Tuberculosis: Discover the Astrological Reasons and Remedies for T.B.

Tuberculosis or T.B. is an infectious disease that generally affects the lungs, but sometimes can even spread to other organs like skin, bones, intestines, and so on. The scientific reason behind this infection is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTB) bacteria that transmits aerially (through the air), enters our lungs as we breathe, and then spreads to the various parts of our body through our blood. However, sometimes, certain planetary positions, placements, and conjunctions, etc. can also be the reason behind a native being infected by this disease. We will be discussing such astrological reasons and possible remedies with this blog today. Let us learn about the Astrological Reasons and Remedies of T.B.

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Astrological Reasons of TB

  • Conjunction of Mercury with Malefic Planets in Cancer Sign

If Mercury is posited in the zodiac sign Cancer in a native’s birth chart, and a malefic planet like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, or Mars is aspecting it; then such a person can often become infected with TB, i.e., Tuberculosis. In the same vein, if Mercury, posited in Cancer, is in conjunction with any of these inauspicious planets, then too, a person can suffer from TB.

  • Placement of First Lord and Venus in The Unlucky Trio Houses

According to a native’s birth chart, if the Lord of the first house and the planet Venus are posited in any of the unlucky trio houses, i.e., sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses, together or separately, then too, such a person can become a TB patient in his/her lifetime.

  • Positions of Mars and Saturn, and The Sun

As per astrology, if a person has the unfavorable planets Mars and Saturn in the tenth house and the Sun in either of the first, fourth, or eighth houses in his/her birth chart, then such a person may come down with tuberculosis. This is because, in Vedic Astrology, the  first, fourth, and eighth houses in one’s kundli signifies their confidence, chest related problems and diseases, and longevity, respectively.

  • Planets Mars and Moon and Aspect of First Lord on Them

The sixth and eighth houses in our birth chart are known as the significator of diseases, fear, and longevity. Therefore, if a person has the planets Mars and Moon in these two houses, and if the Lord of the first house, i.e., the Ascendant Lord is aspecting them, then such a person will probably be a patient of tuberculosis.

  • Aspect of Mars and Saturn on Ascendant House

In a native’s birth chart, if the malefic planets Mars and Saturn are aspecting first house, i.e., the ascendant, then such planetary positions can result in the person coming down with TB in their lifetime. The chances of the disease are higher especially if the ascendant house pertains to the water element. The ascendant house is known as the house of self and aspect of any malefic planet on it results in the native getting ill.

  • Placement of Rahu and Mars According to Karakamsha Lagna

If Mars is present in the fourth house from the Karakamsha Lagna, and Rahu is present in the twelfth, then such planetary position means that the native will suffer from tuberculosis.

  • Position of Saturn, Rahu, and the First House Lord

As per Vedic Astrology, if a person has Saturn in the angular house, Rahu (Dragon’s Head) in the sixth house, and the Lord of the ascendant posited in the seventh house in a weak state; then such planetary placements result in the native getting infected with TB.

  • Moon, Mandi, Rahu, and First Lord in Various Houses

A person can often found to be suffering from TB or tuberculosis if he/she has the following planets in given conjunctions and positions. The conjunction of the Moon and Mandi in any house, Rahu in the sixth house, and Lord of the first house posited in the eighth house can often be the astrological reason behind this disease.

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Astrological Remedies for TB

  • If a person meditates regularly, he/she will have the ability to fight the disease in its initial stages.
  • Get a half-moon made of silver and wear it around your neck. This will be beneficial in fighting with tuberculosis.
  • Discover the placement of Ascendant Lord in your birth chart and strengthen it with remedies. Wearing the gemstone related to your ascendant lord will also prove to be favorable.
  • Take special care and keep cleanliness around you.

In addition to these astrological remedies, Science has a solution for this disease as well. Parents should get their baby the TB vaccination one month after birth. In addition to this, avoid smoking and drinking to stay safe from this disease and eat a healthy diet with the necessary amount of proteins in it. Also, keep your mouth covered while coughing or sneezing. If we make the proper use of science as well as astrology, we will be successful in getting rid of this disease easily.

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