delay in starting a family. A person must be patient and persistent when Saturn is in their sign.

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Deeds Of Previous Birth

Some astrologers think that the Karma from our previous lives also influences many other elements of our lives, such as delay in having children. There’s a belief that decisions or actions from previous lives might influence the present time and cause obstacles or delays in our present plan of action.

The joy of having a child is frequently delayed as a result of Pitra Dosh. Your Kundli analysis allows the astrologer to determine the reasons for any problems or delays in conception.

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Impact Of Jupiter

Jupiter is considered a sign of expansion and peace and Jupiter plays an important role in matters of children. Jupiter is the primary horoscope element for children. If Jupiter is located in a favorable place in the horoscope of both husband and wife, then the chances of conceiving and having a healthy delivery are greater.

However, there may be a delay in starting a family if Jupiter is weak or ill in the horoscope as well. The unfavorable impact or unlucky sight of other planets on Jupiter could potentially cause a delay in starting a family.

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Inauspicious Planet In The 5th House

The fifth house in astrology is associated with children and it. If this house has unfavorable planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, the woman may have difficulty becoming pregnant and will encounter challenges along the way to becoming a mother.

Nadi Dosha

Even if the horoscope has a Nadi Dosha, there could be a delay in becoming pregnant. Nadi Dosha may cause difficulties and delays in the conception process. Astrology states that it becomes extremely difficult for a husband and wife to experience the joys of parenthood if they have Nadi Dosh in their horoscopes. Astrologers recommend not to marry a boy or a girl if there is Nadi Dosha.

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Zodiac Wise Remedies To Get Pregnant

In accordance with your ascendant sign, you can take the following actions if you are having trouble getting pregnant and are having delays:


People of this ascendant should worship Lord Krishna. Donate red lentils to people who are poor and needy. It opens the door for you to become a parent.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


To overcome the delay in becoming parents, people with Taurus ascendant should worship Lord Vishnu and donate wheat. This increases fertility and removes all the barriers.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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It is recommended that those having Gemini ascendant worship Lord Ganesha. You should donate rice. All of the challenges you faced during your pregnancy will vanish if you follow this remedy, and you will become a parent.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope


Individuals who are Cancer ascendant should worship Lord Shiva. Donating milk will also be beneficial to you. Those who follow these two remedies have improved fertility and the happiness that comes with having children.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


You should offer sweets to Lord Surya and worship him every day. With the help of these measures, every hurdle coming in the way of you becoming parent will be removed.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


You should worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer sesame seeds if your ascendant is Virgo and you are having trouble getting pregnant. This will boost your ability to conceive.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope


Individuals with a Libra ascendant who are having trouble getting pregnant should worship Lord Krishna and donate vegetables. By doing this, you’ll clear your way of all barriers and difficulties.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

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Worshiping Lord Yama is favorable for those having Scorpio ascendant. Donating black sesame seeds away will benefit you.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


If you are a Sagittarius and you are having trouble getting pregnant or have delays in conceiving a child, you should worship Lord Ram and provide jaggery as a way to solve these issues.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


Worshiping Lord Kuber is favorable for Capricorn ascendants. Along with this you should also donate copper coins. This blesses you with healthy children.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

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Worshipping Lord Varun and donating water are two things that Aquarians should do. This eliminates the delay and roadblocks to pregnancy.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


People with Pisces ascendant should worship Lord Vishnu and donate fish. Your fertility will increase with the help of these remedies.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What to do if you are not having a child?

Answer. You should read Gopal Sahastranam regularly.

Question 2. Which Puja is the best to perform in order to become pregnant?

Answer. Putrada Ekadashi is a day for worship and fasting.

Question 3. What should be done on Shivalinga to have a child?

Answer. Offering wheat and Datura on Shivling brings happiness of becoming a parent.

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