Teacher’s Day Special: Know The Significance & Astrological Yogas That Can Make You A Successful Teacher

The existence of a relationship between a teacher and a student is extremely important in everybody’s life. Here, we are not only talking about the teachers of schools or university professors but also about those who show us the path of success and make us understand the significance of life.

Even, the entire life is short to thank a teacher for the knowledge imparted by him or her. Every year, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 05, the day considered as a mark of respect and reverence for teachers. On this day, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of our country, was born. Let us know some astrological facts and yogas present in the horoscope that help a person in becoming a teacher.

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As per Indian religious scriptures, the emergence of Pancha Maha-Shakti in the form of Adhistatri Go, Ganga, Gayatri, Gauri, Geeta is for the creation and progress of the world and the words like Guru and Gyan have the letter ‘G’ in the beginning. This letter has given divine light to the entire universe. Gaining knowledge and living with its application is considered to be one of the most important aspects between a teacher and a student.

In Indian culture, a teacher is placed equal to that of a Mother, Father, Guru and worshipped like Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The teacher who imparts knowledge has always enjoyed reverence and respect. In reality, the association of a teacher is with Lord Jupiter, who is the ocean of knowledge and present in the form of a Guru, i.e. a Teacher in the human world. 

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A teacher is someone who imparts knowledge while a student is someone who gains knowledge. A teacher is someone who does not impart only bookish knowledge but also is the architect of a student’s life.  In India, on September 05, Teacher’s Day is celebrated in schools, universities with great pomp and show. Also, tribute is paid to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of our country on the same day.

How Is A Teacher and The Planet Jupiter Related?

In Indian astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered to be highly auspicious, imparter of knowledge and a friend of mankind. Jupiter is known as the Guru of the Gods and popularly hailed as ‘Dev Guru’. If the same planet is placed strongly in the centre of birth chart, then one becomes free from all malefic effects and is blessed with impeccable knowledge. Therefore, the position of Jupiter in one’s horoscope plays a very important role.   

For example, In the horoscope of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the master of philosophy, the planet Jupiter is in the fourth house and fully aspecting the house of Karma. The planet Jupiter being in the Kendra House has made him an all-time representative of teachers and even today, his birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

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If Jupiter is auspicious and potent in the kundli or there is a formation of Gajakesari Yoga because of the same planet or a presence of Panchamaha Purush, then a person enters in the realm of education. Teachers are considered an important part of the teaching process. Teaching process can not function successfully without a teacher. Ordinarily, a good teacher must have the following qualities.

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Four Basic Qualities of a Good Teacher

  • Teaching Abilities
  • Professional Qualities
  • Personality-related Qualities
  • Establishment Of A Relationship

Astrological Yogas That Make One A Commendable Teacher

It is extremely important to have a strong presence of Jupiter and Mercury in the horoscope to attain success in the field of education. Jupiter is considered as the ocean of knowledge and Mercury is the master of intellect. If these two planets in the horoscope are favourably placed and creating either conjunction or giving an aspect to the house of ascendant, wealth, knowledge, diseases and illnesses, then a person attains success in the field of education.

  1. A person has the quality of a teacher if a strong Panchmesh or fifth house lord is positioned in fifth place or in the Kendra house.
  2. If Mercury is placed either in its own sign or in Leo, and Budhaditya Yoga is forming in the fifth house (Pancham Bhav), then the person becomes an influential teacher.
  3. If Panchmesh or fifth house lord is in the fifth house and the combination of Jupiter and Mercury is in the eleventh house (Ekadash Bhav), then a person becomes a teacher in a school or a professor in a university.
  4. If Mercury and Jupiter are positioned in the seventh or tenth house and the Sun is in the second house, then a native becomes a teacher. 
  5. If Venus is in the seventh house, Sun in the fifth house and Jupiter in the tenth house, then a native becomes a teacher by profession.

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  1. If there is a presence of Hans Yoga, Bhadra Yoga in the horoscope, then the person attains perfection in the field of education.
  2. The position of Jupiter and Mercury in the Kendra and their conjunction and aspect with each other makes a native a successful teacher.
  3. As per the Phaladeepika, if Jupiter is the lord of Navmansh (ninth house lord) of the Dashmansh (tenth house lord) in the birth chart, then a person makes his/her career in the field of teaching.
  4. If there is a relationship between Jupiter and Mercury with the Lagnesh, Panchmesh and Dashmesh from the Lagna and Moon Chart, then a person earns his living through teaching jobs.
  5. If there is an association of Jupiter and Mercury with the Sun in the second house, fifth house, ninth house and tenth house, then a person is successful in working in the profession of teaching in government institutions.  
  6. If Gaj Kesari Yoga is in the horoscope and its relation is formed with the house of money, fifth house or tenth house, then a person attains success in the field of education.

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