Tarot Card Of The Week: 3 Zodiacs Will Paint The Town Red With Two Of Cups!

Tarot Card Of The Week: AstroSage brings to you Tarot Card Of The Week, based on the Tarot energies for today based on a single card that we randomly pull out. It is advised you take what resonates and leave the rest. These random cards that we pull out and send out for you to read would help you prepare for the basic energies surrounding that particular day and guide you to carry out your daily tasks and plans more confidently. Hope this helps.

In case you want to read a more detailed version for the whole week that involves a detailed zodiac-wise tarot reading based on major aspects of life then read through the Tarot Weekly Horoscope here. In this blog, we will focus on the love life of a few zodiacs based on the moon signs. 

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Tarot Card Of The Week: 10th-16th December

Two Of Cups: Description

The Two Of Cups card depicts a man and a woman exchanging their cups or in simple words pronouncing their love in a ceremony. The symbol of Hermes’ caduceus in between, is often related to negotiation, trade, cosmic energy, protection, proper conduct, and duality. The Two of Cups refers to something quite positive, for it is one of the most auspicious cards in the tarot for relationships, whether romantic, business or otherwise. It suggests a new partnership is in the works, and it will be created with balance, respect, and honor. Above the caduceus is a chimera, which symbolizes fire and passion also governs this partnership. 

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Two Of Cups: Meaning 

The Two of Cups is an indication of a partnership that is built on the union of forces, a strong connection and a balanced partnership between equals. The exchange of cups suggests that each party’s emotions are intertwined with the other’s, and each participant’s feelings have profound impacts on the other. A strong pair is indicated here, the joy of two becoming one.

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When it comes to work, you may notice that the people around you will start to appreciate you more. There is mutual respect here, meaning you will also be more comfortable in your workplace. If you are looking for new job opportunities, this card may be a good sign. In terms of love, the card represents commitment, a balanced relationship, and love. But this does not simply mean that you will no longer need to nurture your love to make it last. The card only signifies that true love and affection is present.

Card Of The Week: These Zodiac Signs Will Have Blissful Love Life This Week


Dear Cancers, much to your delight your partner will be very expressive and protective towards you. This is a great week for your lovelife to blossom. You could get ample opportunities to spend some quality time with each other and make memories which may last a lifetime. If you were going through a rough patch in your relationship, now you will sort things out and get back together and your relationship will be better and stronger than ever before.

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Dear Scorpios, this week will be a blessing in terms of your personal relationships as well as romantic relationships. You both may get the opportunity to travel together. This could be a business trip which you both handle together, but you will make the most out of this trip and have fun too apart from indulging in some serious business too. You both will realize each other’s importance not just personally but work wise too and will work together on building your partnership on a deeper level both professionally and personally. You will ultimately know that you two are best when together as a team. 

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The dainty Pisces will have a blissful week as your partner will express their love for you this week. It is also possible that you two may decide on taking the relationship forward and make things official. Your partner may introduce you to their family and take the relationship a step further. There is a high chance that this week love will definitely be in the air for you Pisces and you will bask in its glory till this lovey-dovey phase lasts. 

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