Tarot Weekly Horoscope 5-11th March 2023: Tarot Reveal Energies Around 12 Zodiacs This Week!

Tarot Horoscope 05th-11th March: At AstroSage, we try to give our readers a weekly insight in the arcane world of Tarot based on their zodiac signs. Lucky numbers and color suggestions from us will help you sail through the 2nd week of March with some answers to important questions that may have clouded your mind. Here is the Tarot Weekly Horoscope for all zodiac signs to help our readers know what the 2nd week of March has in store for them. We hope that you have enjoyed our tarot blogs till this moment and will continue to shower your love on us to motivate us to create even better content. Your valued suggestions are welcome.

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The Downfall and Rise of Tarot: Tarot is one of the most popular  forms of Divination and has been in practice for centuries in many countries. It has been just over the last few decades that Tarot has gained fame in most parts of the world, especially in India. Tarot was often associated with Witchcraft since medieval times and thus was shunned by the majority of the people around the world. It has gained fame in recent years, thanks to its intricate drawings and art forms which set it apart from the regular set of cards and its contemporaries. 

Surprisingly, it is a relatively modern form of future telling even though its origin dates back to the 1400’s. Initially these cards were used to play games only. Over the years in and around Italy, Mystics, soothsayers and fortune tellers continued to use Tarot to expand their own craft and help people around the world. This magical deck of 78 Cards can guide you and help you make the bigger decisions in life and carve a life path for you to follow. 

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Tarot Horoscope 05th March To 11th March 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: High Priestess

 Finance: Page of Pentacles

Career: Nine of Cups

Health: Queen of Cups

Aries, true to your nature this week you may seem calm on the surface but there is a sea of emotions underneath. You may not be looking for anything long term or serious. The High Priestess suggests that you may need to exercise some patience and trust your instincts. Be honest about your intentions to yourself and others.

Page of Pentacles in finances indicates excellent news about your finances in the coming week and you will finally taste the fruits of your labor. This week you may get a salary increment or an additional source of income may arise. For business owners, they may gain unexpected profits in the coming week. 

If you are hoping for a promotion or looking to launch your own business then Nine of Cups is a terrific card which indicates progress in career and is an indication that all your desires will be fulfilled in this coming week. 

Queen of Cups indicates that you may receive love and care if you’re recovering from illness or injuries. It is a signal that you must be kinder to yourself and your mental, emotional and physical health. 

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Color- Green


Love: The Hanged Man 

 Finance: Nine of Pentacles

Career: Knight of Pentacles

Health: Six of Wands

The Hanged Man in love signifies that you are dissatisfied with how things are going right now. You are feeling stuck or restricted and looking for a way to get things going. This is a time to introspect and look for solutions. If you cannot find any solution then it is better to move on and let your current relationship be.  

Nine of Pentacles in finances is a good card. It signifies prosperity, stability and financial security coming your way this week. You are financially in a comfortable position and enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

Knight of Pentacles, shows that if you are a business owner, this reading indicates that you will receive help from someone who runs his/her own business empire and has a great business acumen. For regular professionals, it suggests that even though you are on the right career path, there are still lessons to be learnt.

Six of Wands suggests that you are in great health and would continue enjoying good health for the week to come. If you were recovering from some illness then,  it suggests that now you will recover soon and enjoy good health. 

Lucky Day- Monday

Lucky Color- Yellow


Love: Two of Pentacles

Finance: The Empress

Career: Five of Cups

Health: Two of Swords

Two of Pentacles in love suggests that there is a need for you to balance things out along with other responsibilities and not focus on love alone. It could also mean that you may be attracted to two people at the same time and weighing your options. This card calls on you to decide soon and make a decision and prioritize accordingly.  

Financially you could be feeling generous right now with The Empress and would want to shower your financial abundance on your family and friends by showering them with your love and attention in the form of gifts and nurturing your loved ones. This is a financially stable time.

Five of Cups in a career reading may suggest that you may have lost your job or are overcoming a loss in business and rebuilding your career from scratch. You now feel ready to leave the past behind and start afresh. You have faced dark times bravely and fought hard. Good times ahead are indicated.

Two of Swords suggests that you are fighting unresolved emotions, probably due to the dark phase in your career you have recently come out of. These bottled up emotions may result in anxiety or other mental illnesses. It is advised you confide your feelings in someone you can trust and who would understand you. 

Lucky Day- Friday

Lucky Color- Orange

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Love: Four of Pentacles

Finance: Queen of Wands

Career: Two of Cups

Health: Ace of Swords

Be careful to not squeeze the life out of your relationship Cancerians because four of pentacles suggests you or your partner are acting possessive and jealous and this could leave a negative impact on your relationship. You or your partner could also be holding deep rooted resentment or grudges against each other which could potentially damage your relationship. It is advised to take steps to improve the situation. 

You are able to make smart financial decisions with the Queen of Wands and are in total control of your finances. This stable financial situation is the result of careful planning and consideration over a long period of time. This may be a good time to invest in stocks or make other financial investments. Your mind is stable enough to make wise decisions. 

Two of Cups for a career reading could mean that you may come across an elderly boss or an authoritative person may help you grow in career even though they might be strict with you but ultimately they will help you grow in your career immensely and lead you to ultimate success, like the one that you have always desired for. 

Ace of Swords in a health reading could point towards symptoms related to memory loss due to exhaustion, migraine, headaches, or an inability to focus on important issues due to mental tensions or heightened stress. You are advised to pay attention to your health.

Lucky Day- Tuesday

Lucky Color- Maroon


Love: Page of Pentacles

Finance: Ace of Wands

Career: The World

Health: Page of Swords

That’s one positive reading for Leos. Your partner or you may be ambitious, practical and loyal as this card symbolizes these traits. They are hard working and focused in everything they do, that holds true for their relationships too. These traits of your partner could make the relationship a bit boring but there is love underneath. This relationship is worth holding on to. 

Wands represent passion so drawing an Ace of Wands in finances means you are passionate and ambitious when it comes to finances and want a financially abundant life. This card indicates that luck is on your side and you will do everything in your power to achieve financial success. It also indicates that success will be on your side in all your financial pursuits.

The World in a career reading can signify that traveling is on the cards, most probably international traveling. Or you could be engaged in a job that requires you to travel frequently. You should be proud of what you have achieved in your career till date. It is time you appreciate your achievements. 

Page of Swords is a positive card to draw in a health related reading as it signifies that you may now have the mental clarity and strength to overcome any previous illnesses or diseases you may have encountered. You will now have the clarity to take the next step towards good health and soon you will take action towards it. 

Lucky Day- Monday

Lucky Color- Purple


Love: Page of Cups

Finance: Ace of Pentacles

Career: Six of Pentacles

Health: Five of Wands

Page of Cups in a love reading signifies that your partner and you both have a mutual understanding and both want the relationship to work out Virgos. You both put in your best effort to make things work smoothly and are in it for the long haul. You both are constantly on each other’s side and motivate each other to achieve your personal and professional goals in life.

Ace of Pentacles signifies that you are likely to be at an all time high as far as finances are concerned. You have most probably reached a point where you had visualized yourself to be at and are drenched in financial abundance. If you’re still not there, you will soon be as this card spells all things positive as far as finances are concerned. Your investments are likely to give you high returns and your financial planning will work out wonderfully for you.

Six of Pentacles in your career is a good card as it signifies that this week your contributions in work will be valued and you will earn high respect at your workplace. Your enemies will not be able to win over you and you will be in the good books of your authorities. You have been working hard for quite some time now and you will be rewarded for your valuable work. 

Five of Wands This card signifies that you’re an ultimate fighter and you will defeat any illness that comes your way. If you are not keeping well lately then this is a sign from the universe that you will soon overcome bad health and move towards an improved version of you physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Lucky Day- Tuesday

Lucky Color- Grey


Love: King of Cups

Finance: Knight of Swords

Career: Three of Wands

Health: Three of Pentacles

King of Cups signifies that Librans here look too satisfied and at peace in their love lives. It is a sign that you are emotionally satisfied and your relationship is quite harmonious as of now. You will be able to find perfect balance and stability within your relationship this week. You and your partner don’t let emotions run your relationship and address the real issues firmly.

The Knight of Swords shows that an unanticipated investment opportunity may be on the way which will yield you profits in the long run. You are very much focused on your finances right now and may want to optimize how much you’re saving. You have a big financial expenditure in mind and you’re planning as to how much you need to save in order fulfill your desires. 

You’re most probably in a phase where you wish to explore your career and the opportunities your way as you want to give that big push to your career for it to move forward in a direction where you can make it big. This could also mean starting a job abroad or traveling abroad for work opportunities. 

In a health spread the appearance of the Three of Pentacles indicates that all of the hard work that you have been putting in towards improving your health will now pay off. It tells you that the coming week you can expect to remain in good health if you continue putting in effort to maintain it. 

Lucky Day- Saturday

Lucky Color- Black

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Love: The Hanged Man

Finance: King of Swords

Career: Ace of Cups

Health: Three of Swords

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship Scorpios? Well if so, The Hanged Man is asking you to stop and think for a while. It’s time to introspect and do some soul searching. You are being asked to pay attention to your well being and spiritual growth as an individual and let go of the toxic relationships and only stick around with those who really matter to you and make you happy. 

With the King of Swords you are being challenged to discipline yourself up and take logical and rational decisions while trying to save money. Deal with your finances maturely and carefully as you may face a situation in the near future where you could feel financially restricted and stuck. 

New opportunities are coming your way with Ace of Cups. If you have a job you’re headed for a promotion and if you’re a business owner, then you’re on your way to successfully expand your business. If you’re unemployed currently you will receive an excellent job offer soon. Be careful to not let success get the better of you and keep working hard with your goals clear in your mind and work your way to achieve them. 

The Three of Swords is a signal to pay attention towards your health and pay attention to the warning signs your body has been giving you. If you keep ignoring these signs any longer the smaller issues may turn into something big and can be a roadblock on your way to success. You must jump into action now. 

Lucky Day- Wednesday

Lucky Color- Red


Love: Seven of Swords

Finance: Four of Pentacles

Career: Ace of Wands

Health: Seven of Wands

Seven of Swords in a love reading is a warning sign, as you might be tricked or lied to in a relationship. It mostly holds true if you have just met someone new. Beware and keep your eyes open. Watch out for red flags as this card has nothing positive to signify. 

Four of Pentacles signify that as of now you are being quite protective about your money and finances and your main focus is to save money. You are working very hard to earn money and your focus is only on strengthening yourself financially. You believe in working hard but not enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Ace of wands in career speaks of a fresh start. It could be that you have just started a new position or a new job. It could also mean that you’re suddenly experiencing a new energy, enthusiasm and a new drive to achieve your goals and make a fresh start. You will strive to take your career or business to new heights this week. 

Seven of Wands in a health reading suggests that there is still a lot of work to do on the health front that you have been ignoring for quite some time. You need to put serious effort towards improving your health before the issue becomes bigger. 

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Color- Sky Blue


Love: Ten of Cups

Finance: Eight of Pentacles

Career: King of Wands

Health: The Moon

Ten of Cups is an excellent card in love reading Capricorns. It is an indication of marriage and long term commitment. It indicates that your partner is serious for you and sees a future with you. This week will be excellent as far as your love life and love encounters are concerned. 

Eight of Pentacles suggests that financial assistance that you were hoping to receive is on its way. Are you waiting for a loan to be sanctioned or are you looking for investors to expand your business? Your hard work will finally pay off and you will be able to fulfill your dreams.

You are in control of your career and at a commanding position in your company whether you are a regular corporate employee or a business owner. Your reputation at work is bound to increase and you will be able to establish yourself as an important person for your organization and this will be a great ego boost for you. 

Lucky Day- Friday

Lucky Color- Mustard


Love: Four of Wands

 Finance: Two of Wands

Career: Six of Swords

Health: Nine of Wands

Four of Wands in love reading suggests that you are ready to take the next step in your relationship. You are set to introduce your partner to your family and make a long term commitment. There is a wedding or some celebration coming up in your family and the environment at home as of now is one full of fun and frolic. 

Two of Wands as finances is a welcome card. This week you may get your payment that was probably stuck for quite some time. This is also an indication that any new opportunity may creep up and help you feel more secure financially. An added bonus could also liven up your week.

Six of Swords can signify that you may have to move away from your family for work. It could also mean moving abroad. You are being pushed out of your comfort zone and you may not be liking the change as of now but keep in mind that it is for the better and this will help you grow in your career. 

Nine of Wands signifies that you have been under a lot of stress and pressure in all walks of life and have been ignoring your mental health in particular. This is the right time to take action and not ignore it further as you may have to face dire consequences later. Precaution and proper treatment is advised.

Lucky Day- Saturday

Lucky Color- Magenta


Love: The Lovers

 Finance: The World

Career: Page of Wands

Health: Judgment

You seem to have drawn an excellent set of Pisces cards. The lovers signifies that your connection most probably is a soulmate connection and you are currently with the right person. This week you will definitely receive the kind of support you expect from your partner in all aspects. Your relationship is meant to be. 

The World in finances signifies that you are currently in a financially stable position and feel secure with your investments. Your planning is well executed and you are now enjoying the luxurious comforts that come in with financial security. It also signifies overseas connections that may help you earn more. 

Page of Wands again signifies moving abroad for better career opportunities. New opportunities may force you to leave your comfort zone and explore your career and find your true calling. This may also mean that you may be contemplating leaving your current job and starting your own business. 

Judgment signifies that you are in the best of your health and working hard to achieve your health goals. You will be in the best shape for the days to come and enjoy good health. This week will be excellent in all aspects. Expect good things coming your way. 

Lucky Day- Thursday

Lucky Color- Light Green

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