The Second And Last Lunar Eclipse 2022 & Its Impact!

Welcome to AstroSage! Once again we are here to provide you with special details about the Second And The Last Lunar Eclipse of the year, whether it will have positive or negative influence on all the zodiac signs? Along with the timings of eclipse and Sutak Kaal. So let’s move ahead and collect important information about this eclipse.

The Second And Last Lunar Eclipse 2022

The second and last lunar eclipse of the year will occur on November 8, 2022, which is Kartik Purnima. Due to the fact that this lunar eclipse will occur 15 days after the solar eclipse on October 25, 2022, people are becoming more concerned. Astrologers believe that experiencing two eclipses on the same side or within 15 days of one another is a very bad omen. In light of this, there is fear among the populace that the nation and society are now going to confront some serious challenges.

The Second And Last Lunar Eclipse 2022: Eclipse And Sutak Period Timings

The year’s last eclipse will occur on Kartik Purnima, November 8, 2022. Sparshkal, the beginning of the lunar eclipse, will begin at 5:32 p.m, and last until 7:26 p.m. The Sutak period of this eclipse will begin exactly 12 hours before the eclipse.

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Visibility Of The Second And Last Lunar Eclipse 2022

The Panchang predicts that the lunar eclipse on November 8th will be a total lunar eclipse in 2022 and it can be visible in some states in India. On this day, there will be the occasion of Dev Deepawali. In such a case, several astrologers recommend celebrating Dev Deepawali the day before the eclipse. 

In addition to India, it can also be seen in Australia, other Asian regions, North-Eastern Europe, North America, most of South America, the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica and the Indian Ocean. From southern-western Europe and the African continent, there would be no visibility of the eclipse.

The Second And Last Lunar Eclipse 2022: Do’s And Don’ts During This Period

  • Pregnant women should take extra precautions and stay inside during their pregnancy.
  • Some families practice daylong meditation and the recitation of holy Mantras as a means of warding off demonic energies.
  • It is believed that during this period no Puja or other auspicious activities should be done.
  • In many houses, taking a bath before and after the eclipse is regarded to be beneficial.
  • Avoid engaging in sexual activity.
  • People should not step out of their house during the eclipse nor should they allow their kids to go out and play.

The Second And Last Lunar Eclipse 2022: Impact On All Zodiac Signs 


The second and the last lunar eclipse in 2022 could have a variety of effects on these natives, both good and bad. Sibling relationships may be impacted by a really special and lovable bond. In order to avoid becoming overly obstinate and domineering, control your temper. You can experience growths of energy and decide to take a number of risky steps in a business deal.


Taurus sign individuals are viewed as pillars of strength. They appear a little rough, and they occasionally exhibit stubborn behaviour. Taurus people make excellent leaders. Take advantage of this ability by engaging in a useful endeavour. Regarding finances and wealth, this second and last lunar eclipse 2022 will be favorable for you. Financially speaking, you’ll do well, but there’s a chance that you’ll encounter unexpected expenses. You might put off finishing a few unfinished tasks for an extended period of time. Refrain from using harsh language. Your loved ones and close friends can feel upset by it.


Gemini natives are renowned for their magnetic personalities, upbeat lifestyles, and unpredictable moods. According to experts, you might experience a number of unexpected issues, financial loss, or mental anguish during the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022. It could also cause disruption in your personal life. You’ll work at your peak at work, and you’ll be able to make changes that are productive.

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Cancer people have strong ambitions and inspiring personalities. During the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022, they might have a variety of ups and downs. Over the course of the entire year, you can experience an upbeat and positive impact. While some of you Cancer natives might have spiritual experiences, others might give in to loneliness. However, if you enjoy spending time alone, you might take pleasure in this part of the lunar eclipse in 2022. However, unforeseen problems like accidents or problems with one’s physical or mental health could occur.


Leo natives are exceptionally active and strong-willed people. You are calm, dependable, and trustworthy. During the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022, you could get emotional tension and unexpected difficulties in your life. This could occur as a result of misunderstandings with older siblings. Optimistic people might boast about their strength of character during this astronomical occurrence. The possibility of small financial losses is predicted.


People with Virgo birth signs are sympathetic and generous. During the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022, you will discover that your chances of achieving wealth and prosperity are favourable. There could be problems at work. You’ll think about work and maintaining a stable career all the time. But it might lead to disputes between you and your superiors.


People born under the sign of Libra are generally balanced and conservative. They might be impacted during the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022 by the irregular energy flow. When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t make rash decisions. Otherwise, it might have an impact on your physical health. You should take precautions to ensure that your tours and vacation plans won’t be impacted. You should put more of an emphasis on career planning and start using fresh tactics.


The people of the Scorpio sign are renowned for their passion. You could therefore stimulate interest in meditation and spirituality. During the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022, you might experience unforeseen feelings. You can experience anxiety and fatigue. Concerning your personal life, you shouldn’t worry too much.


Being a Sagittarius native, you are noble, brave, and honest. Due to unexpected events, you can witness various changes in your life. It’s important to stay active all the time. Additionally, broaden your social network by meeting new people. You shouldn’t count on your partner to assist you in any way, during the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022.


Capricorn sign individuals could sour relations with their siblings. Your interactions with your partner could be impacted by your problematic marriage relationships. During the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022, you’re probably going to be more modest when setting your long-term objective. You should also attempt to decrease your stress, both personally and professionally.


Aquarians are creative, progressive, and open-minded. You might be having a good time during the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022. You should concentrate and enhance your inner skills. With your loved ones, especially with children, you should act courteously. On the other hand, you could experience health problems, so pay attention to your fitness and health.


Pisces natives are recognised for their positive attitudes and abilities. However, if you have financial problems during the second and last lunar eclipse in 2022, your entire world could collapse. You can become confused as a result of your poor interactions or communications. To get closer to loved ones, you need to take the necessary actions. There is a possibility that a member of your family could experience health problems. You ought to approach life with optimism and rational thinking.

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