Tarot Card Of The Week: Positivity On Its Way For 3 Zodiacs This Week!

Tarot Card Of The Week: AstroSage brings to you Tarot Card Of The Week, based on the Tarot energies for today based on a single card that we randomly pull out. It is advised you take what resonates and leave the rest. These random cards that we pull out and send out for you to read would help you prepare for the basic energies surrounding that particular day and guide you to carry out your daily tasks and plans in a more confident manner. Hope this helps.

In case you want to read a more detailed version for the whole week that involves a detailed zodiac-wise tarot reading based on major aspects of life0 then read through the Tarot Weekly Horoscope here. In this blog, we will focus on the finances of a few zodiacs based on the moon signs. 

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Tarot Card Of The Week: 12th-18th November 

Knight Of Cups Tarot Card: Description

In actuality, out of all the Knight cards in the tarot, the Knight of Cups is the most feminine. It’s crucial to remember, though, that this in no way implies that he is any less of a deserving knight. It suggests that he is in tune with his feelings and instincts and makes use of them for both his own happiness and his frequent romantic and seductive excursions. Regardless of gender, he is usually quite charming and attractive to other people. 

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Regardless of whether this is a rational option or not, the Knight of Cups will follow his intuition while making a real decision. He may also show up in your life as a situation, a person, or a component of yourself. He presents himself as a messenger, carrying an invitation or news about someone or something that will be emotionally beneficial to you. The Knight of Cups also has the responsibility of bringing the gifts of his outfit into the outside world as a knight. He may therefore also stand for starting a project that has great personal or artistic significance for you.

Knight Of Cups Tarot Card: Meaning

With the Knight of Cups’ tarot love meaning, romance is on the way. This person goes above and above to demonstrate their intense passion for the concept of love. Occasionally, though, this person’s quest for true love can get a little too intense for them, leading to somewhat inflated expectations of ideal companions and flawless relationships. They may move from lover to lover without a healthy dose of reality, breaking hearts along the way because each one of them finally admitted to being fallible. Take note of the attitude you bring to your romantic relationships. While searching for love, make an effort to live in the present and keep an eye on reality.

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Tarot Card Of The Week: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Positively Impacted 


This week could mark the start of something big. New opportunities will certainly knock on your door this week dear Cancers. If you’re looking for a job change or switching companies, then this is a good time to do so. Knight of Cups suggests new beginnings and it is an indication that you will be reaching an important milestone this week. Your finances will progress in a positive direction and you will be able to fulfill your desires. You could be starting a new position this week at work. If you’re a business owner you may get to venture into new businesses successfully and earn huge profits.

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Dear Scorpio natives, this week’s tarot card, the Knight of Cups, will bring you prosperity, and any auspicious task you begin this week will help you succeed wildly. If you own a business, beginning a new project or signing a new agreement would be quite beneficial. Your social standing and financial situation will undoubtedly improve. New possibilities are emerging and new sources of income may be generated. 


Pisces natives may be praised by their superiors for bringing fresh ideas, which could enhance your reputation at work with the Knight of Cups and with this they will be the best contenders for a salary increment or even a promotion at work.. You’ll be able to establish the ideal rapport with your coworkers. Even if you currently feel unqualified for tasks, you may be given new roles and obligations, and these adjustments are crucial for your future development. Although change is never simple, you will experience incredible success this week because of this shift. 

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