Monthly Horoscope April 2024: What Kind Of Results Are Awaiting For The Taurus Natives?

Monthly Horoscope April 2024: AstroSage has once again brought to you the Monthly Horoscope from April 2024, especially for the Taurus natives. We sincerely anticipate that after knowing about the results that await them, the natives will plan or strategize for the month likewise. Through this April 2024 horoscope, the Taurus natives will be able to guess the do’s and don’ts to enhance the results in April and make the month even better. By doing so, they will be able to give the right direction to their life.  

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Monthly Horoscope April 2024: Planetary Transits 

If we talk in brief about the planetary transits of the month of April, then the Sun will stay in your profit house till the 13th April. After that, the Sun will move to your twelfth house. This means that till 13th April, the outcomes will be in your favor but after the change in the Sun’s position, you may get weaker results comparatively. At the same time, if we talk about the Mars transit, then it will stay in your tenth house till 23rd April, and after this, it will move to your profit house. Meaning, that you may get mixed results till 23rd April however after that, the results will mostly be in your favor.  

Mercury will be in your twelfth house till 9th April, after this, will retrograde and move to your house of profit once again which means that till 9th April, Mercury may stay weak however post that, it will give amazing results to you. Jupiter will stay in the twelfth house like the previous month but what’s special is that till the 17th of April, it will be under the influence of the constellation of Venus while after the 17th, it will move to the constellation of Sun. In such circumstances, Jupiter may give you mixed results. And, on top of that, the time before 17th April would be better. Talking about the Venus transit, from the beginning of the month till 25th April, it will stay in your house of profit while after this, the planet will move to your twelfth house. So, Venus in general will give you favorable results in general. 

Saturn will stay in your tenth house like the last month but the speciality in this month is that till 6th April, it will be in the constellation of Rahu which means that Saturn can give you mixed results. If we talk about Rahu, then it will stay in your house of profit and in the constellation of Jupiter like last month. In such a situation, Rahu may give you average results. Ketu will also remain in the fifth house like the last month and in the constellation of Moon which means that it may also give you mixed results. Come, let’s discover what kind of overall results these planetary transits have on the lives of the Taurus natives in the month of April. 

Monthly Horoscope April 2024: For The Taurus Natives 

About Career 

The position of the ruling lord of your career house, Saturn, is somewhat mixed. Therefore, even though you may have to work extra hard, you will be successful in accomplishing your goal. Although employed people will not be able to get support from their superiors and some opponents may also become active internally, still they will get success if they work towards their goals with dedication. From the business perspective as well, April may be somewhat weak for you. Therefore,  it would be wise to refrain from taking a major business-related decision. 

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About Financial Situation 

In financial matters, the month of April can be a lot in favor of the natives. Especially in matters related to profit which means income. The lord of your ascendant house or your zodiac, Venus will be present in the house of profit in an exalted state till 25th April. This position is ideal to make profit. Till 13th April, even the Sun will be in your support to make profits. Rahu is also indicating towards benefiting you with profits but the lord of your savings may be slightly vulnerable this month. Nevertheless, after the 9th April, even Mercury will want you to make profits but it may not be able to support you in terms of savings. To conclude, we can say that for the matter of income, this time will be ideal but from the point of view of savings, the month may not be in your favor. 

About Health 

From the point of health, this month will give you favorable results to a great extent. The lord of your ascendant house or the ruling lord of your zodiac, Venus, who is also the lord of your sixth house, will stay in your house of profit till 25th April and will try to keep you healthy and fit. However, till 23rd April, Mars will aspect your fourth house which may indicate bruises or cuts. Therefore, you should carefully drive your vehicle and apart from this, most of the time your health will be good. 

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About Education 

From the education point of view, this month may not produce the best results for you and get on the weaker end, especially in the second part of the month. In the first half of the month, you will get the results as per your hard work and dedication but after 13th April, you may get distracted from your studies. You may give more time to entertainment and traveling than studies. Then, as a result, you may get to experience certain problems related to your education which means that in the month of April, the students need to relatively work harder than ever before. 

About Love And Marriage 

In matters of love affairs, the month of April may get slightly weak for you, mainly the time of the 9th April, it may get relatively weaker for you. After 9th April, the lord of your ninth house, Mercury will be in a debilitated form but while staying in your house of profit, it will aspect your fifth house. In such circumstances, if you maintain patience and sweetness in your communication with your partner then you will get rid of small problems that may come in your love life. At the same time, this month may give slightly weak results in marital matters. Mars, the lord of your seventh house, will be with Saturn till 23rd April which can give weak results in marriage and marital matters.

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About Household And Family 

In familial matters, the month of April may give weaker results because the ruling lord of your second house, Mercury will stay in your twelfth house till the 9th April which may give you weak results. After 9th March, Mercury will move back to Pisces which is a debilitating sign for the planet. Therefore, due to being in a profit house, some good things will happen because it’s in a debilitating state. That’s why, the results can be weak, which means that the results can be mixed.  On the other hand, In household matters, the influence of Saturn and Mars may give weak results till 23rd April. Later, the weakness of the lord of your fourth house may cause some problems. This means the month of April may remain somewhat weak for household and family matters.

Monthly Horoscope April 2024: Remedies For The Taurus Natives 

  • Recite Ganpati Atharvashirsha regularly. 
  • Regularly wake up before sunrise and after taking bath etc., offer water mixed with kumkum to the Lord Sun. 
  • Seek blessings from childless people while serving them. 

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