Beware, These Conditions Ruin Even The Auspicious Effects Of Exalted Planets!

You must have heard about the exalted and debilitated state of planets in astrology. In every horoscope, there is at least one planet each in an exalted and debilitated state. In other words, the planet that is a hundred percent stronger is known as the exalted planet. Whereas, if a planet is weak or in adverse condition, it is called a debilitated planet.

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Accordingly, it is seen that an exalted planet in the horoscope provides positive results related to it, while on the contrary, a debilitated planet in the charts create troubles for the person.

Even The Exalted Planets Give Negative Outcomes In Some Conditions

However, it is seen that in many situations, even an exalted planet in the charts fails to deliver positive results. According to astrology experts, such a situation arises when a person does work opposite to the ones related to the exalted planets in the horoscope. So, even the exalted planet starts to give negative results.

It means that if a person’s deeds are not good then even an exalted planet can’t provide them with good results. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that a person ruins the auspicious outcomes of an exalted planet with their behavior or deeds. This leads to various problems in different aspects of the life of that person. In this situation, a person seeks astrological guidance from established astrologers to get rid of these problems. 

So, let’s find out in detail, which planet is exalted in which house of the horoscope.

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Planets Are Exalted In These Houses Of The Horoscope

S. No.PlanetExalted House
1SunAscendant, i.e. First House
2MoonSecond House
3RahuThird House
4JupiterFourth House
5MercurySixth House
6SaturnSeventh House
7KetuNinth House
8MarsTenth House
9VenusTwelfth House

Note: You must have noticed that no planet is exalted in the fifth, eighth, and the eleventh house.

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Performing These Exalted Planet-Related Tasks Give Negative Results

Sun: If a person with exalted Sun in the horoscope indulges in incest, tyranny, or illegal activities, misbehaves with high officials, father, or fatherly figure at the workplace, gets the negative outcomes of the Sun in life.

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Moon: If a person with an exalted moon disrespects his mother, paternal or maternal grandmother, then the positive effects of the moon are weakened. This may lead to negative outcomes in various aspects of life for such a native.

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Mars: If a person with strong Mars in the birth chart misbehaves with or betrays his friend, brother, or brother-like people in life then even the exalted Mars starts to give negative results. Such natives face the wrath of Mars throughout their life. 

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Mercury: If a person with exalted Mercury in the charts disrespects women, teachers, Gurus, study items, or hurts a cow, fails to attain the auspicious outcomes of Mercury. As such, this planet starts to give opposite results.

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Jupiter: If a person with exalted Jupiter in the charts disrespects a Brahmin, God-Goddess, elders of the family like grandfather or father, then this planet starts to deliver negative results.

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Venus: If a person with an exalted Venus in the charts hurts a cow, insults any woman or tortures her spouse, then Venus gives negative outcomes and creates trouble for such a native in life.

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Saturn: If a person with an exalted Saturn in the charts consumes meat or alcohol, hurts dogs, disrespects male family members like father or uncles, or slacks at work, then such a native faces inauspicious outcomes of Saturn.

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