These Five Habits Could Turn You Into A Pauper According To Garuda Purana!

In this blog today, we will discuss one of the most important Purana in Sanatan Dharma that is Garuda Purana and some habits mentioned in this holy text which could make you a pauper from a millionaire. So, let’s move ahead and read about the significance of Garuda Purana and what activities are prohibited in it which you must stop practicing right away!

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Significance Of Garuda Purana In Hinduism

The Garuda Purana is the most significant of the 18 Puranas that make up Sanatana Dharma. All of this Purana’s lessons impart some novel ideas that can be used to develop alternative perspectives on life. It expands on the Hindu religion’s central idea and philosophy. It asserts that all deities are both present inside and outside of all human bodies. 

The Garuda Purana relates the discussion between Garuda and Lord Vishnu. The Garuda Purana divulges all the secrets of life and death, provides information about rebirth and human souls, hell and dreadful punishments. Additionally, it has been explained how to live life fully and follow the path that is right. Lord Vishnu stated five human habits in the Garuda Purana that should never be adopted, not even mistakenly, as a result of them you may have to deal with poverty.

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Garuda Purana: You Must Quit These Habits Today! It Could Make You Poor!

  • People in today’s society tend to follow a routine in which they sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning. According to the scriptures, getting up late in the morning is a negative practice. It is said that those who wake up later have a lethargic nature and never advance in life. Because being lazy presents a significant barrier to advancement. If there is no improvement, then they have to deal with financial issues.
  • According to the Garuda Purana, one should never leave dirty and used utensils in the kitchen while going to bed at night. You could have to deal with Saturn’s negative effects if you do this. In addition, Goddess Lakshmi becomes enraged and refuses to enter the home. It is necessary to clean those utensils first before going to bed at night.

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  • Wearing dirty clothes offends Goddess Lakshmi, according to the Garuda Purana, since Goddess Lakshmi likes cleanliness and lives in places where there is purity. After taking a bath or shower in the morning, you should put on clean clothes for this. You will always have the goddess of wealth Lakshmi’s blessings if you do this.
  • Some individuals are perpetually thinking of snatching the wealth or property of others. Mother Lakshmi is constantly enraged by these people because they never experience true happiness. When someone works hard and earns money as a result, Maa Lakshmi bestows grace on them.
  • Additionally, it is said in the Garuda Purana that Mother Lakshmi disapproves of persons who harm others indirectly. Such individuals are constantly short of money. Additionally, yelling or becoming enraged without reason can also serve as the primary cause of poverty. Because Maa Lakshmi never enters a situation like that.

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