Colour Astrology: Which Is Your Power Colour Per Your Zodiac?

Colour Astrology: Many of you wouldn’t know but the colours in our lives and in our surroundings play a vital role. For example, yellow is the colour associated with glory and it is on records that it has always stood by its power. As you look around, there are colours everywhere but which is the one that resonates with your soul? Which is your power colour? So, if you don’t know, power colours are the colours that can enhance your energy, confidence and personality as per your zodiac sign. As the colours already play a significant role in our day-to-day life but the colour that you may resonate to or feel empowered with speaks a lot about your personality and energy.  

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Welcome to this another yet special blog by AstroSage where we are going to be talking about your power colour as per your zodiac. But before anything, it is very important to know what Color Astrology actually is? 

Colour Astrology

So, have you ever felt a different kind of connection or energy towards a special colour? According to the Vedic Astrology, each zodiac sign, celestial influences or say, planets are linked to a special colour that is believed to enhance or balance its inherent qualities. It is believed that certain colours can resonate with the energies of the planets and signs, influencing various aspects of life such as personality traits, emotions and even luck.

Colour Astrology is often used in various practices such as colour therapy, where specific colours are employed to promote healing and balance based on an individual’s astrological chart. It is said that by incorporating the right colours into the surroundings, attire, or even diet,  one can align themselves more harmoniously with the cosmic world. As we move forwards, we are going to reveal which power colour matches with your inner energy and your soul. So, stay tuned till the end! 

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Colour Astrology: Power Colours Based On The Zodiac Signs


Aries is the first zodiac sign which is known as the fiery and adventurous soul. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and the colour red and dark red is considered to be the best colour of this zodiac sign. Red is the colour of energy, mobility, aggressiveness and purity which is the best for the Aries natives and apart from the colour red, the colours like white and yellow are also lucky for the natives. 


Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus and the natives find profitability in the colour that belongs to earthy tones like green, brown and the pastel shades, like pink and white. Also, the colour green is considered the best for the Taurus natives. 


Gemini is the zodiac sign and it is airy and dual in nature which is ruled by the planet Mercury. The Gemini natives are best known for their communication skills and their liveliness, that’s why the colour yellow and its lighter tone, green, pink and white are their power colours.

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Ruled by Moon, Cancer is a watery as well as a movable sign. The Cancer natives are deeply connected to emotions and intuition, so the colours that are calming in nature, like white or blue are extremely favourable for the natives as they resonate the best with the nurturing and empathetic behaviour of the Cancer natives. 


Leo is a fiery and a fixed sign which is ruled by the Sun, the Leo native natives are best known for their confidence, charisma and an amazing presence. So,the colours like yellow, gold and orange suit their personality the best and are fruitful for them. 


Virgo is an earth sign and it is ruled by the planet Mercury and it embraces perfectionism, diligence, attention to detail. So, the colours that are grounded in nature will suit the natives the best, like; green, yellow, and white colour. 

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Ruled by Venus, Librat natives are best known for their aesthetics, and their love for beauty. So, the colours such white, shades of blue or any other calming bright colour can sit well with them. 


Best known for their destruction and transformation, Scorpio is ruled by the planets, Mars and Pluto. Dark shades of colours are best made of Scorpio natives like; red, shades of brown and even black. 


The zodiac, best known for their adventurous, optimistic and philosophical nature, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The colours like purple, lavender, dark yellow and orange will suit and enhance their creative energy. 

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The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn and the natives are popular for their values, disciplines, and ambition, so the colours like brown, khaki, orange and green can be really good for them. 


Aquarius natives are best associated with independence, and their humanity so the colours that represent a pure, and unconventional will be best for them like blue, silver, aqua or lavender. 


The Pisces natives share a deep connection with the imagination and their intuition and their zodiac is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Now, the colours which can enhance their artistic and empathetic nature will be best for them like sea green, violet, yellow or lighter shades of orange. 

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