Tarot Card Of The Week: Two Of Wands Brushes A Stroke Of Luck For These Zodiacs!

Tarot Card Of The Week: AstroSage brings to you Tarot Card Of The Week, based on the Tarot energies for today based on a single card that we randomly pull out. It is advised you take what resonates and leave the rest. These random cards that we pull out and send it out for you to read would help you prepare for the basic energies surrounding that particular day and guide you to carry out your daily tasks and plans in a more confident manner. Hope this helps.

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In case you want to read a more detailed version for the whole week that involves a detailed zodiac wise tarot reading based on major aspects of life then read through the Tarot Weekly Horoscope 27th August- 02nd September. In this blog we will focus on the professional life of a few zodiacs based on the moon signs. 

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Tarot Card Of The Week: 3rd-9th September 

Two Of Wands

The Two of Wands card shows a man standing on top of a castle, holding a globe in his right hand. The man is standing with his back towards the viewer and is seemingly looking over at the vast terrain that lies on the  other shore of the ocean. The man is wearing an orange tunic, a red hat and a red shawl, symbolizing his enthusiasm towards life itself and hunger for adventure respectively. The miniature globe in his hand represents potential for possible expansion of his reach to broader life experiences.

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Two Of Wands Card Meaning

The Two of Wands is a card symbolizing progression and forward movement. It shows that you have already set out to achieve a particular task, which means you have turned an idea into a realistic plan. Such a plan will require fulfillment and therefore you have to progress from just having the plan to actually achieving what you set out for. 

Discovery is being considered as another two of wands meaning. This is because it means that you are stepping out of your cocoon and exploring new experiences and worlds. While the beginning might seem tough and difficult, the Two of Wands card encourages you to strive on and push forward.

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Tarot Card Of The Week: Lucky Zodiacs With Positive Energies This Week


New opportunities will certainly knock your door this week dear Aries. If you’re looking for a job change or switching companies, then this is a good time to do so. Two of Wands suggests new beginnings as it is often called the 2nd version of the Ace of Wands. Your career will progress in a positive direction and you will succeed in all your endeavors. You could be starting a new position this week at work. If you’re a business owner you may get to venture into new businesses successfully or you could make a transition from a regular job to starting your own business during this yoga.

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Dear Taurus natives, this week with the Two of Wands, you will gain wealth and any auspicious work started during this week will help them achieve huge huge success. If you’re a business owner, starting a new project or signing a new deal would take your business a long way. Your reputation in the society and your financial status will rise for sure. New opportunities are coming in. You could even move and settle abroad this week.


Leo natives may feel positivity on the whole. If you have a competitive exam or waiting for the results to come out you will come out as a winner and excel at anything you do on this day. This week will bring a new horizon for you in terms of career and all other aspects.  Everything that you do during this week  you will succeed or gain something out of it. Regular job goers may even encounter job opportunities or higher studies opportunities from abroad.


Virgo natives may receive appreciation from their superiors for presenting new and creative ideas and earn you a good reputation at work. You will be able to build perfect rapport with your colleagues. You may receive new roles and responsibilities and these changes are important for your future growth even if you feel you’re not fit for responsibilities currently. Change is never easy, but this change will bring in amazing success for you this week. 

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