Tarot Horoscope Insights For All 12 Zodiacs: The Last Quarter Of 2023

The weather is changing its strides and we are about to enter the last lap of this brilliant year 2023. In the months gone by, we all experienced, planets going retrograde and forming different aspects which brought specific changes in our lives for sure. In the next three months collectively and individually, we will be working with eclipses and planets going direct. Also, note that the way our respective natal charts respond to the current energies matters a lot too. 

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In this quarterly forecast we will gain some insights into aligning our energies with the zesty vibe planets are exuding. 

But first, let’s see what tarot cards say about the collective energies for the months ahead. Kindly note that the tropical house system has been used in the readings. 

Collectively we are about to indulge ourselves in the expansive tastes we have inculcated along the way. It is about how our routine, food, and self-esteem are working out cohesively just the way we want. People might feel more open to receiving and communicating sensibly. With the ace of cups, it seems to me that we are standing on the threshold anew. Ready to get our door in the foot and try new things. With retrogrades and other movements, we might have been feeling stuck but now we have grasped an idea of what’s right for us, overall. 

When you look at the Ace of Cups there is a sense of kindness and compassion to it too. There is a need for us all to balance the nature of expression and have mature perspectives while expressing the same. Bombarding someone with our philosophies and ideas can make the whole process stagnant eventually. The upcoming cycles of eclipses are fresh and are going to ask us to imbibe a sense of individuality in the long run. Reaching a point where we understand each other’s point of view in a diplomatic way will be good. But, there is a hindrance of our past actions playing out now and the collective might need to face its consequences. 

If you have any recreation hubs near your locality then as a good deed for society you may host a workshop or yoga practice there. There is a need here to communicate information or share something related to health, wellness practice and so on. A really good time to implement good habits too. 

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Quarterly Forecast For 12 Zodiacs: October, November, December


Dear Aries, it is a period where you will realize that many core-level changes are happening in your life. If you need rest and if people’s expectations of you are making you feel exhausted; do take a break for a day or two at least. You will be having a fated change coming up in your partnership sector as the October 14th eclipse arrives. In the months ahead you will feel a nudge to change the systems in your life and the way you face things courageously will matter a lot. The 8 of Pentacles in reverse which is pulled for you tells us that you will be looking back to the work you have put in and strategizing your steps forward. No false expectations from yourself, go back to the plain board and figure out what needs to be sorted to chase your goals. It might be that you are just simply too tired to take up more work, so take an emotional and physical break if possible. Direct your daily activities in such a way that will help you flourish in the long run. Wrap up the year and think of how you cultivated self-esteem and abundance in the months gone by. 


Dear Taurus, in the next three months you have a chance to start a new workout regime, skincare routine or anything you do to take care of yourself physically. If you have been grabbing sweets a lot these days, just a heads up to lower the consumption of the same. Also, you may be working out your financial year as well. Amidst the rising cost of living you sure can come up with frugal and efficient solutions. Make sure you are diving deep into how you see yourself and whether there are any beliefs or values you see changing. Take a note of it! 

If you have been wondering why so & so people are getting attracted to you, well, dear Taurus, it is just what the energies are doing in the cosmos. Still, be very cautious of anyone texting or approaching you and be safe out there while you explore. Dear Taurus, You will rise up as you wrap up the year 2023. You are becoming wise, dear Taurus! The card for you is the Ace of Wands and it definitely talks about growth and potential you have. 


The card we have for you is The Hanged Man in reverse and we feel that this is you coming out of the Mercury retrograde and restarting your journey ahead with a new perspective. You are turning back on, dear Gemini!! Tarot Horoscope says that your creative projects, hobbies and romance will get a fresh start in this final quarter and it looks amazing. It is going to be a very creative and emotional time for you so if you are an artist or even have a hobby, please pursue it! As you wrap up the year we recommend keeping a dream journal by the bedside. You might get very different and potent insights via dreams. Dear Gemini, don’t resist the change! 

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As a Cardinal water sign dear Cancer, you will be feeling the next three months quite intensely. So, plan your schedule and carve some time for self-love. The card we have for you is the 9 of cups in reverse which tells us that you are not counting your blessings or are overdoing something out of indulgence. Which, dear Cancer, can have its consequences! If you have been looking to start a family or build a new home this is going to be a period which will trigger that plan to move forward. As you wrap up the year, make sure you create a bucket list as you look at your bright future. 


Dear Leo, indeed you have found something you can adore while Venus was retrograding in your sign. I hope it was a great experience, and trust us, this new aura which you carry will help you a lot in the years to come. If you are someone who is looking to get back to school or start a project maybe by collaborating with someone, then you can start planning already. You will feel a spark that will help you connect with people who have similar interests just like you. The card we have for you is the Nine of Pentacles which tells us that you have been figuring out ways to stay true to your element and build a quality that is bankable. Value your time and you will be sorted, dear Leo. As you wrap up the year, you might feel relief when it comes to your work situation or so. Also, if you have a love interest who you are thinking could be your life partner, these are the months that will give you clarity. Keep pondering and take notes!  


Dear Virgo, If you have been planning to explore a new city or even country then please do so. There might be some delays though in regards to travel but nonetheless you will enjoy what comes after it all. Even if it is possible to dive into a new culture via forums or so then do that. Around the new year, any hiccups on the way will disappear. You have been assigned tasks to work out your finances and think of how it all adds to your status. Budgeting is the key! This is also a time when themes such as inheritance, joint financial resources, and partner’s income can come into the picture. 


As per the Tarot Horoscope. the Tarot card that we pulled for you is The High Priestess and this is the second major arcana card and talks about intuitiveness, mysticism and inner wisdom. Inner tranquility will be something you will be chasing because there might be certain anger flare-ups coming from your side. Go back to basics, go back to roots, trust and have faith in the process dear Libra as you wrap up this year. Your inner wisdom and your temperament will help you in making the most of the last lap of 2023.  

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The Tarot card which we pulled for you dear Scorpio is The Knight of Wands and it signifies fire energy. In the next three months, you will be feeling energetic and in your element. See how you can help people who are living in adverse conditions and find actionable solutions. You will revive your vitality and it is very likely that you will get done all the tasks quite fast as well. Great time for anyone who is an athlete and into other sports too. Dear Scorpio, wrap up this year by showing gratitude to your inner circle who have helped you in your journey so far. Your one-on-one relationship can help in boosting your self-esteem and give you important advice. If you are stuck in a rut don’t hesitate to ask anyone for advice. 


Dear Sagittarius, the card we have for you is 8 of Pentacles and we remember one of the other signs getting this card as well. But anyway, this card talks about dedication and getting the benefits of your past efforts. In this next quarter, you might feel like you aren’t receiving any appreciation or there is slight confusion in some regard. Do not worry, consider this time to revise the project you have been working towards. By the end of the year, things will start moving forward smoothly. Take care of your well-being around this time and implement a good routine. If you are looking for work then you will be aligned with great potential offers. It is a good time to seek new work or so dear Sagittarius. 


Dear Capricorn, the card we have for you is The Empress. Personally, The Empress is our favourite major arcana card. During this last lap of 2023 align your creative energies and pursue a project or a hobby, dear Capricorn. It is time to nurture the kids around you and invite playfulness into your life. This period is going to be very fertile for you and you may attract a lot of abundance around this time. There will be a new shift coming up in your career which is fated. Expand your horizons by networking with people from other cultural backgrounds or so. We recommend scrolling through or turning pages of books in the dating & relationships genre. You will be getting new insights concerning your love life as well. You wrap up this year by feeling blessed and content. Hurray! 


Dear Aquarius, Tarot Horoscope says that October is going to be a very important month for you as we start with our last quarter of this year. The card we pulled for you is The Justice which talks about being fair in every way. If you are wondering whether you can pursue any short courses or masters around this time; please consider giving it a go. Themes like education, law, fair trade, and home improvement can come up. The energies will align you with your future goals as well. If you are involved with someone, they can move away to another place or something might change. Ask your friend to come over to your place and spend some merry time together, dear Aquarius. You will wrap up 2023 with bliss for sure. 


Dear Pisces, the card we pulled for you is the Temperance in reverse. Your courage to get through things will help you a lot around this time. Your mind will be quick and agile and overall it will help you to make correct choices. In the last lap of 2023, you will be dealing with themes such as inheritance, partners’ money, spirituality, siblings and so on. There will be a great sense of compassion building in your partnership sector as well. Patience would be very necessary along the way and your partner will help you a lot as well. I recommend speaking about any discomfort you are experiencing with the people you trust and seeking help whenever you can. Wrap up this year by considering and auditing your information consumption, dear Pisces. Keep your mind as clear as possible. 

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