Avoid Doing These Tasks on Tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, but according to Vedic Astrology, this day is dedicated to planet Mars, the commander-in-chief of all the planets. Mars is the benefactor of strength, courage, brotherhood, property, etc., in a person’s horoscope. A person with a weak position of Mars in their horoscope may be encircled by enemies, and have strained relations with brothers, etc. Weak Mars in the chart also causes numerous diseases like blood-related problems, leprosy, cancer, etc.

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This is why the natives need to pay heed to the tasks they perform on Tuesday, or else it angers Lord Mars, and he gives unfavourable fruits. In this blog, we will enlighten you about the activities that you should refrain from performing on Tuesday for a blissful life.

Avoid Doing These Tasks on Tuesday

  • Do not lend or borrow money from anyone on Tuesday. This angers Lord Mars, and the financial condition of such natives deteriorates.
  • Refrain from wearing black clothes on Tuesday, as it has unfavourable impact on the life of the natives. Try to wear red or copper-shaded clothes on this day.

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  • Performing land-related activities is also prohibited on Tuesday. One must never purchase land or perform Bhoomi Pujan on this day as it makes Lord Mars furious.
  • Never cut hair or beard on Tuesday as it decreases your lifespan.
  • Do not buy glass utensils or gift any glass items to anyone on Tuesday as it weakens the position of Mars in the horoscope.
  • Do not buy makeup items on Tuesday as it angers Lord Hanuman and creates discord and disruption in the married life of the natives.
  • Never offer sweets made of milk to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Always offer him sweets made of gram flour (Besan).

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