First Sankashti Chaturthi Of 2023: Learn Its Date, Muhurat, Significance & More!

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा॥


Vakratunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha 

Nirvighnam KuruMe Deva Sarva-Karyeshu Sarvada ||


Meaning: “O Lord Ganesha, who has a huge body, curved elephant trunk, and whose brilliance is equal to billions of Suns,

May you always remove all obstacles from my endeavors.”


In Hinduism, before we begin any auspicious task, we worship Lord Ganesha to invoke his blessings on us. It is believed religiously that if Lord Ganesha is worshiped with full devotion and faith, he blesses us with a smooth and worry-free life, and all our troubles end. 

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As per the Sanatan Dharma, Sankashti Chaturthi 2023 fast is observed on Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha every month. The day of Sankashti Chaturthi 2023 is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Since worshiping Lord Ganesha removes all the troubles from our lives, Sankashti Chaturthi is also known as the Chaturthi that removes troubles. Out of these twelve Sankashti Chaturthi, there are some very important ones, one of which is Sankashti Chaturthi of the month of Magh. This Sankashti Chaturthi is also known as Til Chaturthi, Tilkuta Chaturthi, Vakratunda Chaturthi, etc. According to Puranas, worshiping Lord Shri Ganesha on the day of Chaturthi is very fruitful. With this blog by AstroSage, let us learn its significance, Pooja Vidhi, mythological story, and all the other details about Sankashti Chaturthi 2023.

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Date & Time of Sankashti Chaturthi 2023

According to the Hindu Panchang, the Sankashti Chaturthi fast of Magh month will be observed on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023, and since this Sankashti Chaturthi is falling on a Tuesday, it will also be called Angarki Chaturthi.

Start of the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi of Magh: January 10th, 2023, from 12:13 pm

Start of the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi of Magh: January 11th, 2023, till 2:35 pm

According to the Udaya Tithi, the fast of Sankashti Chaturthi will be observed on 10th October. This fast can be completed only after offering Arghya to the Moon at night, and the time of Moonrise on this day is at 8:41 pm.

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The Significance of Sankashti Chaturthi

The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi is observed mainly in western and southern India, especially in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. As per the Shiv Puran, observing the fast of Sankashti Chaturthi on Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of every month and worshiping Lord Ganesha on this day with complete devotion and correct rituals destroys every last sin ever committed, knowingly or unknowingly, along with the blessings and best fruit in the form of enjoyment for one Paksha. Women observe Nirjala fast on this day praying for the long life and bright future of their children.

Pooja Vidhi of Sankashti Chaturthi 

  • Wake up before sunrise on this day, take a shower, wear clean clothes, and pledge to observe the fast.
  • People observing this fast should wear red colored clothes as it is considered to be very auspicious. It is also said that fasting is successful if you wear red on this day.
  • Make sure to face the eastern or the northern direction while worshiping Lord Ganesha.
  • Decorate the idol of Lord Ganesha with flowers and garlands.
  • While worshiping Lord Ganesha, keep banana or coconut as Prasad, along with water in a copper urn with sesame seeds, jaggery, Dhoop, sandalwood, Laddoos, and flowers.
  • Apply Roli to Lord Ganesh, and offer flowers and water along with Laddoo made of sesame seeds and Modaks.
  • Chant this Mantra after lighting a Dhoop and a lamp in front of Lord Ganesha–

गजाननं भूत गणादि सेवितं, कपित्थ जम्बू फल चारू भक्षणम्।

उमासुतं शोक विनाशकारकम्, नमामि विघ्नेश्वर पाद पंकजम्।।


Gajananam Bhuuta Gannaadi Sevitam,

Kapittha Jambuu Phala Chaaru Bhakssitam!

UmaaSutam Shoka VinaashaKaarkam,

Namaami Vighneshvara Paada Pangkajam!!

  • Worship Lord Ganesha by reciting Sankashti Vrat Katha before the moonrise in the evening.
  • After the Puja is over, distribute the Prasad to everyone. The fast is completed and broken after seeing the Moon at night. And hence, the fast of Sankashti Chaturthi is completed.

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Perform These Tasks On The Sankashti Chaturthi 2023

  • Make sure to offer 11 or 21 jaggery Ladoo to Lord Ganesha on this day.
  • Lord Ganesha has been rewarded with the title of “Vighnaharta,” which means ‘the one who removes the obstacles’ from our lives, and the God who completes all the tasks. On the day of Sankashti Chaturthi, meditate while chanting the 12 names or 21 names or 101 names of Lord Ganapati.
  • Recite Sankatnashan Ganesh Stotra 11 times if your work has been stuck for a long time.
  • Chant these Mantras of Lord Ganesha on Sankashti Chaturthi:
  1. ॐ गं गणपतये नम:।

Om Gam Ganapatayai Namah!

  1. ॐ वक्रतुण्डाय हुं।

Om Vakratundaya Hun!

  1. ॐ मेघोत्काय स्वाहा।
    Om Meghotkaya Swaha!
  2. ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं गं गणपतये वर वरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानय स्वाहा।

Om Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapatayai Var Varad Sarvajanam Mai Vashamanay Swah!

  1. ॐ नमो हेरम्ब मद मोहित मम् संकटान निवारय-निवारय स्वाहा।

Om Namo Heramba Mad Mohit Mam Sankatana Nivaraya-Nivaraya Swaha!

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Avoid Doing These Tasks On Sankashti Chaturthi 2023

  • Do not use Tulsi leaves while worshiping Lord Ganesha even by mistake on the day of Angaraki Chaturthi, that is, on Sankashti Chaturthi as it is considered inauspicious to do so.
  • Do not harm any animal or bird on this day. Instead, try to feed them and take care of them.
  • Do not disrespect or misbehave with anyone on this day.
  • Do not consume food items like meat and alcohol on this day, only eat Satvik food.

The Mythological Story Of Magh Sankashti Chaturthi

As per the mythological stories, one day, Goddess Parvati went for a bath and made Lord Ganesha stand at the door. She told Lord Ganesha not to go anywhere until she comes back. Bal Ganesha started guarding outside of the bathhouse. That was when Lord Shiva came looking for Goddess Parvati for some important work, he reached the bathhouse where Bal Ganesha stopped him from entering inside. Lord Shiva tried to persuade Bal Ganesha, but Lord Ganesha did not listen to him. 

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Lord Ganesha told him, “It is Mother’s orders that no one can go inside until she comes back.” Upon hearing it, Lord Shiva got angry and severed the head of Lord Ganesha by striking him with his Trishula. Hearing Lord Ganesha’s screams Goddess Parvati came out of the bathhouse and started crying upon witnessing her son’s dead body in front of her. 

The Devlok was in chaos. Lord Shiva realized his mistake and Goddess Parvati demanded her son be brought back to life. Upon hearing a mother’s cry, Lord Vishnu fulfilled her wish, when the head of Airavat, who was sitting in the north direction, separated his torso and was put on Lord Ganesha’s body. This revived Lord Ganesha.

It is believed that the tradition of offering Arghya to the Moon started on the day the severed head of Lord Ganesha fell on the Moon. It is very auspicious to offer Arghya to the Moon on the eve of Sankashti Chaturthi. The fast of Sakat Chauth is observed by women for the long life and prosperity of their children. 

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