Tarot Card Of The Week: High Priestess Takes These Zodiacs Within the Realms Of Mysticism!

Tarot Card Of The Week: AstroSage brings to you this blog based on the Tarot energies for today based on a single card that we randomly pull out. It is advised you take what resonates and leave the rest. These random cards that we pull out and send it out for you to read would help you prepare for the basic energies surrounding that particular day and guide you to carry out your daily tasks and plans in a more confident manner. Hope this helps.

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In case you want to read a more detailed version for the whole week that involves a detailed zodiac wise tarot reading based on major aspects of life then read through the Tarot Weekly Horoscope 06th-12th August. In this blog we will focus on the love life of a few zodiacs based on the moon signs. 

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Tarot Weekly 06th-12th August: Card Of The Week

The High Priestess (Upright)

You will encounter the High Priestess sitting on a cubic stone between the two pillars at Solomon’s Temple. The two pillars on the sides are generally referred to as the Pillar of Establishment (Right) and the Pillar of Strength (left). The pillars also depict the masculine and feminine energies, the good and the evil and negative & positive.

The High Priestess’s location between the two suggests that it is her responsibility to make us realize the inner self and the spiritual side within the depths of reality. She believes that both pillars are equal and there is a lot to be learned in both the worlds. You will also notice that she wears the crown of Isis, which means that she wholeheartedly believes in magic as well and doesn’t just rely on reality. She believes in higher energies controlling our destiny. The crescent moon at her feet is devine and means that she has a complete grasp over her emotion and the pomegranates refer to the ambition of the priestess.

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The Upright High Priestess Card Meaning

The meaning of the High Priestess is related to inner knowledge and spiritualism. It supports mysticism and the occult. Her appearance in a reading can signify that it is time for you to listen to your intuition rather than prioritizing your intellect and the conscious mind. When the High Priestess shows up it can depict divine feminine energy or a female guru who understands and holds the answers to the deep uncovered questions and doubts on anything from religion, self, nature, etc. She represents someone that is intuitive, and beginning to open to her or his spirituality. Meditation, prayer and new spiritual work is indicated. 

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Taurus natives will benefit immensely regarding their relationships and friendships after a certain delay or after going through a rough period, as the The High Priestess card indicates there are high chances that these individuals will be able to resolve their issues after going through a rough patch. You’d be able to impress and attract the opposite gender with their inner charm. These natives will be blessed with enthusiasm and courage to work through their relationships that are required for a beneficial and stable partnership.

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Cancer natives, The High Priestess indicates that if you have been encountering problems in your relationship then this week you will get over any problems or delays that you have been facing. Cancer is an emotional sign and you will now be able to make full use of their intelligence and come up with unique ideas which would in turn help them deal with their personal issues in an empathetic and mature way. Married couples will experience peace in their home environments and the nes in a relationship will be able to find stable grounds.

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The High Priestess urges Scorpio natives to move forward and pursue their relationships in a more realistic approach even if the situation does not seem to be favoring you as shown by The High Priestess. It is important for you to face and address the issues you are facing in your relationship and handle things maturely. 

Trust your instincts and take the initiative in achieving happiness in your relationship rather than hoping from one person to another. You’re on the path of inner success and growth as an individual, even though it doesn’t look promising at the moment. These negative situations coming your way will enhance your self belief as well and keep you ahead in the race. 

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