Tarot Weekly Horoscope 5-11 Feb 2023: Cards Reveal 12 Zodiacs’ Fate This Week!

Tarot Horoscope 5-11 February: AstroSage brings forth this blog based on Tarot Weekly Horoscope for all zodiac signs of the astrological sphere to help our readers know how their first week of February, ‘the month of Love’, is going to be. If they will be successful in their love pursuits or not, and the other important areas of life. 

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What Is Tarot Reading & How It Works

The Tarot deck comprises 78 cards divided into two major groups: The Major Arcana consisting of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana that consists of 56 cards divided into four suits of 14 cards each. The earliest and ancient mentions of Tarot come from the cities of Florence, Milan and Venice in Italy. Tarot reading has since ancient times been used to predict the future and is part of the Cartomancy wherein the reader uses these cards to gain an insight about the past, present and the future of an individual. 

To understand the complex nature of Tarot, one must begin with faith, intuition and imagination. For centuries there have been popular mediums of fortune telling and has garnered much interest from people all around the globe. Tarot works based on energies and intuition as well as on how experienced the Tarot Reader is.

As opposed to the general perception of Tarot being perceived by many, is not just a random set of cards of no importance at all, Tarot actually has the power to foretell the future. The Tarot images are not mere visual representations of art but carry deep meanings buried deep within them for the reader to interpret.

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Tarot Horoscope 5 To 11 February 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: The Hierophant

 Finance: Ace of Cups

Career: Two of Pentacles

Health: Nine of Pentacles

Things look good for Aries as the cards are positive. For the ones already in a relationship you may get serious, long-term commitment from your partner and singles may get an offer from a reliable person. This is a good time for finances as your investments may yield positive impacts. Any new project or business deal may incur good gains for you. 

On the work front, things seem to be hectic as you may be juggling between multiple projects or things are being thrown at you at the last minute. You should take these challenges in order to attain a better position. 

On the health front, things look bright as you are doing your best to maintain your health. If you have been looking for motivation to get in shape then this is the best time to hit the gym and make the most out of this week.

Lucky Number: 5, or multiples of 5
Lucky Color: White, Red


Love: Temperance

Finances: King of Swords

Career: Eight of Wands

Health: Strength

This is a great week in terms of love as you and your spouse/partner will achieve harmony and peace in love, relationship and respect for each other. Finances should be dealt with logic and very rationally. Do not make any investments in a hurry and do proper research before making any investment. 

A work related journey or a business trip is on the cards. Travel related to work would yield positive results. Enhancing and making significant changes in your daily life can help you maintain the perfect health you wish to achieve. It is time to take action.

Lucky Number- 6

Lucky color- Rose Pink

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Love: Seven of Cups

Finances: Ace of Wands

Career: The Star

Health: Ten of Wands

There would be options for Gemini natives to consider in terms of love if you’re single. However, if you are in a relationship, your ex might come back into your life or you could consider having a fling with your ex and that would put you in a double minded state about your current relationship. 

Great opportunities would come to you in terms of career. If you’ve been waiting to bag a project or a promotion that can also be possible this week. An abundance of financial growth is indicated.  Your health could take a nose dive as a result of over working or stress. So you are advised to practice caution. 

Lucky Number- 7

Lucky Color- Turquoise


Love: Six of Cups

Finances: The Moon

Career: Knight of Pentacles

Health: Three of Pentacles

This time you could bump into an old flame or appreciate the comfort your partner provides you. You will relish the past memories and relive those with your partner. Do not take any significant risks in your investments since you could be tricked and lose your money. 

You do have the ambition, drive and focus to advance your career in the right direction, so make use of this time. 

On the health front you will have to put in efforts if you want to see desired changes. If you have been suffering from health issues, take the right steps and you will be healthy again. 

Lucky Number- 2

Lucky Color- White, Beige


Love: Ten of Pentacles

Finances: Queen of Wands

Career: Five of Swords

Health: Four of Swords

Leo natives, the future of your relationship looks very very promising. If you’re in a relationship it can definitely convert to marriage and if you’re single you could get an offer from the person of your dreams. 

You will be able to make smart financial decisions this week and secure your future in many ways. Things look good financially. However, when it comes to professional life, you could face considerable hostility and conflicts at work, therefore caution is advised. 

As a result of mounting stress at work you could experience anxiety, depression and other stress related issues. It is advised to take some time off. 

Lucky Number- 4

Lucky Color- Ruby Red


Love: Page of Swords

Finances: Knight of Cups

Career: Seven of Pentacles

Health: King of Wands

It is an awakening of sorts for Virgo natives as you may want to change old patterns in love that haven’t worked for you in the past in love relationships. 

You will receive lucrative offers and grow financially during this week. If you’ve been feeling demotivated or insecure and confused then this is the time when you will feel that old zeal returning to work and achieve your career goals. 

There is an indication of good health and vitality for the whole week. 

Lucky Number- 6,8

Lucky Color- Olive Green

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Love: The Magician

Finances: King of Wands

Career: Six of Pentacles

Health: The High Priestess

This week, Libra natives will get what they want from their love relationships. Your partner will be deeply committed to you and singles can get offers as per their choice. 

Your dedication and perseverance towards work is now bearing fruits and you are now more comfortable and secure financially. Your contributions during this week will be highly valued and praised so things look bright for you. However, you are advised to not overlook your health as a healthy body is vital to a bright and sharp mind. 

Lucky Number- 3,6

Lucky Color: Fuschia, Neon Green


Love: Two of Cups

Finances: Ace of Swords

Career: Five of Wands

Health: Eight of Swords

Scorpio natives are most likely to build new connections that could develop into a romantic relationship over the course of time. If you are already in a relationship then you will get a long term commitment. 

You are being asked to not act out of impulse and be rational in your approach while making financial decisions. You may have to face challenges and conflicts at the workplace which could add to your stress. Mental anxiety and depression can engulf you. so beware. 

Lucky Number- 1

Lucky Color- Black


Love: The Devil

Finances: Nine of Cups 

Career: Knight of Wands

Health: The Chariot

The appearance of a devil shows that your love relationships may not last and you could be stuck in a vicious cycle of toxic patterns which you need to break free from, and be open to let new people come into your life. 

Financially, your wishes are being granted and you are stable and content on the financial front. This is an excellent time for you to start the project you have been planning to or grab new opportunities head on. 

You have the drive and will take the initiative to improve your health this week onwards. 

Lucky Number- 9

Lucky Color- Yellow, Gold


Love: King of Cups

Finances: The Hermit

Career: Queen of Swords

Health: Five of Cups

Capricorn natives will have a ball this week as far as love related matters are concerned as your partner will fulfill all your wishes and you will find peace and commitment in your relationship. For Singles, you will be getting good and sincere offers. 

On the financial front, this will considerably be a better week for you as you are set out to seek financial advice from people you can rely on. Your career is going the way you had planned it too, but it must be taking a toll on your health and ignoring your health issues can invite bigger troubles for you in the long run. Pay attention. 

Lucky Number- 5, 7

Lucky Color- Sky Blue


Love: Three of Wands

Finances: Five of Pentacles

Career: Eight of Pentacles

Health: Judgment

Aquarians are very likely thinking of taking their relationship to the next phase and if you are thinking of officially introducing your partner to your family then this is just the right time. Singles can receive unexpected love offers. 

There could be a brief period of financial troubles but things won’t go too far as you will be able to sail through with your diligent efforts at work. You are at your best healthwise and if you are facing some health issues soon you will feel whole and lively again. 

Lucky Number- 2,11

Lucky Color- Midnight Blue


Love: Four of Wands

Finances: The Emperor

Career: The Sun

Health: Justice

This is going to be an amazing week for Pisces natives as things look lovely on all fronts with some amazing cards. Your relationship could culminate in marriage and there will be celebrations at home. 

You are in a position where you have an abundance of finances and you feel secure. Your career will rise exponentially as promotion is indicated in the cards. Your superiors will be in your favor. 

You’re well in sync with your physical and mental health and doing your best in terms of what your body demands for you to lead a healthy life. 

Lucky Number- 3, 6

Lucky Color- Orange, Hues of Golds.

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