January Tarot Monthly Horoscope: Good News For Some Zodiacs In 2024!

Tarot Cards As A Tool Of Divination 

Tarot cards are an ancient deck of cards and a form of divination that has been used by numerous mystics and tarot readers across cultures to access and deepen their intuition in the form of Tarot Spreads. The usage of the cards for greater spiritual development and self-understanding dates back to ancient times. Entering the arcane world of Tarot is a daunting experience if an individual comes in to seek answers to important and life changing questions with faith and humility. 

Tarot reading is definitely not some spooky session meant to entertain you and your friends, as thought to be by many. The 78 cards Deck with its intricate and mysterious illustrations has the power to let out the darkest secrets and your deepest fears which are hidden from the rest of the world. 

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Before we dive deep into what Tarot has in store for us for the month of January, 2024 let us understand where this potent magical tool comes from. The origin of Tarot dates back to the 1400’s and the very first mentions of it are known to come from Italy and its nearby areas. It was initially treated as a mere game of cards and Noble families and Royalties would instruct artists to create lavish illustrations to entertain their friends and guests who’d come over for parties. The cards were actually put to divinatory use only around the 16th century, when mystics around Europe started to practice and learn; as to how the deck was to spread out systematically and used their intuitive powers to decipher the hidden truths behind those intricate drawings and from then on Tarot was no more just a deck of cards. During medieval times, Tarot however was associated with witchcraft and bore the backlash of superstition and was shunned from the mainstream world of fortune telling for decades to come. 

It has now once again found fame recently a few decades ago when Tarot Reading was reintroduced into the mainstream arcane world and is definitely basking in this new found glory. It is once more being used as a main tool for divination in India and across the globe and definitely deserves the fame and respect it has garnered. Now, without further ado let’s dive into the world of Tarot and know what it has in store for all 12 zodiac signs for the month of January, 2024. 

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January Tarot Monthly Horoscope 2024: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: Wheel Of Fortune

Finance: Three of Wands

Career: Temperance

Health: Six of Cups

The Wheel of Fortune predicts that your lovelife will head towards a positive change. The cosmos is supporting your relationship, whether you’re thinking about taking a step ahead and making it official or whether you are moving towards a new relationship altogether. Singles can also expect things to spice up a little.

Three of Wands is a good card to draw in a financial reading, Aries. It implies that you will earn through multiple and new sources of income. There are chances of you moving abroad in search of better financial opportunities and you may find the stability you’re looking for.

Temperance in a career reading suggests that you need to strike a balance in your work and with your colleagues so that you can work smoothly. You need to strike a balance so that you can enhance the qualities and skills that you possess. 

The Six of Cups advises that you may need their assistance or you may be able to help others with your spiritual insight or wisdom. In any case, you will benefit from the experience, thus it is worthwhile to reach out to individuals. You might be studying the Tarot or developing your divination skills. 

Lucky Color: Tomato Red


Love: Two of Pentacles

Finance: Five of Swords

Career: Three of Pentacles

Health: Six of Pentacles

You are weighing your options as far as your love life is concerned Taurus. You may also be stressing yourself out trying to balance your career, family, and relationship. All of these things demand effort, and this month could be extra hard on you.

Five of Swords in a financial reading is asking you to be ethical and honorable when dealing with finances. It says that if you don’t watch your actions then your act will surely come back to haunt you. This could also be a sign to be wary of anyone who may take your money away unethically. Beware!

You will find yourself putting double efforts this month. Three of Pentacles is asking you to be ethical and committed to your work and you shall be rewarded similarly. You are being guided to use your experience and skills; this may take you to a level of higher learning and achievement. 

King of Pentacles in a health reading suggests that this month will fly by in a breeze as you feel so active, enthusiastic and good about your health. You will spend a lively month surrounded by family, friends and your loved ones.

Lucky Color: Silver


Love: Page of Cups

Finance: Justice

Career: Queen of Pentacles

Health: Knight of Swords

Heya Geminis! Page of Cups in a love reading is a welcome card. It signifies proposals, unions and weddings in some cases. Take what resonates but the Page of cups is indicating that you are in a love bombing phase of your relationship and the coming week is going to be equally full of love.

The Justice card here is asking you to be honorable towards your finances if you want rewards out of it. What we mean by saying this is that you should be earning your money from the right sources and the right way. Also, spending mindlessly may cost you a dime in the future so be careful. 

Queen of Pentacles in  a career reading is a good card. It explains that you are comfortable wherever you are in your career right now. Be it your workplace, your career achievements or the position you have attained. You are comfortable and feel nurtured at work. It’s your happy place. 

Knight of Swords in a health reading says that you will soon enter a phase of recovery. You were probably taking on life too swiftly and stress and anxiety got the better of you but in the coming week you will start to feel better and seek help if needed.

Lucky Color: Light Yellow


Love: The Fool

Finance: Six of Cups

Career: Queen of Swords

Health: The Moon

Dear Cancers, When The Fool shows up in a love tarot reading, get ready to embark on a new adventure. You’ll need to experience new things in order to find the romance that you desire. Be willing to take risks, be bold and expand your vision of the world and you may end up finding love in the most unlikely places. 

Six of Cups in a financial reading points towards you receiving financial assistance this week. You could receive gifts as well as charitable giving when it comes to money. It might also mean that you have a legacy. The Six of Cups can also appear while you are considering establishing a will or are actually writing one.

Queen of Swords in a career reading states that you might get support, help, or helpful criticism from an older woman at work. This woman is classy, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and competent. This woman can impart you with needed wisdom and knowledge needed to grow in your career.

The Moon in a health reading points towards blocked emotions and psychological issues. There are some issues that need attention and you should seek professional help.

Lucky Color: Pearl White


Love: Six of Wands

Finance: Three of Pentacles 

Career: The Chariot

Health: King of Wands

Leos, Six of Wands is a positive card to receive in a love reading. Either you and your partner will take the plunge and move ahead with your wedding plans or you may celebrate a milestone together. This week will definitely bring in good news. You may even celebrate the birth of a child.

Three of Pentacles is a card that depicts an easy flow of finances. You have learned to manage your finances well and make logical decisions. You are not one to spend on unnecessary things. You can achieve further financial stability. You will be making some calculated investments this week.

The Chariot in a career reading suggests that your career is moving in the right direction and you will be able to achieve whatever goal you set your focus on. This month will bring in a lot of positive changes on the career front and you will feel a sense of achievement.

King of Wands points towards excellent health for the whole month and this is definitely excellent news. You will be able to fully focus on other important aspects of life with full force and energy. 

Lucky Color: Bright Orange


Love:  Ace of Cups

Finance: Queen of Wands

Career: The High Priestess

Health: Four of Wands

Ace of Cups in a love reading is an excellent card to receive Virgos! It indicates new and happy beginnings and a great start to your romantic life. It represents love, intimacy, true feelings and compassion. You may find yourself developing new and meaningful relationships and friendships this week that could go a long way.

Queen of Wands in a financial reading suggests that this week you will not spend on trivial things and plan your finances logically. This week could be crucial for your financial planning as this could mark the foundation on which you will plan your future expenses.

The High Priestess indicates the need for you to complete your education on time and prioritize it for you to have a successful and long career. You may be earning already and therefore may not feel the need to really focus on studies but you must complete your education is what this highly spiritual lady is trying to tell you.

Four of Wands for a health reading suggests that there is a need for you to rest to be able to rejuvenate yourself. There’s still time till you can have a more positive outlook towards your life in general and taking a break for the same is necessary for you to recover fully.

Lucky Color: Emerald Green


Love: Three of Swords

Finance: Strength

Career: The Hermit

Health: Page of Swords

Three of Swords in love is bad news Libras. suggests tears, heartache, and conflict in relationships. It may indicate a period of difficulty, misunderstandings, or betrayal. There is an urgent need for open communication with your partner and sort out the conflicts.

Financially you’re doing very well Libras and there is not much to worry about for you this new year. You will sail through the month easily as you are stable and comfortable with your financial situation. You can expect to grow further exponentially. 

The Hermit explains that you have set some career goals for yourself and are too focused on your profession. It could be possible that you have some important project coming up and want to put your whole energy on it. 

Page of Swords talks about you gaining perspective and clarity in life regarding the mundane everyday things happening around you so that you do not fall into the trap and disturb your peace of mind leading to stress and ill health in turn. 

Lucky Color: Pink


Love: Five of Swords

Finance: Four of Wands

Career: Six of Swords

Health: The Lovers

Poor communication and misunderstandings are killing your relationship Scorpios and the Five of Swords serves as a wake up call if you want things to improve between you and your partner. Angst, negative emotions, lying, etc have spoiled your relationship. Make an effort to communicate and put an end to conflicts.

Four of Wands in a financial reading promises to bring good news. It signifies stability and financial security. Your hard work and careful planning have paid off, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Six of Swords in a career reading states that you might be in a phase in your career where you’re thinking of moving from one company to another or trying to transition from one role to another and looking forward to a brighter future. It may also mean moving away from home or leaving your comfort zone.

The Lovers symbolizes that receiving the proper support will help you get through any health challenges this week. This could be a partner or friend providing support and encouragement, or it could be a doctor or healthcare provider.

Lucky Color: Purple


Love: Six of Cups

Finance: Ten of Pentacles

Career: Two of Pentacles

Health: The Chariot

Your past is coming to life once again Sagis. This month you may return to the past and the nostalgia that goes along with it. You may be looking back on pleasant memories, appreciating your partner’s comforting familiarity, or perhaps running into an old flame.

Ten of Pentacles in a financial reading is a positive omen and talks of good things coming your way and an overall abundance. This card indicates huge gains and materialistic comforts coming your way this month of August.

You’re probably juggling between two jobs or multiple careers to make ends meet and putting in a lot of effort to make a stable living. It is now telling you to put in a little extra effort and get your career rolling.

The Chariot in a health spread talks about you now moving on the road to recovery after a period of illness or injury. It is a positive card and represents healing after a rough period. 

Lucky Color: Dark Yellow


Love: The Tower

Finance: Four of Pentacles

Career: Three of Cups

Health: Justice

Oh Dear Capricorns, The Tower is bad news. It seems like your relationship has reached its breaking point. Every little fight escalates to a BIG argument within minutes and you spend more time thinking whether this relationship is right for you. It’s time to move on sweetheart. 

Four of Pentacles shows that at least the finances will not be an issue for you this month. You have worked very hard to reach where you are currently in terms of finances and you will now enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Three of Cups definitely tells that your career is fun and gives you an opportunity to mingle with people from across the globe. You could come in touch with people amongst your network circle who can help you grow in your career. Job change is possible this month. 

Justice tells us that this month you will not be dealing with any major health issue. In case you were suffering from some health issues you will now heal and recover from any ailments you were facing recently.

Lucky Color: Brown


Love: Four of Cups

Finance: Queen of Wands

Career: Four of Wands

Health: Eight of Swords

Hey Aquarius! The Four of Cups shows that you are too focused on the one that got away. You are thinking about the missed opportunities too much and wasting your time sulking. In the process you’re unable to even notice the potential offers that are looming around. 

With the Queen of Wands you will be able to make smart financial decisions this month. You are finally putting in the experience you have gained over the years and making logical decisions when it comes to managing your finances. You now know the importance of financial management.

Four of Wands in a career reading suggests that you are well settled in your career and feel well respected and valued as an employee, as a team member or as a boss too. This month will come in with loads of achievements for you and you will soak in the glory of success.

Eight of Swords suggests that you may feel burdened by self doubts and you could even suffer from bouts of depression from time to time this month. It is better to talk it out with someone you trust and take care of yourself. 

Lucky Color: Dark Blue


Love: The Fool

Finance: Seven of Pentacles

Career: Death

Health: Seven of Wands

The Fool suggests you may bump into a new love interest this month Pisces. This card suggests that you’ll need to experience new things in order to find the kind of person you desire or idolize. Be willing to take risks, be bold and you may end up finding love in the most unlikely places. Surprises are in store for you.

Seven of Pentacles in a financial reading states that this month you will finally feel like your efforts are paying off and your investments will finally pay you back in abundance. You have worked hard to build your finances and its time to finally enjoy it.

Death in a career reading states that it’s time for a change or a new path. You might be unhappy with your current job but hesitate to let go of the security it offers. It encourages you to make a career shift and embrace the changes, even if they seem challenging.

Seven of Wands in health You have come in association with an illness that is becoming nuances for you. This card indicates that you might have to struggle quite a bit due to this illness.

Lucky Color: Maroon


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