If This Is Your Birth Date, Be Ready To Become A Millionaire!

Your date of birth holds many secrets and can reveal a lot about various aspects of your life, including your love life, career, marriage, and whatnot! One of these aspects is your financial life. Some dates reap more benefits than others, hence, give a better chance of becoming as rich as some of the most wealthy people of the world! Do you know who these wealthy people are and what are their birth dates? Don’t worry, this special blog by AstroSage will help you understand. In this blog, we will tell you which birth date natives have more chances of becoming a millionaire at an early age, along with citing some examples for you. So read till the end!

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These Birth Date Natives Become Rich At An Early Age!

According to Numerology, a Root Number or Moolank of a person is very significant. It helps in determining their past, present, and future. It also helps in attaining clarity in various life aspects. Now the question arises, how does one calculate his/her Root Number? The answer is simple. You have to convert your date of birth into one unit number, and it may range between 1 and 9. For instance, if you were born on the 22 of any month, your Root Number would be 2+2, i.e. 4. Likewise, if you were born on the 15, your Moolank will be 5+1, i.e. 6. You can also take the help of the Numerology Calculator provided on the link below.

Decode Your Magical Root Number: Numerology Calculator

Now that you know your root number, let’s get to the main question of the hour, Which Root Number natives have more chances of becoming rich at an early age? So the answer is, the natives who have their Moolank as 5 have more chances of becoming millionaires, as compared to others. Moolank number 5 means the natives whose birthdays fall on 5, 14, or 23 of any month. As per Numerology, the Root Number 5 natives are more lucky than others and there is never a lack of money in their lives and they are most likely to become wealthy at a young age.

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Root Number 5 Natives & Their Relation With Wealth

Root Number 5 is ruled by Mercury and this planet bestows these natives with good communication skills. These natives are great at handling business as they possess good focus and managerial skills, and are excellent at managing finances and performing work according to the budget. Root Number 5 natives are philanthropic and have impeccable knack for treating their employers with a right balance of trust and authority. They don’t shy away from taking risks, which yield them great rewards and profits. Also, the cosmic energies are always in their favor and reward them for their positivity and kind deeds. All this helps the Root Number 5 natives earn good money and put it to better use right from a very young age. 

Now, our readers must be curious to know about the famous wealthy personalities whose Moolank number is 5. If you want to know, read further!

India’s 2 Most Wealthy & Powerful People Have The Same Root Number!

  1. Kumar Mangalam Birla

Who doesn’t know this prominent Indian personality who has contributed immensely to our economy. Kumar Mangalam Birla is the owner and chairperson of Aditya Birla Group. He is not only a millionaire but also a great industrialist and philanthropist. Mr. Birla was born on 14 June, 1967, which makes his Root Number to be 5. As we have mentioned before, Moolank 5 natives become rich at an early age, and Kumar Mangalam Birla is a living example of it. He took over as Aditya Birla Group’s chairman at just the age of 28 and has helped increase the annual turnover of the company manifold. 

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  1. Shiv Nadar

Another famous Indian personality with Root Number 5 is Shiv Nadar. His date of birth is 14 July, 1945. This millionaire industrialist is the founder and chairman of one of the most prominent IT enterprises, HCL Technologies Limited. He founded HCL in 1976, which means in his early 30s. He has made it to the top businessman in the nation today and his continued growth and success have landed him some great awards and recognitions. 

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