Tarot Horoscope (April-June 2023): Quarterly Dose Of Tarot Predictions For 12 Zodiacs!

Tarot Horoscope 2023: We are on the precipice of a huge shift and if you are feeling nostalgic and kind of overwhelmed, do not worry. We are wrapping up a cycle and venturing into brand-new territory. Tarot acts like an antenna for us all, helps us connect with the right frequency, and hints to us a plot. That plot can be interesting or a frustrating journey to navigate. But it doesn’t skip anyone at all. 

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In this Tarot Horoscope 2023 quarterly blog, our esteemed Tarot Card Reader, Tarot Vrushali, will spill some facts, predictions and advice for each zodiac sign, to make the period from April to May worthwhile! So, without further ado, let’s see what Tarot Vrushali has to say about each zodiac.

Tarot Horoscope 2023: Collective Energy

We are on the brink where we all can feel this heavy weight on our minds. All the actions we take have a repelling effect. The card which popped up is the Nine of Swords and as  Tarot of the Divine is being used, you can see how the mounted swords are above the individual’s head just like sharp icicles. We are detached and the emotions we have had that got us into thinking are numbed down. At the moment, we all feel so vulnerable that it can just make us too anxious. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will tend to feel the intensity of the upcoming months. Do seek help in any form that can assist you in navigating. 

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Now let’s talk about your sun sign tarot forecast;

Tarot Horoscope 2023: Predictions For 12 Zodiac Signs


The spotlight is all on you during these months. It is fine to not please everyone around you. It is a glow-up time for you because you have or are learning to let go of something you were very emotionally connected with. Just see what is left and hold space for yourself. You might be re-launching yourself in the online arena after disappearing for a while. Be playful! 


Dear perfectionist, you are changing a lot for good. You are draining down all the partnerships, philosophies or values you held close to. You are sailing to a completely different shore and trying each pina colada on each beach resort. Why? You are searching for the right and perfect thing and your purpose. It is time to relax now as you need it after putting in so much effort and being a money machine. In this next quarter, make a routine of watching the sunrise. Also, consider, reflecting on situations that came around in the month of August last year. 

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Watch that tongue of yours, dear Geminis. Staying still will help you a lot in navigating through the next quarter. It might be that you are trying alternative therapies like aromatherapy, and sound therapy and are educating yourself on various things in life. Were you getting suddenly angry in the last few months? Do not worry at all as calmness will arrive soon. You have undergone a phase where you had to retreat and repair your energetic tanks. 


The moments where you will find yourself clenching your jaw every now and then are arriving. You are powerful dear Cancer, so don’t deny that and just make peace with it. In this quarter, your vicious side shall reign for sure. Watch for dreams too and keep a dream journal handy if possible. 


What things did you start around February this year? You will be working on the same for this quarter. Specifically, if you are a Leo ascendant you will see yourself rinsing all the karma you had with your relationships. Time to expand your space and opportunities. Even if you are in your 50s and eager to learn something new, then do that for sure. Also, your financial situation will be something you will be mending. Focus on what you owe and are liable for whatever reasons. A joint financial situation can be at the core of issues or blessings you might be dealing with here. 


Get out of your head and take a walk on the fields dear Virgo. Rearrange, revamp and re-do stuff during this time. Although people you are dealing with can give off a deceptive vibe you will create a framework for yourself to navigate and filter them out. Don’t miss out on details at all. If you are a millennial you will be feeling a pull and push around this time. Page of Wands alerts you with the fact that you need to grow up and also make a futuristic choice.

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Heads up! Tropically speaking in the terms of astrology, the eclipses are incoming in your sign. It might reveal something huge in your life and move things further. You are being asked to take responsibility and show up for other people that make your day-to-day life a breeze. That’s how you will balance the yin and yang energy. We also recommend you watch the movie “Whale” and absorb the good stuff and perspective. Affirmation for you – “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”


Feel it all dear Scorpio. You are delving deep and also feeling emotional about many things. We urge you to talk about that vulnerable side to a confidante. It makes us think that a teacher or guru will ignite that learning drive within you. It might be a friend who is very dear to you as well. You are honing your creative aura here during this quarter. 


June is the month to watch out for. You might change your fitness routine or would take an immense effort in making your diet perfect. Make plans that align with you and don’t sail the hype if you don’t want to. We recommend taking a walk on green grass and keeping the earthy elements close to you. Basically, grounding practices shall help! 


You know sometimes the external forces aren’t as disruptive as the internal conflicts are. Why do internal conflicts arise? Because we aren’t sure about some things. In this next quarter getting sure and reworking through your expectations would be a theme. You might not like heading to any social media or community space to interact because you are very much involved in your solo projects. Be assertive as much as you can and know that whatever is happening now is the consequence of your past actions which is totally fine.


Great opportunities are incoming! Your intellect is needed at the forefront of our human collective. If you have heard of the latest tech developments dear Aquarius your futuristic worldview can create exceptional ideas for you and others. If possible, use this energy to help other people online/offline. 


If you have been wanting to start a knitting project or any creative work then this phase can give you a boost. You can heal through art, dear Pisces. We will get to meet the dreamy and stoic you in a few years. Your self-esteem will grow for sure eventually. Just tread through the low points and look at the horizon for the next few months. It will help! Any motherly figure in your inner circle might be of great help to you as well. 

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