Quarterly Tarot Predictions (July, August, & September): Cards Have Revealed The Future!

We are still making sense of the eclipse season that just happened in the last couple of months. It might have scraped some unwanted, unaligned people, things, or beliefs from your system. I assure you that the changes that took place are irreversible and things are just going to get better and forge you forward. Specifically, I would like you to consider the eclipse that happened during the first week of May 2023. After that point, you might have felt the urge to transform something or to let go of something. That cycle is completed and blessings are on its way to be yours. 

I am here with the collective tarot reading along with a 3-month forecast for all the 12 signs.

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What am I picking up on the collective level?

I would like to note here that I sense a feeling of restlessness. It is coming up to the point where one is stopping being vulnerable or at least being honest with oneself before becoming with others. Self-sufficiency, self-love, integrity and values are getting whisked. There is an excess of stubbornness that isn’t making the foundation you are standing above that strong. But, as we walk through this quarter things might slow down and the veil of false belief might lift up for all of us to address and then conquer. 

The online world will be playing a very important role along with the general community you feel a part of. One might also see some creative boost in the collective minds for sure. Self-defeating beliefs might shut us off from experiencing the bounty. Businesses in our community or merchants might face some issues somehow. There is a requirement for all of us to understand if we are indulging in any situation passive-aggressively or so. By the end of this quarter, our souls will feel replenished.  

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My advice – 

  1. Plan a manageable routine.
  2. Notice if you are being too fixated on something.
  3. Discern when you should speak and about what. 
  4. Give yourself some time to relax. 
  5. Schedule stargazing.

General affirmation – “ The heart always says Yes and joy is the ultimate creator” 

Now let us dive into each sign. I recommend checking your Ascendant and Sun Sign. 


Aries the work you have put in will come to fruition around this time. This quarter of 2023 will bring exciting opportunities for you to make them yours. Stay out of confusion and keep your purpose intact. If you are wondering whether to start a new home project or a new journaling practice this quarter gives you a green flag to do so. 

In July, I see you might feel the need to reschedule your meetups with your friends possibly as you might prioritize your work more. Your money and finances will receive a touch of luck too. Finish up that project dear Aries. Ask yourself – “What are your expectations from your friends?” I see your friend’s circle changing or it can also mean that you are attracting more powerful friends or acquaintances.

Affirmation – “I seek and claim the blessings that come my way”


The way you think matters dear Taurus. We have seen some tides turning for you in real time. Some seeds are sowed and for it to grow you need to bring that conscious element where you feed it with clear thoughts. Be clear and not be confused about anything. In the month of September, I recommend you go on a retreat or go on a detox as you might have an urge to chase solitude and quiet. That is a nice thing to do dear Taurus as more hustle awaits for you in the months ahead. 

Your relationship with your children would be a focus too during this time. Maybe, you need to restrict them or reiterate your boundaries to them. Your child might begin a new chapter in their life. This is a potent time to build a relationship with the kids and your inner sense of self simultaneously. If you want to purchase a vehicle or so consider doing that in mid-September or after. If I want to pick my favorite month for you then that would be September.

Affirmation – “I resonate with calm right now” 


Gemini if you have been through a heartbreak recently or so I am really sorry to hear that. One thing I will reassure you of is that whatever you weren’t seeing prior about the things that hurt you in the past, now you can take notice of it and won’t put it under the rug. I recommend you practice movement of some sort like dancing, brisk walking or Zumba.  

If you are a Gemini according to the tropical zodiac the next couple of months would be witnessing closing or starting chapters in your love department and your social life overall. Keep the faith and know that the right one will find you. If you took up any creative project or so you will be allocating more time to review it or enhancing some other facets. 

Affirmation – “I embrace my unique qualities and celebrate the person I am becoming” 

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Firstly, dear Cancers I am seeing that you will be enjoying the month of July. I see you will be having a great fresh start that will help you loosen up a bit. Your income might get a nudge up and you might love to indulge in some exotic and sweet things. Around this time, you might see a culmination of some sort happening with your spouse or someone you have known for quite some time. Figure out what gains you will be getting from your current work life. This stuff might have penetrated your mighty brain late back in February. 

I also see you moving places or traveling somewhere. If you are not very happy with where you are currently right now you may feel a boost of gratitude and find some sort of calm and healing. If someone hinders your peace and mindset try to center yourself and may be put on strong boundaries and don’t allow them in. Somehow if you might have parted ways with someone in the last couple of months you will be contemplating and reflecting on what has happened. The month of September looks good for you to travel and aim forward. Kindly note that if you are willing to get a different hairstyle or revamp your wardrobe all of a sudden do that before 15th July or late September. 

Affirmation: “I am aligned with my purpose”


Your birthday month is here and look how far you’ve come, dear Leos. Watch out if you have been using your limelight in a not-so-moral way at the moment. People will be tempted to reach out to you it seems but you might not appreciate such excessive attention you are getting at the moment. You have been feeling free as well so enjoy it with a sense of pride. If you have been facing any kind of power struggle with your partners then make sure you are asserting yourself more precisely. 

This might also be a great time for you to shine in your local community or even on your social media. In other scenarios, if you see yourself stuck in some unhealthy situation with anyone try to be decisive at your best and seek help if need be. Your work life or your relationship with your boss will be good and lucky around this time. 

Affirmation: “I make the most of this given moment” 


Chase the sunshine, dear Virgos! I see you would be very happy to indulge or take some responsibility for home affairs this quarter. Some of you could sense a soulmate kind of person coming into your life and getting charmed by you. If you have any festivities or any other auspicious events scheduled around these months then you will be enjoying it a lot. 

If you would like to travel you can avail of the time before September begins. Look out for any expenses and try to prioritize budgeting if possible. You will be fair in your approach and judgements around this time and if suddenly you wish to change your lane think of Karma. Be fair and nail down the foundation on which you want to build and nurture your life. 

Affirmation: “ I am excited for the opportunity each new day brings”


Seek your old mentors or teachers around this time dear Libras. It might be someone who is your Guru who might have something very profound to say to you. Set up career goals and prioritize the way you view your social life and your authority. If you want to see your career or work with some gentleness instead of reviewing it in a stern manner then do so. 

Whatever feels right for you at this moment in time is going to be extremely helpful. If you are married your partner’s monetary status will be changing a bit too. I recommend working on your inner child by either reading materials, watching videos or working with a professional. Allow yourself to rest and recuperate.

Affirmation: “I welcome every moment in my life with awe and wonder” 

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Time to fall in love again if you haven’t yet or more if you already have. I see a sense of passion emerging for you in partnership. I would recommend looking forward and moving forward and considering dating new people. Avoid getting back together with anyone you’ve dated before May 2023. If you work in the advertising industry the month of July looks really cool. 

In friendships, say things that stand true to you and do not prioritize pleasing everyone. If you are stuck with making any decision, this is it! That time is now. Work through the inner peripheries of your mind and be certain. If you are a student or want to upgrade your skills then August looks good to start the same. It is time to hone your craft actually as well. I am very hopeful to see your love life come to fruition around this time for sure. 

Affirmation: “I let go of any false beliefs I hold in my headspace about my capabilities” 


The upcoming themes for you this quarter are good intimacy, resolving debt issues, and transforming your beliefs and faith into something more meaningful. You may have a great opportunity to put in work in work-related aspects, and health-related aspects as well. You may adopt a pet around this time as well. 

You will feel a very nurturing vibe this time as well and it will be a good opportunity to help those in need. Check-in with your mind and body from time to time. Your whole body’s mental health would matter. Look into alternative health routines or holistic practices as well. Also, move forward with a sense of purpose around this time and just don’t drift forward. 

Affirmation: “ I find time to have meaningful conversations with myself and others”


It seems like something since May has been simmering now as well. You need to transform the same as soon as you can. Did anything come to a close in the month of May for you this year? Reflect on the lessons learnt dear Capricorns. Put effort and push through any given task at work or so. It is a great time for students or employees who work in research-related fields as well. Stand your ground and this approach will help you in finding balance in the months ahead. This quarter would also be great for your marriage and general relationships with your inner circle. You might be very much willing to loosen your grip on your wallet and go shopping. I recommend doing so after September.

Affirmation: “I create more holistic systems for myself and embrace change”

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You will be having an urge to work on your skill sets around this time that is very creative and something you can carve some time out in your daily schedule. Like, bullet journaling and learning to make it fancy. If you are also willing this would be a great time to learn about a culture or learn a language or cuisine for example. By the end of this quarter, you will gain a sense of confidence and that’s a good thing. 

Watch out for some excessive dreams you might get around this time as well and note down the dreams that come your way. I see that somehow you may lack perseverance so if you can have realistic expectations from anything you will be signing up for and commit yourself you will complete the same. Either you will soften up your relationships around this time or sever some ties. Expect some intensity coming through your relationships. If you are looking to purchase a property with your spouse then this quarter will be something you can take things forward seriously as well. 

Affirmation: “I embrace the power my words hold” 


Embrace the recalibration you just had in the month of May. From July to September, you will be preparing yourself to focus on becoming more self-sufficient and work on themes such as insurance, other people’s resources and so on. It is time to become more mature in the way you handle your finances.

You will be thinking more optimistically about your career around this time. I like the month of July for you if you want to consider going back to dating. You will be very self-motivated as well. I recommend beautifying your workplace and focusing on building a nurturing routine. Your relationship with your co-workers would be great as well. 

Affirmation: “The structure I create in my life helps me thrive” 

I hope you find these horoscopes helpful. If you need any personal consultations feel free to reach out to me here

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