Diwali 2022 Soon: These Zodiac-Wise Remedies Will Appease Maa Laxmi!

Diwali is a festival which is observed by people in celebration of the triumph of good over evil. This is primarily observed with great zeal and respectful worship by Hindus. However, this festival of zeal and goodness transcends national and religious boundaries. In addition to Hindus, followers of the Sikh, Buddhist, and Jain faiths also celebrate Diwali. In addition to India, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Fiji, Singapore, and Mauritius also celebrate the Diwali festival.  

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a time when millions of Hindus, throughout the globe celebrate the victory of good over evil through lovely rituals like festive lighting, fireworks, delicious treats, and family get-togethers. Through this blog on Diwali 2022, you will explore the mythology, culture, and rituals surrounding Diwali to learn how it is observed and how you may join in the enchanted celebrations. In this blog, we’ll look at answers to common questions regarding the Laxmi Puja and different measures to gain prosperity and happiness during this special occasion.

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Diwali 2022 is known as the “festival of lights” because people burn oil lamps and decorate their houses and cities with glittering lights to represent the triumph of light over darkness. There are many Hindus who celebrate Diwali, but the five-day celebration is also observed by members of different religions in India and beyond. In spite of the fact that Diwali is steeped in religious heritage, it has also evolved into a secular event in India. For some, it also coincides with harvest and new year celebrations.

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Diwali Festivities 2022

Diwali is a five day festival. However, due to special coincidences, this year Diwali will be celebrated for three days.

First DayDhanteras23rd October, 2022Sunday
Second DayNaraka Chaturdashi24th October, 2022Monday
Third DayDiwali24th October, 2022Monday
Fourth DayGovardhan Pooja26th October, 2022Wednesday
Fifth DayBhai Dooj26th October, 2022Wednesday
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Diwali 2022 Pooja Rituals

Deepavali Pooja is performed, before the Sun sets over the gloomy Amavasya night. Religious scholars and pundits choose the precise time for this Puja, which is published in newspapers the day before Diwali. Ganesh and Lakshmi idols, Kalash, Roli, Mouli, coins, rice, Kumkum for the Tilak, betel leaves and betel nuts, incense sticks, camphor, flowers, and garlands are needed to perform the traditional Pooja. Fruits and sweets are necessary for prasad and offerings.

A tidy, clean home that is lit by candles and Diyas before the puja is necessary to welcome Goddess Laxmi and keep away evil spirits. To mark the long-awaited arrival of Goddess Lakshmi, rangolis and tiny footprints are also painted at the entryway using rice flour and vermilion. Oil lamps are kept glowing all night to guide Lakshmi following her secret arrival at night.

“vakratuṇḍa mahākāya sūryakoṭi samaprabha।nirvighnaṃ kuru me deva sarvakāryeṣu sarvadā॥”

It means: 

My Lord, having a thin trunk, a large physique, and a vast intellect like a million suns, grant me to accomplish all of my work without difficulty.

Starting every Pooja with Shri Ganesha’s name is said to be fortunate, and the same is true with Laxmi Pujan. The idols are placed on a platform and given a ceremonial bath. Aarti, a devotional hymn, is sung, and prasad is distributed to everyone present. Every family performs this Puja in an effort to win the favor of the Gods, who will then bestow wealth and wellbeing upon them. The firecrackers can be burst only after performing the Puja ritual.

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It should be noted that this Puja involves the combined worship of five deities. First worship is offered to Lord Ganesha. All three of Ma Lakshmi’s forms—Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Mahasaraswati, the goddess of learning, and Mahakali—are worshiped. Lord Kuber, the Treasurer of Gods, is another god worshiped on Diwali.

Diwali 2022: Effective Remedies To Please Maa Laxmi

  • If your work is consistently worsening, then on the day of Diwali, prepare roti and cut four equal pieces of bread; then, feed the first half to the cow, the second to the black dog, and the third to the crow. Put one last piece at the crossroads after feeding. You’ll be able to solve problems and reap a lot of rewards from doing this.
  • In addition, you should feed a married woman at home on the day of Diwali. You’ll obtain Maa Lakshmi’s blessings by doing this. In addition to this, you will also be blessed with happiness.
  • On the day of Diwali, you should offer uncooked grains of gramme to the goddess Lakshmi. Then, offer it to the Peepal tree. The goddess is pleased by this and bestows her blessings.
  • On the day of Diwali, you can also offer black turmeric to the goddess Lakshmi. After that, keep it in your home’s vault and office to maintain the blessing on it. There will also be financial gains.
  • In addition, on the day of Diwali, fill any silver, copper, or steel containers with water and place them in the northeast corner of the home. This will help to alleviate the impending financial crisis in the home. Maa Lakshmi will also be happy.

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Diwali 2022: Laxmi Puja According To The Zodiac Signs

If you worship Lakshmi during the Diwali festival while considering your zodiac sign, then the happiness and prosperity of the family will last, and the financial situation will be favorable.

Aries: The planet Mars is the ruler of this zodiac, therefore if you wish to appease Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali, offer her some red flowers and recite the Lakshmi Stotra. It will be advantageous for you even if you worship Hanuman ji on this day.

Taurus: The lord of Taurus is regarded as Venus. As a result, anyone born under this sign should worship Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali and recite the Mantra:  “Om Mahalakshmyai Namah”.

Gemini: Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini, thus if you worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali and offer Modak in the bhog, then you will be wealthy.

Cancer: The Moon rules Cancer, so if you offer lotus flowers to Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali, the road to success will open up for you.

Leo: The Sun is considered as Leo’s ruling planet. Install a fresh Lakshmi-Ganesh idol on a spotless post on the day of Diwali, cover the temple with a red cloth, and offer your prayers to the idol.

Virgo: Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, anyone born under the sign of Virgo should offer Kheer and Lotus flowers to the goddess Lakshmi if they intend to start a new job.

Libra: Venus rules those born under the sign of Libra. You should dress the goddess in red on the day of Diwali and offer red flowers to Goddess Lakshmi. Without a doubt, you’ll make money. Your marital life will also be happy with the help of this remedy.

Scorpio: Mars rules this zodiac, thus if you offer red vermilion to Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali, your future will be prosperous.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is considered as the planet that rules this sign. You will undoubtedly benefit and money will keep coming if you offer a white lotus to Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali.

Capricorn: You can appease Goddess Lakshmi by lighting a mustard oil lamp in front of her on the day of Diwali since Saturn is believed to be the lord of Capricorn. In your life, you’ll have joy and success.

Aquarius: On the day of Diwali, if Aquarians offer the goddess Lakshmi anything made of white metal, such as silver, many favorable changes will take place in your life.

Pisces: Jupiter is the planet that rules Pisces, and your married life will be satisfying if you offer Lal Chunari to Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali.

Astrological Vastu Tips For Diwali 2022

  • The northeast corner of a house or workplace is regarded as being the most significant area in Vastu Shastra. This angle is the home of God. Therefore, carefully clean this area of the house before Dhanteras or Diwali.
  • Keep in mind that you should not store any dirty or unnecessary items in the northeast. Goddess Lakshmi becomes angry and leaves the house without bestowing any blessings as a result. Keep the northeast corner tidy to avoid this happening.
  • Along with this, the cleanliness of the Brahma area of the house is also given significant importance. Vastu Shastra also describes this location as fruitful. Therefore, before Diwali, clean the Brahmasthan and make sure there is no huge furniture or useless Vaastu.
  • Additionally, according to Vastu Shastra, it is crucial to keep the east side of the house clean. This ensures that there is constant positive energy flow within the family. Therefore, thoroughly clean this direction before worshiping on the day of Dhanteras. Goddess Lakshmi is very pleased and always bestows her blessings on the devotees for maintaining the cleanliness and purity of all these areas.

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