Sawan Month: These Natives Should Refrain From Fasting!

Sawan holds high significance in Sanatan Dharma. The followers of Sanatan Dharma across the world worship Lord Shiva during this entire month and try their best to please him. Married women observe fast on every Monday in the month of Sawan for the long life of their husbands and prosperous married life. Men also observe this fast for the blessings of Lord Shiva and to get the desired life partner.

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However, there are some men and women that should avoid observing fast in the Sawan month, otherwise, it angers Lord Shiva. In this blog, we will tell you about those people who should not observe this fast. 

If your relationship is like this

Unmarried natives observe fast on Monday of Sawan month to get the partner of their choice, and married natives observe this fast for the long life of their partners. However, the natives who are in live-in-relationship, they should not observe this fast.

If such thoughts capture your mind

The natives who have ill-will for a person, or negative thoughts linger on their mind for someone else must never observe this fast, or else, it angers Lord Shiva. One must only have devotion and reverence in their mind while worshipping Mahadev. Lord Shiva becomes furious with devotees who have hatred for someone else.

If you live like this despite being married

The divorcee natives or the couples who have differences among them should not observe Sawan Somwar fast. The married couple must observe this sacred fast by living together and following celibacy.

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Those married in the court 

Natives who got married in a court must not observe Sawan fast. This is because, if a couple doesn’t get married according to the religious methods and proper rituals, it is not given the status of marriage in Sanatan Dharma. Such natives do not get the fruits of observing this fast.

If you are like this by nature

Men who do not respect women, keep a bad eye on them, or unnecessarily shout/ scream at them, must not observe the Sawan Somwar fast. Such people never get the fruits of fasting in this sacred month.

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