Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December): Which Zodiacs Will Perform The Best?

Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December): Do you want to know about the weekly predictions as per Tarot cards? Planning to complete specific tasks in the coming days? Check the Tarot Card details to confirm the weekly predictions and thus make relevant moves across different tasks. Tarot Cards are the traditional way to predict the past, present and future of individuals. Reach out to an experienced Tarot Cards reader to know in detail about your life. This AstroSage blog contains details of lucky zodiacs of the week according to Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December). 

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Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December): List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


The Taurus natives will get a lot of success in their lives this week with their hard work and commitment. The Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December) says that the period will be fruitful for your love relationship. Your investments will yield appropriate benefits and make the right kind of profits. For business persons, the week will be best for making relevant decisions for progress. 

The natives will get new opportunities this week across different sectors. There are chances of increments in their job and individuals will be able to accumulate good wealth through specific activities. The lucky number of the week is ‘2’.

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For Leo natives, this will be the period to complete their unfinished tasks of the previous weeks. According to Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December), they will be able to perform better at their job role and thus can expect appreciation from the seniors. There are high chances of receiving a love proposal this week and the marital life will remain secure. Your financial decisions will yield sufficient profits. 

New opportunities will be knocking this week at your doors and there are chances of getting new projects. They will be able to move up in the success ladder with perfection. Letting go of the negative thoughts can help the natives make the week a successful one. The lucky number of the week is ‘1’.


The Virgo natives will have passionate love in their life and the relationship with the partner will remain strong. It is the time to fix any kind of misunderstanding with your married partner. The Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December) indicates that there will be financial stability in the lives of natives and there will be an increment in the salary. Also, expect good returns from the investments. 

The professionals will achieve success this week and the business persons can expect good deals from their efforts. The lucky number of the week is ‘6’. 

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According to Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December), it will be an excellent time for the Scorpio natives to complete different tasks. There will be new opportunities across different sectors and expect a rise of popularity among the colleagues. For the entire week, there will be harmony in your financial life and get the right outcomes from investments. 

The health of Scorpio natives will stay positive for the entire week and improve the overall good health. The lucky number of the week is ‘9’. 


The Sagittarius natives will get the best outcomes for different actions carried out this week. As per Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023 (17-23 December), you may take the right decisions in your financial deals and expect the right profits. The expenditures will remain under control and it will assist to build on the overall wealth. 

The natives will feel settled this week with their work and will be able to earn great profits from numerous deals. For Sagittarius natives, the week will be healthy and there won’t be much trouble. The lucky number of the week is ‘8’.


Q1. What will be the health advice for the Aries natives this week?

Ans. They need to focus on their health and ignorance can only lead to different kinds of health troubles.

Q2. How will the financial condition of Cancer natives turn out?

Ans. As per Tarot Reading, the Cancer natives can take impulsive or rash financial decisions.

Q3. What are the career prospects for Libra natives?

Ans. Your promotions and increments will probably remain stalled for this week.

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