Tarot Weekly Horoscope 26 Mar-1 Apr 2023: Tarot Spread For 12 Zodiacs This Week!

Tarot Weekly Horoscope 26th March- 1st April: At AstroSage, we try to give our readers a weekly insight in the arcane world of Tarot based on their zodiac signs. Lucky numbers and color suggestions from us will help you sail through the 4th week of March with some answers to important questions for you. Here is the Tarot 4th Weekly Horoscope for all zodiac signs. Have you checked out the other two tarot blogs for the month of March? If not, then go check it out now. 

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The Power of Tarot Cards: Over the years, tarot cards have portrayed an amazing capacity to empower people and mystics around the globe, enabling them to find or create a path that guides them to  anything they desire. The cards can help mystics and tarot readers develop extraordinary intuition and realize the control they have over their life and how they can help others transform their life. The cards don’t hold back anything and predict things as they are if the reader is experienced enough. If the reader is content with life as it is and doesn’t want to change, develop, or flow with it, then it is time that they should probably stop reading right now for their own self.  Tarot Cards are such powerful tools for self-help, self-love, and personal development. The magic of the cards, a contemporary type of divination, is not contained in the paper they are printed on, but rather in the hearts and minds of those who hold them. They hone in on the innate insight tarot readers possess. 

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Tarot Horoscope 12th March To 18th March 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: Four of Wands

Finance: Eight of Pentacles

Career: Six of Pentacles

Health: Five of Wands

Four of Wands is a card of celebrations and sometimes points towards marriage as well. It may be possible that you and your partner have decided to take your relationship to the next level and may be getting married soon. This week will bring in a lot of festivities for you in various forms, Aries, so personally it’s a happy week ahead. 

Eight of Pentacles indicates that you have put in a lot of effort to get to where you are financially and the work is not done yet. There is a long way to go where you want to reach and you are prepared for the hard work. You want to put in your best and achieve financial success and you will definitely achieve it. 

Six of Pentacles in a career reading suggests that you probably have someone much older at your workplace who invests time and energy in you to help you grow in your career. If you are someone experienced then it can also mean that you and your opinions and suggestions are much valued by your organization. 

Conflicts, arguments and disagreements either in personal or professional life have burdened you down. You are advised to pay attention to your health and take a break for sometime to rejuvenate. 

Lucky Stone: Red Coral, Ruby


Love: The Devil

Finance: Ace of Swords

Career: Four of Swords

Health: Queen of Swords

Sorry Taurians, but The Devil is not a good news in love reading. You or your partner could be abusive, unfaithful and arrogant. He could be cheating under your nose and mental health issues as well as addiction could be playing their part in the death of your relationship. It’s better to leave at once and prioritize yourself. 

Ace of Swords in a financial reading suggests you need to think very logically and plan your moves very carefully. Your heart and mind are not in coordination. If you have some important financial decisions to make it is better to start saving now so that you can enjoy and save as well.

You have been burdened with excessive work lately and now feel drained and frustrated. Your body’s calling out for help and you need to listen to it. You need to take some time off and care for your physical, emotional and mental health. 

Queen of Swords again is asking you to take action for the betterment of your health and taking care of your body. Queen of Swords is asking you to prioritize, organize and then take action accordingly. 

Lucky Stone: Emerald, Blue Sapphire


Love: Page of Cups

Finance: Justice

Career: Queen of Pentacles

Health: Knight of Swords

Page of Cups in a love reading is a welcome card. It signifies proposals, unions and weddings in some cases. Take what resonates but the Page of cups is indicating that you are in a love bombing phase of your relationship and the coming week is going to be equally full of love.

The Justice card here is asking you to be honorable towards your finances if you want rewards out of it. What we mean by saying this is that you should be earning your money from the right sources and the right way. Also, spending mindlessly may cost you a dime in the future so be careful. 

Queen of Pentacles in  a career reading is a good card. It explains that you are comfortable wherever you are in your career right now. Be it your workplace, your career achievements or the position you have attained. You are comfortable and feel nurtured at work. It’s your happy place. 

Knight of Swords in a health reading says that you will soon enter a phase of recovery. You were probably taking on life too swiftly and stress and anxiety got the better of you but in the coming week you will start to feel better and seek help if needed. 

Lucky Stone: Diamond, Emerald

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Love: Ten of Pentacles

Finance: Three of Pentacles

Career: Temperance

Health: Queen of Wands

Ten of Pentacles suggests that currently you are enjoying family time or you may feel ready to start a family because you feel ready on all aspects of it including physically and emotionally too. You’re currently enjoying the comforts of your home and living your best life personally. 

You’re probably seeking out financial help. Other people, probably older than yourself, are helping you plan and build your budget. If you were seeking financial help from a bank in terms of loans, policies, etc you will find suitable assistance and will sail through comfortably. You will feel matured as far as finances are concerned. 

Temperance in a career reading is asking you to practice patience and moderation as it can help you achieve your career goals. You are asked to navigate emotionally charged situations with caution and not get carried away. If you do practice patience in daily life you will be able to reach where you want to in your career.

Queen of Wands in a health reading suggests that you have taken charge of your health and are determined to stay in the best of health and work towards being a better version of you. 

Lucky Stone: Pearls


Love: Two of Cups

Finance: Two of Wands 

Career: The World

Health: Chariot

Two of Cups is a confirmation of a very happy phase in your love life. You are probably in a developing phase of a new, romantic relationship and feel like you have finally met the one. There is a mutual attraction between the two of you and you can feel a beautiful and harmonious partnership developing. The coming week too is going to be full of love.

You feel secure with your financial situation and stability currently. You are making financial goals and plans keeping your future in mind. Be careful to not spend on futile stuff as money will not be coming in from all directions. Be wise while spending and think carefully. 

The World in career indicates long distance journeys and traveling the world for business or your work. You can definitely term yourself as being a globetrotter. This could also mean that you are starting a new job in a different country. Your career will scale new heights in the near future and all your hard work will be paid off.

Chariot indicates that you are now moving towards a better phase as far as your health and well-being are concerned. If you were dealing with a dull phase health wise now you will start recovering. If you are doing well health wise then you will be now taking steps to improve your health further.

Lucky Stone: Ruby, Yellow Sapphire


Love: The Tower

Finance: The High Priestess

Career: Nine of Wands

Health: Five of Cups

Fundamental change in your relationship is about to come. Your relationship is going through a turbulent time right now. If you are wondering how your partner feels about you then they have a lot of negative feelings bottled up for you. If you’re wondering whether your relationship would last then The Tower is bad news. 

You may soon come across some opportunities to increase your finances better with The High Priestess. You are however being asked to be careful who you discuss your finances with as people around you may try to cheat you or try to trick you. Beware.

Nine of Wands suggests that it is becoming hard to strike a balance as you try to maintain your position at work and balance personal life as well but you should know that half your battles are already won so just hang in there for a little while and your hard work will pay off. 

Five of Cups suggests that all the hustle and bustle is burdening you down and you may be battling mental health issues currently. You’re trying to juggle everything together and falling prey to ill health. You are advised to prioritize your health. 

Lucky Stone: Opal, Zircon 


Love: Three of Cups

Finance: King of Pentacles

Career: Six of Cups

Health: Four of Swords

The underlying factor that is keeping your relationship going is the strong friendship that you and your partner share. The coming week will be a fun week where you will socialize a lot and make new friends. Three of Cups is also a card indicating meeting old friends and forming stronger bonds. 

King of Pentacles shows that financially you are doing very well. Your financial goals are being met and you are able to lead a luxurious life. You are comfortable and will continue to thrive financially in the coming week as well. 

Six of Cups in a career reading suggests that your colleagues and team mates are very helpful. You have built goodwill over the years and your team members realize and respect that fact. There’s creativity and harmony at play and the coming week will be a smooth ride. 

Four of Swords suggests that you need a break to rejuvenate yourself. You’re tired with all the hard work that you have been putting in for quite some time now and deserve a break. Take a break and the positive changes will be strikingly noticeable. 

Lucky Stone: Diamond, Blue Sapphire

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Love: King of Wands

Finance: Emperor

Career: Two of Cups

Health: Three of Pentacles

King of Wands is a person who is not romantic or mushy in their approach towards relationships. Your partner may be direct and to the point but he is definitely someone you can depend on. He is capable of giving you a long stable relationship and providing for you enough to lead a good life. So, negligible romance there but stability is 100%.

Emperor in finances denotes someone who wants to take control of finances themselves and is very organized in his ways of spending and financial planning as well.  You keep the future in mind and try to secure yourself that way. You are financially content and very stable. 

Two of Cups indicates that you probably are about to make a solid and prosperous collaboration which may take your business and career to new heights. You and your partners will share a good bond and make good business so it’s a win-win situation for you in terms of career. 

Three of Pentacles in a health reading suggests some inflammatory skin diseases. You need to put in effort and seek medical help so that it does not turn into something big. 

Lucky Stone: Yellow Sapphire, Pearl


Love: Ace of Cups

Finance: Temperance

Career: Ace of Wands

Health: Judgment

Ace of Cups is an excellent card to get in a love reading. If you’re starting a new relationship the future definitely seems bright. You will go strong together. If you are starting a new phase in your personal life such as marriage or planning a family it is again an excellent card. The coming week may bring in any kind of good news.

Temperance in a financial reading is a reminder to take a balanced and moderate approach towards money. You have worked hard to earn this money so you’re being asked to not waste it and invest in places where it can grow. You’re being asked to nurture your money and form an emotional connection with it. 

Ace of Wands in a career reading suggests new beginnings. It may be possible that you are starting a new position or changing your career field altogether. It signifies growth and development which will definitely help you in the long term. You could even get a new project or crack an important deal single handedly. 

Judgment suggests that you are doing very well as far as health is concerned. No major problem is troubling you currently and you will continue to enjoy good health in the coming week as well. 

Lucky Stone: Red Coral, Ruby


Love: Four of Pentacles

Finance: Six of Pentacles

Career: Six of Swords

Health: Nine of Swords

Four of Pentacles in a love reading could mean your relationship is spiked with possessiveness and jealousy and suffering. On the positive side it can mean that probably you’re comfortable keeping your relationship private and are happy that way. 

Six of Pentacles talks about you finding the right people and the right guidance to help you achieve your financial goals. A known older person, such as your father, may make you understand the benefits of financial planning and help you build your monthly budget for a secure future. 

Six of Swords in a career reading is asking you to move out of your comfort zone in order to grow and excel in your career. It may mean that you are moving away from home to look for better opportunities or moving away from your comfort zone. Taking the Leap of Faith. 

Nine of Swords indicates you are either suffering from mental health issues or anxiety as you will have to move away from family and friends. You are fearing the change but this change will lead you to a better future so you should definitely go for it. 

Lucky Stone: Opal, Diamond


Love: The Fool

Finance: The Magician

Career: Queen of Swords

Health: Page of Wands

The Fool indicates the new start of a relationship or a new phase of life you are embarking upon. Whatever it is, it is something you have never done before and you are completely unaware of what lies in the future, nevertheless you are willing to move forward and you should. 

The Magician in finances is a positive card to draw. It shows that you are content and money is coming in from all directions. You are actually a money magnet and all your financial investments are giving you great returns. You are definitely having a ball. 

Your experiences, whether good or bad, have taught you a lot on the professional front. Whatever you are able to achieve is because of the intellect and the instinct you developed while you were still learning. Thanks to those experiences you are now excelling in your career. 

Page of Wands in a health reading points towards you being in decent health overall and if you are dealing with any health issue the tough phase will soon be over and you will recover at full speed in the days to come. 

Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire


Love: Queen of Pentacles

Finance: Five of Pentacles

Career: Two of Swords

Health: Hierophant

Queen of Pentacles suggests you are a very nurturing and caring person and your partner adores this about you. They feel safe around you and they are sure that your relationship will work out in the future. 

Five of Pentacles in a financial reading is not a good omen. The cards are trying to warn you of the financially testing times that you may have to face in the near future if you keep spending without logical analysis of your finances. If you plan smartly you may be able to sail through without much problems but you should definitely start saving mindfully.

Two of Swords is a career reading that suggests that probably you are undecided whether you want to continue working in the same field or not. You could be double minded about starting a business or whether you should continue with your corporate job. Swords represent clarity and the coming week will definitely bring you the clarity that you need. 

Hierophant in a health reading suggests that you are feeling healthy overall as you continue to stick to your regular health practices such as yoga and meditation. You believe more in the organic and conventional ways of keeping fit and are doing just that. 

Lucky Stone: Pearl, Yellow Sapphire

Note: The stones mentioned for each zodiac may or may not work positively depending upon the placement of planets in individual horoscopes. Wear stones only after careful examination of horoscopes by a professional and learned astrologer.

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