Tarot Horoscope 25 June-1 July: 4 Zodiacs Will Be Lucky This Week!

Are you looking to know what lies for you in the coming week? Tarot Reading is one of the popular methods to predict your future better through a weekly horoscope. The facts in the Tarot cards will help individuals take the right decisions related to activities and also prepare the necessary mindset. 

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There is a link between the Tarot Cards & horoscope and there are specific cards for different zodiacs. Time keeps changing and one needs to be aware of things that lie in the week to make the right movements. The special AstroSage blog highlights the lucky zodiacs for the week of June 25 to July 1, 2023.

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Tarot Reading is as effective as Vedic Astrology and can be used to gain insights into one’s life and evaluate things that lie in the future for them. The Tarot deck contains 78 cards and 22 of them are referred to as Major Arcana that represent overarching themes. AstroSage is back with weekly predictions and the blog specifically informs the readers about Zodiacs with good luck in the week. It will enable individuals to face tough situations in life swiftly and thus, make the right decisions in life & career.

List of Lucky Zodiacs As Per Tarot Weekly Horoscope 25 June – July 1


The luck will favor the Aries native this week and new opportunities will arise for individuals in specified fields. It will be time to boost the finances and different sources of income will open up. The natives will have different ideas related to their job or business life and it is the time to fulfill the expectations. The week will help decide on the suitable deals that can make or break your fortunes. There will be confidence in the thinking & attitude of individuals and thus the chances of success are really high. Do not let confusion derail your path to glory and follow the advice given by the experts. The lucky color will be Maroon.

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The week is going to be filled with positivity and love for the Gemini zodiac. The Ace of Cups in a Love reading is the indicator of settled love in your life. If you’re planning to get married then the week will bring more good news for you! The natives will be in a financially secured position and there will be harmony at work. The Ten of Pentacles indicates that there can be high financial gains for the zodiac and the time is also favorable to make suitable investments. Three of the Cups in the horoscope suggest that the chances of completing unfinished work or projects are really high. The lucky color for the week is Emerald Green.


It will be an exciting time for the Virgo people and the opportunity to make the most out of favorable times. The Two of Cups ensure that the happy phase in life is nearby and the chances of completing tasks are very high. Your relationship with the partner will remain stable and the confrontation will reduce. The time is secured for your finances and there can be promotions in your job. For business people, the time is good to make favorable deals for suitable outcomes.


The family & work life of the Libra zodiacs will be happy turns this week. The Page of Cups in the love reading indicates the time of proposals & marriage. People will also gain repute in society or the surroundings with their good deeds. The week is favorable for financial outcomes and thus chances of earning money are high. Your health will remain stable in the period and there is the possibility of promotions in the job. The family relationships will experience a new high and the chances of travel are also bright.

There are good & bad results for zodiacs this week as Tarot Cards. Hope You Liked The Informative AstroSage Blog! 


Is Tarot Reading Helpful?

It provides details related to your present and future to make the right decisions in life. 

When not to follow the Tarot Cards?

It is better to avoid the Tarot Card reading if you’re having an unstable mindset for the time. 

How Many Cards to Pull in Tarot Reading?

The individual needs to pick one to three cards for the right details. 

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