Tarot Weekly Horoscope 19-25 Feb 2023: Tarot Unveils Zodiac-wise Predictions!

Tarot Horoscope 19th-25th February: We at AstroSage, try to give our readers a weekly insight in the mystic world of Tarot based on their zodiac signs. We come up with lucky numbers, charms, colors, days of the week, etc to make the blog reading interesting for our readers. Here is the Tarot Weekly Horoscope for all zodiac signs of the celestial sphere to help our readers know how their 3rd week of February will turn out to be. We hope that you enjoyed Valentine’s week and that it brought an abundance of love and happiness in your life. 

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Symbols In Tarot Deck & Their Representation

Now moving forward, we are sure that by now our regular readers have a fair idea of what tarot is and what it does. So today, before we move ahead to the regular zodiac-wise tarot predictions, it’d be a good idea if our readers get a small insight into the meanings of different tarot cards: Let’s have a look at what the cards stand for.

Though the pictures and layouts of different tarot decks can be extremely different from each other, there are a few things that remain the same. Each 78 card deck is divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has 22 trump cards and are the main focus cards. The Minor Arcana on the other hand is the remaining 56 cards and are divided into four suits: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles.

  • Wands: Wands typically represent creativity, passion, and communication
  • Swords: Swords represent intellect and clarity
  • Cups: Cups symbolize emotions
  • Pentacles: Pentacles symbolize work and money

Now that we have a little more clarity from the last two blogs on what Tarot reading is and what is the tarot deck, now we have also learned what the tarot symbols represent. So,  it’s time to move forward to the zodiac-wise Tarot horoscope 19-25 February. 

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Tarot Horoscope 19th To 25th February 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: The Moon

 Finance: Page of Pentacles

Career: Ten of Pentacles

Health: Queen of Wands

You’re dealing with complicated emotions, Aries. Either you’re not able to understand your partner’s emotions or facing difficulty explaining your own emotions, which is definitely creating an uneasiness between you and your partner. It can also mean that there are communication gaps in your relationship which can prove to be disastrous for your relationship in the long run. 

On the financial front, you will definitely receive some excellent news. You could get an offer for an added source of income or could also receive a salary hike if you are a corporate employee. The rise in income could be slow, as pentacles are a slow energy, but the growth will be steady. 

You are in a comfortable place at work and probably work at a higher management level. Your career is moving in a direction where you could achieve immense success in the long run and make a name for yourself in the society. This career path will lead you on a pedestal of wealth, fame, name and success.  Your health is on your side and you are doing your best to keep yourself healthy and active.  

Lucky Day- Tuesday

Lucky Color- Saffron, White


Love: Page of Wands

 Finance: The Lovers

Career: Seven of Pentacles

Health: Nine of Wands

Taurus, You will get to explore the adventurous and outgoing side of your partner or you will be more open to showing your adventurous side and this will definitely spice up your relationship as you both could plan to do something adventurous together such as trekking, skydiving, etc. You will get to spend some quality time together. 

You’re contemplating some big financial decisions and would be making big decisions related to finances in the near future. There could arise a situation where you may have to decide whether to spend a big chunk of money at once or in installments. Make wise decisions. 

Your career is progressing slow and steady and your hard work will definitely pay off. It may take time to reach your goal but if you are consistent in your perseverance, then this career can help you succeed in life.  

You may be falling prey to some new illness this week or in the near future. Caution is advised. Pay attention to the needs of your mental, physical and emotional health. 

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Color- Purple


Love: The Hanged Man

 Finance: The Magician 

Career: Page of Swords

Health: The Hierophant

You are dissatisfied with how things are going in your relationship right now. There could be testing times ahead but this situation may also strengthen your relationship. If you’re single, it could mean you don’t want a relationship at all right now as you are your first priority currently. 

On the financial front, things are going as per plan; you are satisfied and secure. If you want to reach a certain financial goal within a specified time, rest assured that you will be able to achieve it.  

This is a great time to upskill yourself in your job or business and you will definitely excel in your job once you upgrade your profile. You will have ample opportunities to grow in your career. You are maintaining your health well using traditional practices such as yoga, meditation, etc. If not, then it is time to incorporate these practices into your daily life. 

Lucky Day- Sunday

Lucky Color- Pink, Black

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Love: Five of Pentacles

 Finance: Knight of Pentacles

Career: Five of Swords

Health: Five of Cups

Cancerians, your reading suggests that you may have gone through a break up recently or you may feel like being left out in the cold in the relationship. It’s time to take a stand for yourself and think about your connection. Walking out of the troubled bond and giving yourself another chance at love would be a better option by exploring and meeting new people, instead of staying in the current relationship. 

You are aware that monetary success requires continuous efforts, commitment, and perseverance, and you are striving to achieve just that. You will succeed in your endeavors if you are consistent in your efforts to achieve financial ability. 

You could be facing conflicts with your co-workers at work or with your bosses. Watch out for your words as your words and intentions could  be misinterpreted. Think clearly and calmly and check your facts before speaking or getting into a spat with someone. Ill health whether mental or physical may trouble you. You need to take proper rest and come back stronger.

Lucky Day- Monday

Lucky Color- Peach


Love: The World

 Finance: Nine of Cups

Career: Eight of Wands

Health: Queen of Pentacles

The world is one of the most positive cards in a love reading. Yay! Time to rejoice Leos. Your partner is sure about you and sees you as ‘The One’, and you are equally sure about them. You’re in a lovely space as of now and the coming week could possibly put an official seal on your relationship. For singles, it is going to be a week where you may bump into a potential partner.  

You will be blessed with financial abundance this week as the project you’ve been praying for will find its way in your hands or if you have been looking for someone to invest in your business you will network with people who’d be interested in investing in your business and get the ball rolling for you. 

Work related travel or journeys abroad could be possible this week or in the near future. The travel would be successful and reap great benefits for your career growth and new opportunities to climb the ladder of success. You will be in excellent health this week or in the coming days, so nothing to worry about on that front. 

Lucky Day- Tuesday

Lucky Color- Red, Violet


Love: Three of Swords

 Finance: Ace of Swords

Career: Six of Swords

Health: Two of Wands

Too many swords there! Your relationship is not meant to be and has left you hurt or you could have been hurt by a friend. You could have been cheated on. You need to move on in life and look ahead for the new opportunities that may creep up in the near future. If one door closes, another one opens. 

On the work front too you feel stuck and detest the situation you’re being subjected to. You may feel that your work profile is not the right fit for you or could be facing a dead end in business where you don’t know how to move forward. 

Take your financial decisions very logically as over spending may land you in trouble. This is the time to plan your monthly budget beforehand so as to not run out of cash or be in a financially embarrassing position. You could face a cash crunch.

 You are feeling off-balance and need to get a hold of things. Take proper care of yourself and that much needed break and things will definitely improve in the future. 

Lucky Day- Friday

Lucky Color- Baby Pink


Love: Three of Cups

Finance: The Tower

Career: Six of Pentacles

Health: The Star

You and your partner have a lot to look forward to in the relationship. This could also signal meeting old friends and reunion of sorts. It is a time to party and rejoice. You will be quite active on the social front and could bump into a potential partner at a social gathering. 

You are advised to avoid risky investments as times look a bit difficult when it comes to finances. Handle your finances carefully as one wrong move could prove disastrous to your financial security. This in particular suits a business scenario, so business owners please be cautious. 

Your career is growing well but overconfidence and wrong decisions could lead you to bankruptcy.  Think twice before signing any deal or taking any action on a new venture. 

You are in the best of your health and taking care of your well being in the right way. You will continue to enjoy good health for days to come. Be consistent in your efforts towards improving and maintaining your health.

Lucky Day- Saturday

Lucky Color- Neon Pink

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Love: Queen of Swords

 Finance: High Priestess

Career: Eight of Wands 

Health: Eight of Cup

Some outside influence, most likely in the form of an authoritative female figure, could cause trouble in your relationship which would leave you and your partner with bitter feelings for each other; so it’s better not to let others have a say in your relationship for your own sanity. 

As far as your finances are concerned you are definitely keeping an eye out for new opportunities to earn and keeping it well under cover. You’re not comfortable discussing your investment plans with people as you find it difficult to trust the ones around you and want to play secretively. 

Your career is rapidly moving forward and the future looks bright. You feel your career is finally on track and this week things will get even better. Your way of communicating will have a positive impact on your authorities and your reputation at work will improve further. 

Your physical environment is putting a negative impact on your health. There’s something you need to change within your environment so as to get your health back on track. 

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Color- Yellow, Mustard


Love: Four of Wands

 Finance: Ace of Pentacles

Career: Three of Wands

Health: Ace of Cups

Sagittarius natives here have a wonderful set of cards. Some celebrations may take place in your family like a get together or a marriage. You could even be getting married most probably as four of wands is considered to be a marriage card. 

You will have ample wealth and prosperity in this week or the coming days and will be spending with equal gusto. You believe in enjoying the fruits of your labor and leading a comfortable life.  You will be coming across opportunities that will have a positive impact on your career. Your career can grow beyond your imagination. 

If you are a business owner you could get an opportunity to expand your business overseas and if you work a regular job then a new job opportunity could take you to foreign lands. 

On the health front, you could have just gotten over a prolonged illness. It is possible that if you have been diagnosed with some illness now is the time when you will receive proper treatment and emerge a winner. 

Lucky Day- Monday

Lucky Color- Green, Light Yellow


Love: Death

 Finance: King of Pentacles

Career: King of Swords

Health: Temperance

Now don’t be scared to see the ‘Death’ card in your reading Capricorns. This card is only indicating that your relationship may go through transformations and regardless of whether your relationship would last or not, one thing is certain- you will grow as a person in a lot many ways and this experience will make you a better person if you channelise your emotions in the right direction. 

Financially, you are engaged in a regular job then you are in a comfortable place and feel secure. You are amazing at planning and implementing your ideas and if you are a business owner this is the right time to expand your business if you have been working on this plan already. You could crack new deals and grow your market at this point. 

An older person at your workplace may push you to hold high standards at your workplace so pay attention and learn from them even if they are strict with you. Keep pushing your limits as it will help you grow not just in your career but in many other aspects of life. 

Striking the right balance is the key to good health and you are very well aware of that. You know your bodily needs very well and have perfectly carried on looking after your health and experimenting with different ways of maintaining your health.

Lucky Day- Saturday

Lucky Color- Indigo


Love: Ten of Cups

 Finance: King of Cups

Career: Five of Wands

Health: Nine of Swords

In terms of relationship, Aquarians you are in the best place possible. You are enjoying some quality time with family and your spouse. You are happy making memories with them in the comfort of your home. You are content and being with family and having your kids around makes you feel content and de-stress yourself.

You could soon be presented with an opportunity to prosper financially and gain wealth. This could also indicate multiple sources of earning. If you are thinking of starting a business you must as well make full use of this time and start planning your moves and come up with ways to implement your ideas.  

Conflicts and competition at work could be stressful to deal with and that is why the Nine of Swords is asking you to pay attention to your mental and physical health as anxiety and depression could force you to slow down and take a moment to improve your health. 

Lucky Day- Friday

Lucky Color- White, Emerald Green


Love: Nine of Pentacles

 Finance: Four of Pentacles

Career: Page of Cups

Health: Three of Pentacles

You have the right kind of balance in your relationship and the freedom that you require in your relationship and ample amount of space to grow as individuals for you and your partner. For singles, you are very happy and comfortable in life and are enjoying your own company. You prefer to indulge in self love rather than looking for love in another person. 

The all work and no play approach towards finances will make your environment dull.  You are quite secure financially at the moment but do not want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and hardwork. All you want to do is save and invest. You are advised to  change this approach. 

Page of Cups tells you that you will pull off all responsibilities at work very well and a lot of opportunities and projects will come your way in the coming week or in the near future. 

The effort you are putting into improving your health and striking that work life balance will pay off and help you positively in the long run so keep going. 

Lucky Day- Sunday

Lucky Color- Rust, Magenta

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