Tarot Quarterly Horoscope (April, May, June) For 12 Zodiac Signs!

As we finish off with the first quarter of 2024 we are still in the eclipse season. Depending upon our personal energies and planetary alignments the impact can be felt and can’t be denied. With the summer equinox, we are in this divine territory where the temperatures are soaring high everywhere and the days are getting longer. Allow this Tarot Quarterly Horoscope to bring a sense of calmness as you navigate the second quarter of 2024. Kindly check readings for your rising zodiac signs and note that our expert Tarot Vrushali uses tropical astrology for these forecasts.

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For this horoscope, the Rider Waite Tarot deck has been used.

Quarterly Forecast For 12 Zodiacs (April, May, June)


Dear Aries, you are at the helm of starting something new and shifting something in your life. You might feel very overwhelmed as you stride your way forward. Being selfish or thinking of what you want can subconsciously create a bit of guilt. Try to avoid going into that territory and maintain an assertive approach. This is going to prove a winning mindset, dear Aries. The two cards that got picked for you are The Strength and The Magician card, and the one word that describes these is – Power! You are entering a new era and this is a fateful time to direct your energy towards your favorite passion project or work overall. Your financial approach will go through a rehaul as well. 

Tarot Quarterly Horoscope reveals that people might approach you and you can’t stop being generous with them, mainly friends and siblings can come around. If you are seeking to transform your appearance or have a makeover this quarter can allow you that space. A good time to prove your self-mastery in the field of your interest as well as hone your craft and use the resources in your hands. We also recommend giving yourself some time to compartmentalize your energies in June. Be careful while working with any sharp object around or in your kitchen. If you are into athletics and want to revamp your diet routine under a nutritionist’s guidance, please consider.

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Dear Taurus, in this quarter, approach your wellness with lots of dedication. It is time to implement a plan that caters to your mental and physical well-being. If you’d like it would be super beneficial to consider sleep hygiene on priority as well as keeping a dream journal. If you are working on a plan, mid-April would be a poignant time. A good period to establish yourself online or in the tech industry. 

An expansive energy that is very futuristic will be running in your veins. Travel comes up a lot for you this quarter. If you are a homebody then we recommend consuming something that expands your horizons, learning different cuisines or about culture. It is also a good time to work on the home front, like mending something, purchasing a piece of utility equipment for the household, etc. When we see three of wands, temperance in reversed, and knight of pentacles for you, we think of – Internal expansion and external patience! If you have a makeover on your to-do list, initiate it in the month of May, dear Taurus. May and June are great months to shop for something luxurious as well.

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A great quarter to streamline your future direction. Think of what you already love to do and how you can share your passion and creativity with the community. During the month of April, you will see a shift happening in your entrepreneurial spirit and future goals, romantic life and your aspirations. When we see The Empress and Nine of Wands in reverse for you, we think of – the exponential boost of creative inspiration! 

We really recommend using your craft or your idea and talking to people about it, your tribe! Also, don’t feel anywhere inferior at all, you got this! Tarot Quarterly Horoscope says that the month of May might want you to indulge in some behind-the-scenes project or task while June will be all about being patient with the time. If you see delays or feel out of luck, we recommend holding on to it for some more time and you will see positive development. If you are employed and would like to insist on appraisal, take that step around May.


When we look at the cards we have got for you- seven of wands in reverse and seven of cups along with the ace of cups, we think of – Unending trials! It comes up that due to some reasons you are exploring ways you can fall in love with yourself and know much better about yourself. 

Also, as you are unable to let go of something, you are confused at the same time. But your emotions declare the need and are required to explore it all. But see it as a test, if you don’t manage your explorations with a logical mind, there is a chance that you might lose sight of your goals. Rising on top and improving your status will feel more blissful to you, dear Cancer! May is lovely for you if you are in a leadership position. It is likely that you will start a new project or change your industry completely to start your venture. So, stay open for wonderful opportunities coming your way!

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Dear Leo, energies are testing you in many ways in this quarter. If anything related to a career is creating a slight unease, take a pause but don’t make any hasty decisions. If you are someone who is wondering about going back to University to pursue a course or just wants to take a break and go travel, this quarter would help you devise a plan! But again, wade carefully and do not make impulsive decisions. 

Also, think of what your relationship with your mentors is like and how it has changed over time. You could also meet your past teachers or seek their guidance for something. Also, turning to them can improve your confidence! When we see Nine of Pentacles and Knight of Cups for you, we think of – Seeking answers and growth! Be sweet and compassionate and note that it doesn’t matter if you are in your fifties or so, you can be a learner at any age.

Also, these skills can take your career to another level! Other people can help you expand your futuristic goals and aspirations as we wrap up this quarter of 2024.


This quarter you are burning down the bridges with anyone or something that doesn’t bring you joy. You will see that you are changing or expanding the sources of income and how you see or use other people’s resources as well. A great time for anyone who works in a research-related, investment-related field. 

When talking about values, we see that you will be changing your attitude towards cultural values, basically. We like how career-oriented this quarter is going to be for you. Everyday work life will be transforming for the better and you will have its rewards ahead in the future. A great time to check in with yourself on things you want to change and shift when it comes to your reasoning and communication style too. When we see The devil in reverse, 10 of cups, and The hierophant, we think of one word –  Free! Free to feel everything and do it all, your way!

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Dear Libra, Tarot Quarterly Horoscope is seeing some transformation happening when it comes to your one-on-one relationships and partnerships. We encourage you to also take care of your well-being and create a wellness routine if you haven’t already. If you are single and are ready to mingle, April gives a great head start! There is a need to communicate with your partners clearly and with grace. Likely, in a fair way! 

When we see your cards, Queen of cards, five of wands, and eight of pentacles, we think of – Ideas are blessings! Get as much clarity as you need, work on it, get certified, and weave a perfect future for you. If you are a parent, potentially they can venture out to study or for work-related matters. A good time to mend all the quarrels with your partner and work towards improving the relationship.


Dear Scorpio, it is likely that your sleep cycle might already feel a bit out of the cycle. Are you staying awake late at night scrolling or just worrying? Kindly consider, indulging in some sweet leisurely activities before going to bed that will potentially improve your sleep habits. In April you have a good opportunity to establish a new routine around health and work. 

April and May might be the best when it comes to improving your routine or planning a workout at the gym. You might feel very inspired in general! When we see nine of pentacles, knight of cups, and five of swords in reverse for you, we think of – Sweet and curious and kind! Be kind to yourself around this time dear Scorpio. Around June, make sure you know which people in your life are better off without you, there is the possibility that you might sever ties. Wrapping this quarter can help you love quiet space and slow living even more.

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Dear Sagittarius, the centaur is the symbol to depict your sign. During this quarter you might end your stint on a particular social media or would love to take frequent detox. This is a great time to get back to hobbies, do some painting and nurture your inner child. When we see Ten of Swords and Six of Cups, we think of – Letting go to welcome the new version! It is great if you consider letting go of the friends with whom you don’t feel aligned anymore and go back to a book which you loved in the past. 

You are taking stock and you are done with something! The month of May will accelerate and speed up your creativity and will also give courage to possibly start an independent version where you get a chance to shine and perform. If you are into alternative medicine and eager to learn more about it this quarter could nudge and inspire you to take it up. Also, a project that went through a lot of revisions gets a chance to be seen by your audience. This quarter the relationships stand out the most for you, the cycle of ending and beginning can be seen in those aspects. If you have been holding onto false expectations, they may need a rehaul as you wrap up this quarter of 2024.


Dear Capricorn, not only your financials and career will be getting a boost around this time but also your home will require your attention. Either you aren’t able to establish a strong foundation because you are living far away from your native home or you would be required to go back home for some reason. 

When we see Four of Wands in reverse with The Tower and Seven of Cups, we think of – turbulence within oneself or at home. Also, certain situations might arise where you need to tweak some aspects on priority. Watch out for your communications with everyone as certain tantrums can be thrown by you or at you, so manage accordingly. Try to build a sense of self, work on happiness at your home, and diplomatically use boundaries. A good quarter to build resilience, and independence and create something good and quirky if you grab a chance.


Dear Aquarius, a beautiful month for you! As we see your cards, The Magician and The Fool, we think of – fresh and powerful beginnings! You have all the resources to convey your point of view and lead your authoritarian voice all through. It is a good time to build a strategic financial system that endures all ups and downs. Consider eliminating any consumption of information that doesn’t make sense to you anymore. 

It is possible and there is potential to change your reading habits, and learning habits as well.  Short-distance travel can be seen as well. Make sure the schedule is known prior and you have all the documents required. Also, there could be delays or some issues with commuting so schedule your day with a buffer time while going for appointments and so on. Someone new or elderly could move in with you as you wrap up this quarter as well. A male influence can be seen with the Emperor card on my table. But any potential delays and all won’t stop you from going ahead and will not overwhelm you. we see you doing your best!

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Dear Pisces, this quarter is important for you when it comes to your food-eating habits, rituals, self-esteem, and finances. When we look at your cards, Nine of Swords and Queen of Pentacles tell me that something could possibly make you feel paranoid about something and restless. An opportunity can be quite testing and would require you to become more responsible. We recommend getting help or assistance from anyone in your field or so, as they could enlighten you with different perspectives. Watch out for your habits, dear Pisces! Practicing grounding meditation during this quarter would help.

Your clarity and courage will help you as you wrap up this quarter, says Tarot Quarterly Horoscope. This quarter focuses on you! All aspects of you.

If you need further guidance in navigating this quarter of 2024 feel free to reach out to Tarot Vrushali.

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