Lord Kuber Showers 3 Zodiacs With Financial Prosperity!

In Vedic Astrology, 12 zodiac signs are described and each zodiac has a ruling planet or ruling lord. Apart from planets, the zodiacs are also blessed with God and Goddesses. Today, in this blog we are going to know about the three zodiacs who are extremely favorite of Lord Kuber. 

Also, before knowing about the zodiacs that are blessed by Lord Kuber, we are first going to know some interesting facts about the Lord of money.

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Who Is Lord Kuber? 

According to the Holy books of Hinduism, Lord Kuber is known as the lord of money. They provide happiness and wealth to a person and fill one’s life with immense wealth. It is believed that if someone is successful in impressing Lord Kuber, then they never face a shortage of money in their entire life. 

In the scriptures, Lord Kuber has also been called the head of the treasury and the king of heads. On the day of Dhanteras, Lord Kuber is worshiped with the hope that he will fill the homes of his devotees with happiness and wealth. So, let us now move ahead and know which 3 zodiac signs are blessed by Lord Kuber. 

These Three Are The Natural Favorites Of Lord Kuber 


The ruling lord of Taurus is Venus and this planet in itself is known as the planet of financial abundance and attractiveness. The natives of this zodiac are blessed by Lord Kuber. They will surely be successful in their life as well as work. Along with this, all the problems of their lives are resolved. The respect and honor in the society increases a lot and they are closest to everyone in the family. 

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The natives of the Cancer zodiac are loved by Lord Kuber too. The ruling lord of this zodiac is Moon and it is believed to be cool, calm, and friendly. The people of this zodiac are hard-working and achieve their goals after putting in a great amount of hard work and effort. They are capable of facing any kind of challenge. They get a full chance to earn a great amount of money in life. These natives are known to be successful in every aspect of life through their knowledge, intelligence, and talent. 

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Sagittarius is ruled by Lord Jupiter and it is the most favorite zodiac sign of Lord Kuber. The natives of Sagittarius are immersed in spirituality and this is the reason they are blessed especially by Lord Kuber. These people get happiness and prosperity in their lives along with this, they are hard-working in nature as well. 

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If you also want to get the blessings of Lord Kuber or impress him then the below listed remedies can be helpful for you. 

Remedies To Impress Lord Kuber 

With the help of the below-listed remedies, you can impress Lord Kuber and make your life happy and prosperous. 

  • Keep your locker or almirah filled with cash on the south or southwest wall of the house. Its door should open in the north. This direction is of Lord Kuber and the significance of the door opening in the north is that your locker will continuously be filled with money.
  • To increase the money, keep a mirror in front of the cash locker. You can see the image of your locker which will increase your possessions. 
  • Don’t take anything for free from anyone and don’t do anything for free for anyone. 
  • Offer a part of your income in charity, this will give you blessings of Goddess Laxmi and happiness – prosperity will come to your home. 
  • Give respect to the women in your family and believe them to be the form of Goddess Laxmi. 
  • Place a Kuber Yantra in your house and regularly worship it. This also enhances the prosperity of your house. 
  • Plant a Tulsi in your home and light a lamp of Ghee daily in front of the plant. With this, Goddess Laxmi will always reside in your house. 
  • Don’t keep chipped and broken utensils in your house.

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