Card Of The Week: Six Of Pentacles Brings Financial Stability For These Zodiac Signs!

Tarot Card Of The Week: AstroSage brings to you Tarot Card Of The Week, based on the Tarot energies for today based on a single card that we randomly pull out. It is advised you take what resonates and leave the rest. These random cards that we pull out and send out for you to read would help you prepare for the basic energies surrounding that particular day and guide you to carry out your daily tasks and plans more confidently. Hope this helps.

In case you want to read a more detailed version for the whole week that involves a detailed zodiac-wise tarot reading based on major aspects of life then read through the Tarot Weekly Horoscope here. In this blog, we will focus on the financial life of a few zodiacs based on the moon signs. 

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Tarot Card Of The Week: 26th November-02nd December

Six Of Pentacles: Description

If we observe the Six of Pentacles closely, it shows a man who is dressed in purple robes. The color purple, signifies royalty thus, symbolizes the status and wealth of this man depicted in the picture. He has a scale that is balanced in one hand, which stands for equality and fair judgment. We are reminded of the Justice tarot card, which suggests karma and that we receive what we give. He is seen giving money to two beggars sitting on the ground who are kneeling at his feet. The Six of Pentacles suggests that you are in a secure enough position to give to others without affecting your own financial stability and security.

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Six Of Pentacles: Meaning

The Six of Pentacles means that you are in a position where you have a healthy and a secure relationship with your income. Like the man figure in the card, the amount of money coming in and your expenses are balanced well, and you are fortunate enough to not have any financial  stress or crisis. 

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You are also grateful for all that you own and can happily help others who are less fortunate as compared to you financially. As you can tell from the imagery in the card, the Six of Pentacles can be about charity. You can either be the man giving away money to the needy, or a beggar gratefully receiving what you need from wealthy donors.

Tarot Card Of The Week: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit Financially 


Dear Aries, Six of Pentacles indicates that your finances and the wealth trajectory are going to change significantly this coming week. Your career and your finances may progress hereon. This week will bring in good news for you on the financial front. If you had been waiting for a payment to be done to you for a long time, it will now be released. Your investments may bear fruits now and pay you back wisely or your business may start becoming profitable after months of hard work you have put in. This transition may not be smooth but will lead to a brighter future.

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Six of Pentacles, this week’s tarot card, is an indication that this week you will finally get over the financial crisis and troubles you had been facing for the longest of times dear Capricorns. Starting a new project of changing the company you work for would result in a better salary and an improved financial status. Your income and social standing may become better this week as you encounter new earning opportunities coming your way. If you’re moving abroad this week then you will find the required financial assistance either from your father or in the form of a loan, etc. 

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Pisces natives may not have received due remuneration for the hard work you may put in which may have resulted in frustration and low confidence throughout the few past weeks. These individuals may have had lesser financial opportunities coming their way and they may have felt taken for granted at work at some point. But now they will receive what they deserve and will be generously rewarded for their hard work. They may have salary hikes or promotions coming their way. This week you will feel secure and stable financially and will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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