Vidur Niti: Ten Rules Of Life To Win Every Battle!

Vidur Niti: A person learns how to recognise a human being from Vidur Niti. Vidur described the kind of person to whom one should always be alert. Otherwise, he might be forced to suffer significant losses. 

Today in this blog by AstroSage, you will learn some of the best advice of Vidur Niti which can help you in overcoming all your fears in life and win every battle no matter how hard it is. These ten tips will help you and guide you to the right path and make your life easy and happy. Before moving ahead, let’s know about Vidur and why he was considered the most skilled and wisest politician?

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Vidur Niti: Vidur The Character Of Mahabharat

In the Mahabharata, Vidur, the uncle of the Kauravas and Pandavas, was regarded as being extremely smart. His love of justice and academic knowledge were once respected even by his adversaries. Mahatma Vidur was Dasi’s son, yet he was nonetheless chosen to lead Hastinapur as its prime minister. Additionally, he served as Maharaja Yudhishthira’s counselor. Maharaja used to consult Vidur before making any significant choices. 

The dialogues and discussions between Maharaja Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur and Mahatma Vidur are collected in Vidur Niti. He was the first to foresee the outcome of the Mahabharata, and Maharaja Dhritarashtra also said that this conflict would have a horrible outcome. Because of this, Mahatma Vidur had repeatedly appealed to Maharaja Dhritarashtra to put a stop to this battle. 

Furthermore, he made an effort to spread awareness of his policies during the Mahabharata. By following his advice, one can succeed in life. He has offered some very straightforward advice on how to live well which simplifies it to live and move forward in life. Check out Vidur’s policy and see what it says.

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Vidur Niti: The Life Changing Lessons By Vidura

In his policies, Vidur makes it clear that one should never put their trust in these types of people because doing so could result in a significant loss. 

  • When Maharaja Dhritarashtra questioned Vidura regarding the personality of a person who criticizes others! Then Vidur ji stated that those who criticize others in front of you also condemn you at your back. Such individuals cannot be anyone’s relatives or well-wishers. These people are not worthy of your trust.
  • When someone criticizes another person, the relationship becomes tense or suspicious. By stirring up conflict among the people, they want to gain power. Such people are neither liked by others nor do they have the respect of society.
  • According to Vidur Ji, the individual who repeatedly tests the loyalty of his close friends and family members. You shouldn’t put your trust in such people.
  • The three gates to hell are action, rage, and greed. These three are the soul-destructors. Therefore, avoid them at all costs.
  • Someone who avoids bad behavior and performs good deeds. He is known as a Pundit.

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  • These people are referred to as Knowledgeable and down to earth personalities, who never boast and treat others badly when respected by others and don’t lose their temper when they get disrespected.
  • It’s important to give any task careful thought before beginning it. The work that was done halfheartedly remains incomplete. You will only achieve your task or goal if you do it whole-heartedly.
  • Those who have a lack of control on their mind, they can never be successful. So, one should know how to control their minds and thoughts in order to live a successful and peaceful life.
  • Never offer your money to someone whose objectives raise suspicions in you. Such a person will waste your money and put you in danger.
  • A person who can forgive, even when they are powerful and can give even when he himself is in need gains entrance to paradise.
  • One who is constantly ill, he doesn’t only lose his body, but he also loses money. Therefore, being disease-free and healthy is equal to thousands of blessings. Always value it and be grateful to it.

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